8 Times Adin Ross Surprised The Internet (Including His Recent Ban)

Adin Ross has become a real figure of controversy as he earned notoriety for being one of the most polarizing figures on the platform. Over the years, he has gathered a solid community of viewers who follow all his streaming adventures. And there is no shortage of adventures or unexpected events that cause a wave of panic among the spectators! For several years, Twitch has been the scene of events of all kinds. Here a person can observe streamers doing sometimes endless marathons, or even some being arrested by the SWAT (American special forces) in full live. It is the latter that we are going to discuss in this article. While we thought we had seen everything with the muscular arrest of Adin Ross in full stream, he found a way to surprise his viewers once again… unwittingly. In this article, we explore 8 freakish things about Adin Ross that no one saw coming! 

Adin Ross: 8 Freaky Things About The Twitch Streamer! 

1. His fame shot up with Andrew Tate (the human trafficker):

Adin is ranked the 16th streamer with one of the most followers in the world on Twitch. During several sessions during the year, he will invite on his stream, the controversial personality “Andrew Tate” for discussions on his points of view and to play the role of a life coach for Adin. 

Looking back we can see that Ross became a popular figure in the streaming world after involving Andrew Tate, welcoming him to his show and including him in several Twitch streams where the two made fun of each other, much to the delight of the audience. His notoriety became well known in the public forum where talk of a podcast involving Kanye West was speculated, although plans fell through, and the idea was dropped by Ross himself.

2. He was stabbed (allegedly):

Adin Ross once revealed that when he was 12, he was stabbed in the arm while sleeping by one of his parents.

3. On January 14, 2023 Adin Ross was banned from Twitch: 

Banned from the popular streaming platform, controversial Twitch streamer Adin Ross left many of his viewers wondering what happened.

What was a friendly arm wrestling contest live amongst friends in the evening turned into a nightmare. After one of the participants on Twitch broke his arm in a shocking way, it was no surprise that Adin Ross was banned by the company on January 13, 2023. 

Here’s what happened: 

  • Adin Ross’ bodyguard broke his arm during a broadcast, forcing him to end the stream early, in a panic.  
  • On January 4, the content creator wanted to make a calmer broadcast: a simple arm wrestling contest. While this activity is generally not very dangerous, one of the participants broke his arm. Ant is Adin Ross’ security guard, he regularly appears alongside the streamer during his Twitch lives and has become a recurring personality on his broadcasts. As a bodyguard, he is therefore quite imposing and it was against Zias that he disputed this showdown which turned into a nightmare. Adin Ross’ bodyguard literally broke his arm while arm wrestling LIVE on stream. 
  • As Ant got the better of Zias and edged closer to victory, a popping sound echoed through the room. The security guard’s arm had just broken. In shock, the streamers present tried as best they could to help Ant, while the latter reacted with Olympian calm. After declaring: “It’s broken”, the bodyguard holds his arm and still seems to feel a sharp pain. In the chat, the spectators of Adin Ross’ live show are in shock. 
  • Fortunately, Ant was well surrounded and those present immediately called for help. Adin Ross repeats “no, no, no” a few times before stopping the stream and then deleting the VOD. More fear than harm for everyone because Ant finally received all the necessary care. 

4. Adin Ross has been banned before as well: 

Ross had indeed been temporarily banned from Twitch multiple times. 

This isn’t the first time he’s been banned from Twitch, as one of Adin Ross’ bodyguards allegedly knocked out someone trying to attack the streamer, which is in direct violation of the term of using the platform. Although Ross himself was not involved in the attack, the broadcast of the event is what ultimately led to the streamer being banned.

On April 10, 2021, Adin Ross will be banned from Twitch for 2 days because his Youtuber friend Zias said the word “faggot” (faggot) on his live.

Why is Adin Ross being banned so often?

While a lot of people disagree with his views or his involvement with the controversial Tate Brothers, it’s amazing that Twitch is revealing the exact reason for the ban. Lately, Adin Ross has been discussing his interest in boxing, as his streams showed no involvement with questionable personalities and came out harmless. One theory circulating on social media is his criticism of Twitch, accusing the platform of playing favorites among some of the biggest content creators while presenting it. This latest ban makes it the seventh time the streamer has been hit with the hammer, and it’s a wonder when he’ll be allowed back on Twitch.

It’s an unfortunate situation for Ross, as he became the object of a vicious cycle of attacks at the end of 2022 and the start of the new year. 

In November 2022, Adin Ross was the victim of several runover incidents, the culprit of which he would later discover and confront. Despite pleading with the person responsible for the crash, Ross received a second visit from local authorities soon after, forcing him to end his streaming for the second time in a short time. In one of his final streams, the accused viewer admitted that his motivation for the series of swatting incidents was racially driven.

5. Adin Ross has connections with LeBron James:

Born October 11th 2000, Adin Ross is a 22-year-old American streamer from Florida living in California. He rose to prominence on Twitch playing NBA2K initially and then exploded through GTA V. 

In January 2019, Basketball and gaming enthusiast Adin Ross began streaming on Twitch on a regular basis playing NBA2K. Unknown at the start, he built a small audience which will grow significantly when he weaves a friendly relationship with Bronny James (son of LeBron James).

In early 2020, Adin and Bronny started playing live together and having fun and betting thousands of dollars on the NBA2K game. His Twitch channel is starting to get more and more followers. 

6. Adin Ross developed a questionable concept online:

In December 2020, Adin Ross began an ” e-Date ” concept where he brought people together to compete live, to try to seduce each other and get a date, which led to further growth for his Twitch channel. 

In January 2021, Adin begins an RP adventure on GTA V. This is when he really explodes on Twitch becoming one of the platform’s most followed streamers. During 3 months of Role-play, Adin Ross goes from 16,000 spectators on average to more than 40,000. 

7. Adin Ross surprised fans by disclosing his monthly referral earnings:

The Twitch streamer’s shocking sponsor earnings will blow your mind.

We all somehow know that notable Twitch streamers, like Alinity and Ninja (who is the most-followed channel as of January 16th) cash in on lucrative sponsorship deals and streaming donations. Adin only started streaming regularly about 3 years ago and he quickly rose to prominence for his Grand Theft Auto V and NBA 2K streams. In fact, it’s great that he’s been so successful with his streaming career, so far. Currently, Adin has over 4.5 million fans and considers his followers an extension of his family.

One day Adin Ross accidentally reveals his streaming earnings in a brief leak from his Discord DMs. In the clip, we can see his conversation with “Duelbits” (presumably, the brand account of an online casino of the same name). You would need to have a sharp eye to catch it as the entire ordeal only lasted about 1 second.

In the conversation, it appears that Adin was negotiating with Duelbits, presumably over an upcoming deal. He didn’t seem particularly impressed with their $2 million offer, citing “We’re getting more…Sorry bro. Maybe we can work someday [sad face emoji] again.”

Towards the end of the clip, it looks like he realized his mistake. While it’s no surprise to learn about his earnings, it’s still mind-boggling to see how much money these streamers are making.

8. Donations:

Last year in 2022, Adin Ross was essentially branded a “ Just Chatting ” streamer and he is capitalizing on his hype to play online casinos with astronomical amounts, but at least he gives out serious donations. 

In May 2021, the American streamer announced that he would donate 20% of his Twitch revenue to charity, breaking down 10% for LGBT causes and the remaining 10% chosen by his viewers.

Last year in 2022, Adin Ross donated $10,000 to “RSGLORYANDGOLD” a 68-year-old streamer who was diagnosed with brain cancer.

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