Are You Playing the Right Casino Game for Your Personality Type?

They say that psychology is behind almost everything that we do. It affects the way we behave, and how we react to situations and events, as well as governing the way in which we respond to the world around us. It’s also a key component in the way that we approach all games of chance, and those of skill as well.

This means that there may be some casino games that fit in better with your personality than others. But, before we get into which these may be, maybe taking a quick test on a site like is a good starting point. Once you’ve got a good fix on who you are and what makes you tick, then it’s time to choose from these five casino favorites.


For many people, roulette is the classic casino game, but it’s also one that you play on your own, making your own decisions and following your own instincts. This means that it’s best suited to someone who’s pretty self-contained and confident that they’re in control. It’s also one of the slower games in the casino, with quite a gap between rounds, giving plenty of time to figure out your next move if you’re the reflective sort.

brown, green, and red casino roulette
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On the other hand, fans of fast-moving games are better suited to the world of slots. With flashing lights, spinning reels, and an endless selection of themes to choose from, it’s a real thrill-seeker’s experience. Plus many online casinos also offer the chance to pick up some free spins when you play, for example, you can find a rundown of the best offers currently available at So, slots are also a great choice if you’re a bargain-hunter by nature.


For some people, there’s nothing quite like being able to take on an opponent directly and, in the case of blackjack, this is the dealer. So, if you have a competitive streak, this could be the game for you. If you also have a good memory this is going to be a big help, as you’ll be able to visit a site like to learn something called “the basic strategy”; which is a tried-and-tested guide to whether it is better to take another card or stick in any given situation.

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Like blackjack, poker is another game in which being a strategic thinker is key. But, over and above that, it’s one that is great for people who intuitively understand the psychology of those around them. It’s also for those of us with the confidence to be able to bluff our way out of tight spots. If you’re a good people-reader – this is the game for you.


Last, but not least, the dice game craps is for people who like the action to be fast and unpredictable. It’s also quite an extroverted game, so certainly not one for the wallflowers amongst us.

So, hopefully, at least one of these games will have proved to be the perfect match for your personality type and character. Now, maybe, it’s time to put the theory to the test!

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