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Top 14 Free Guest Posting Sites

Free Guest Posting Sites

In layman’s terms, guest posting is the process of creating and submitting articles for publication on another person’s website or blog. Therefore, everyone who works as a writer and editor or as a freelancer does guest posting for a company they represent. 

Thomas Mann once observed that a storyteller is someone whose writing is harder than for other people. It can concur with the aforementioned phrase since writing requires more than just shooting words together that make sense.

Imagine composing for someone else—writing is not easy in general! That is exactly what guest posting is. We will go through every facet of guest blogging in this article, and provide you with a thorough rundown of various guest posting sites. The below article will give you insight into top free guest posting sites. List compiled by DailyHawker.

1. myHQ Digest

This site is run by myHQ and accepts guest posts on various topics, including business, digital marketing, freelancing, collaborative spaces in India, and more. Check out their website to learn more about a variety of hot subjects right nowadays.

2. Adsy

Websites that host guest posts bring together extraordinary publishers & buyers to support their growth as businesses. Select pertinent publications, request the development of blog posts or submit your content. The optimum outcome is achieved for both publishers and customers. Register to improve your rankings, build brand recognition, or be paid to post content on your website. Adsy also provides new customers with a $10 welcome gift. 

3. Youth Ki Awaaz

A website that features articles with strong opinions on all the latest hot topics, from politics to national diversity. It is for and by young people, as the name indicates, and it ranks 39, 693 internationally on Alexa’s charts. If you are required to submit a guest article for this website, it must be well-written, raw, and communicate a strong and clear message.

4. ShoutMeLoud

Site for free guest blogging called Shout Me Loud. This blog shouts use blogging to become your boss! Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? More than 735 bloggers that are part of the community have made one or more guest articles. It helps its bloggers get familiar with the complexities of WordPress, SEO, Adsense, affiliate marketing, and other topics. They have a website following of more than 978,00 subscribers and an Alexa rating of 21, 168.


It is a one-stop education hub. Over 120 000 members and over 500,000 monthly visitors use EduGorilla. One of the top free guest posting platforms, it seeks submissions from authors who are original and creative, ideally in the field of education. This site is ranked 31, 121 by Alexa.

6. OutBrain

Platform Outbrain is one of the top free guest posting websites, credited with creating the first content marketing platform in history and aiding in the discovery of over 1 million individuals through content, goods, and services. It is a website advertising platform that contains sponsored content to generate cash. The website is ranked 128 by Alexa.

7. The Huffington Post

It is an Indian and American news and commentary website that covers various topics, including politics, journalism, satirical blogs, technology, media, women’s concerns, etc. It was established in 2005, has even been awarded a Pulitzer Prize, and now has a global Alexa rating of 152. Their guest posting has a broad range and is available to everyone, from small independent bloggers to famous people and respected journalists.

8. Miska

For authors & publishers to upload their guest posts with backlinks, it is among the most well-known free guest blogging platforms. The website’s great international traffic and niches in the fields of health, technology, business, and education help authors rank their keywords and drive traffic to their websites. With only one click, authors, business owners, and publishers may distribute their pieces to a targeted audience. You are always welcome to post your work when you’re an author or publisher.

9. HubSpot

It is one of the top free guest posting services right now and the destination for content and digital marketers. HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales tool that aids companies in attracting customers, converting leads, and increasing revenue. Email, Sales and Marketing, Digital Marketing, SEO, Web Design, and Business are among the website’s primary subjects. Its Alexa rating for the same is 519.

10. Mashable

In 2005, Pete Cashmore established the multinational multimedia and technology business Mashable. It is among the most well-liked modern trending websites, with 45 million users and a 521 global Alexa rating. It even released already published information, and its main topics are digital culture and entertainment technology.

11. Investopedia

People may use it as a forum to ask any questions they may have about money. It contains a variety of financial information for students, financial experts, investors, and consumers alike and has a worldwide rank of 803. You must first share an Investopedia agreement form to write first as a guest poster or blogger on the same. To join, you must also possess a strong academic background in business and finance.

12. Moz

Founded in 2004, Moz creates tools that assess, track, and quantify a website’s SEO. Additionally, it makes social networking, inbound marketing, link building, and content marketing pretty simple for users. In case you’d want to write for Moz, including some of the top websites for free guest posting.

13. Thought Catalog

An abundance of stories on love, grief, self-improvement, success, failures, and life, in general, can be found in this online youth culture journal. They allow reprinted material and are ranked 2,525 globally. There is no greater forum than ThoughtCatalog to share your viewpoint on the experiences that are unique to you.

14. Yourstory 

Free website for guest blogging. This site contains articles, studies, and research reports and is recognized as the leading media organization for startups, entrepreneurs, and game-changers of all types. This site, which Shradha Sharma founded and has a global Alexa score of 7,280, is very well-liked by young people. One must submit polished articles similar to those that the platform already hosts to be a guest blogger for YourStory.


Speaking your mind is not only important at the moment, but it is also now regarded as a sign of strong individualism and may lead to numerous opportunities. Some persons frequently post on websites like LinkedIn, Quora, Medium, and similar ones to build their professional networks and have a significant impact. If done correctly, guest posting may also greatly benefit you. So, do give it a try.

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