Where To Buy Affordable Workout Clothes In Canada

Want to reward yourself with sports bras and cute leggings after working out? Check out these affordable workout clothes that are Canada made. 

If you’re like me, you need an extra little push to face yourself in the mirror and say it’s time to workout. Looking at a brand new outfit that accentuates your curves can do just that! Listen, if you never believed in “look good, feel good” then after you read this, you’re going to look amazing, feel ever more and pay even less!  No matter where you live in Canada, you can get them with ease.


TerraFrog Affordable Workout Clothes In Canada
Picture Courtesy: TerraFrog

Two things right off the bat: 

  • Terra Frog is made to fit the average women (you don’t have to be a size 0 to wear it)
  • Terra Frog is made in Canada – with all materials sourced locally whenever possible

TerraFrog sells durable, reliable athletic wear at a reasonable price. Interestingly, their name and logo were created to encompass the company’s eco-values in a fresh and fun way. 

At TerraFrog, every member of the team loves their ethical business coupled with outstanding service. 

Keylime Athletic Wear

Keylime Athletic Wear Affordable Workout Clothes In Canada
Picture Courtesy: Keylime Athletic Wear

Hailing from Alberta near Edmonton, Keylime has quality workout clothes for

women, men and teens of all sizes and shapes from extra small to double extra large. Yay! 

No one is a cookie cutter fit when it comes to clothing to wear during workouts. So it’s great to find clothes for yoga, dance, running, walking, and workouts all under one roof. 

Keylime Athletic Wear’s collection features Canadian-made sports and yoga bras, yoga jackets, hoodies, loose fit to running leggings, wraps, and tank tops, styles ranging from low to high rise, skinny to wide leg, shorts to capris and bamboo to supplex. 

Joe Fresh

Joe Fresh Affordable Workout Clothes In Canada

Joe fresh is a modern and easy to wear workout clothing brand.  Joe Fresh also offers extended sizes with select women’s styles ranging from sizes XS-3X and 2-22.

They have categories spanning apparel, accessories, footwear and beauty. With collections for women, men and children. All of Joe Fresh’ workout gear is available for an affordable price. 

The quality is excellent and, if it works for you, you can get your grocery shopping done at the same time.

FitGal Activewear

FitGal Activewear Affordable Workout Clothes In Canada
Picture Courtesy: FitGal

FitGal has strived to provide stylish gym clothes for women of all professions since 2016. 

The versatility and comfort of their clothing is one thing but the price point can’t be beat. They are here to help you burn calories, without burning down your bank account. 

Sweat Society

Sweat Society Affordable Workout Clothes In Canada
Picture Courtesy: Sweat Society

Based out of the wonderful city of Calgary, this activewear company’s items are ethically sourced and ethically produced, whether it’s a graphic tee, fun leggings or pretty bras. But the dudes get a little love from Sweat Society too, and can opt for gear for high intensity workouts or pieces to lounge in, if that’s their thing.


Lolë Affordable Workout Clothes In Canada
Picture Courtesy: Lolë

Lolë, which was established in Montreal, stands for “Live Out Loud Everyday,” and that’s what you’ll want to do in their sleek, stunning activewear that comes in all kinds of colours that somehow manage to remain neutral and feminine and classic, and go from yoga basics to sweaters to dresses and outerwear. The workout clothes offered by this brand are suitable for all the varying seasons from coast to coast.


Hyba Affordable Workout Clothes In Canada

Hyba may have shut down its standalone stores in 2018 but the brand still exists within Reitmans stores and often goes on sale. So whether it’s for a hardcore workout circuit or simply for going from home to work, Hyba’s street style is ideal for those on a budget.

Titika Active Couture

Titika Active Couture Affordable Workout Clothes In Canada
Picture Courtesy: Titika Active Couture

Want high quality, high fashion ? Look nowhere else. Titika infuses luxurious, technologically advanced fabrics into all-situation wear. With their daily selection of athletic gear to runway inspired pieces, you can focus on the more important stuff, like love, fun and living.

The Toronto-born company’s products will cost a bit more but considering what you’re getting, it’s totally worth it. With extensive fabric research and work with leading fabric companies, Celliant is a revolutionary, patented technology they own. Fabrics with Celliant technology has been clinically proven to enhance tissue oxygen levels, improve athletic performance, health and wellness. Modal is buttery soft, airy and light as a feather. 

Ryu Apparel

Ryu Apparel Affordable Workout Clothes In Canada
Picture Courtesy: Ryu Apparel

The Vancouver-based Ryu means Respect Your Universe (RYU).

Here they have tried to build apparel around every individual as everyone’s universe is unique, with different needs. Their apparel enhances the world and the  universe by respecting the person inside, 

So they have kept things pretty minimal for women and men, which makes it easy to go from workout to work in a jiffy. There are also some unisex shirt options, if you so prefer. 

Karma Athletics

Karma Athletics Affordable Workout Clothes In Canada
Picture Courtesy: Karma Athletics

Hailing from Vancouver, Karma was once a hot yoga apparel company in 2004. 7 years down the line, they relaunched to become one of the leading activewear brands of Canada. 

They now create fashion-forward active apparel with a focus on quality, function and style, for the strong and empowered woman. 

Plus, their creativity extends beyond the products to all aspects of the operations and community involvement. All of Karma Athletics’ apparel is made responsibly in Canada with a commitment to maintain product quality and design.

A physical outlook in fitness and health will elevate your brain to higher levels of focus and help you work harder towards accomplishing the goals you want. Merge technology and design, and gear up with some affordable workout clothes that will make you look and feel special while you sweat it out.

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