The Best Online Casino Sites in Canada

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As online casinos become more and more popular, new ones seem to be springing up every day. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to find the best one for you. Knowing what you want can help you narrow down your choices.

The popularity and newness of online casinos mean that some unscrupulous people are taking advantage of the market. Online casinos that are scams or at least a bit shifty do exist and it’s important to keep an eye out and avoid them.

A guide like CasinoSource.ca can help you find which online casinos are best for you. It will show you trusted online casinos, the bonuses and special offers they have, and give you an idea of what type of experience they offer.

There is no single “best” online casino. Everyone has different tastes and preferences. If you only love slots, then an online casino that mainly has table games would be a total waste of time. The same is true if you love table games, an online casino that has hundreds of slots is no good.

We’re going to take a look at some of the best online casinos currently available to gamblers based in Canada. Hopefully, you’ll find your next favorite here!


How do you judge which online casino sites are the best? We’ve narrowed it down to a few simple factors.

  • What kinds of games do they offer?
  • Is there much variety?
  • Do they have a strong brand identity?
  • Are they trusted by users?
  • What kinds of bonuses and incentives do they offer?

Neon Vegas Casino

With Vegas in the title, you would expect a casino to have a ton of table games, and Neon Vegas totally delivers. Neon Vegas has a wide range of live table games – and even runs tournaments.

Many casinos have VIP programs, but Neon Vegas does not. Some might see this as a negative element, but it’s actually a good thing. A VIP program means only that some people can qualify for the best rewards, while at Neon Vegas, everyone has access to them.

Neon Vegas also has some of the best welcome offers around. This includes a 500% welcome bonus of up to $500. That sort of offer is meant to get you to dive deep into gambling right away, so if you’re looking for a more casual experience, this might not be for you.


BetVictor is one of the most recognized gaming brands in the world. They started out as a greyhound racing betting company in the UK but have grown into an international online casino powerhouse. If best to you means most trusted, then BetVictor is the one for you.

BetVictor offers a very good range of games, including both slot machine games and table games. Nearly 2,000 games in total! Their welcome offers currently include free spins and deposit matching, a great way to try the casino out without having to make a massive commitment.


If you like being the first of your friends to try the hot new bar or restaurant, then Conquestador might be the casino for you. It only opened in 2021, which means the developers were able to learn from all their competitors before launching.

The result is a user-friendly interface and great customer service. They also have embraced features that customers like, such as fast withdrawals and offering a number of different payment options. Alongside all the major e-wallets, they even accept cryptocurrencies.

Spin Rio

For many of us, it’s been a long time since we’ve gotten to have a vacation somewhere tropical. With winter setting in, we crave that sun even more too. If you want your online casino to have that summertime vibe, then Spin Rio is the perfect choice for you.

Spin Rio isn’t just fun, it’s also very safe. It is a fully licensed casino with not one but two gambling authorities. This means that they have gone above and beyond to provide customer protection and security. It’s so much easier to relax and imagine you’re on a sunny beach when you know your information is safe.


With a name like SpinAway, you may think that they mainly offered slots and maybe roulette. In reality, this online casino has a range of slots, table games and live casino games. They work with a number of different game developers, so there is even more choice.

SpinAway also offers more welcome bonuses than most of their competitors. Most online casinos will match part of your first deposit. SpinAway will actually match part of your first three deposits. They also offer 100 spins to new users.


If you’re a fan of the jungle theme, then Casimba is the online casino for you. While they don’t offer sports betting or bingo, this just means that their focus is on providing the best experience they can for the games they do offer.

Casimba also takes the health and safety of their players seriously. They are actively involved with the Responsible Gambling Week campaign, which encourages people to maintain a healthy relationship with gambling. It’s a great sign for players.

Lucky Days

Lucky Days doesn’t just have the cutest mascot — a Japanese lucky cat called a maneki-neko — they back up their aesthetics with a great range of games and offer some solid welcome bonuses. They have all the usual table games and slots as well as a number of live casino games.

The big stand-out of Lucky Days is their unwavering commitment to player security. At every step of the way, they have made sure that all player data is protected and secure. They have a detailed, though efficient, registration process too. This ensures that no one can steal your identity to set up an account.

Dream Vegas

If you want to feel like you’re getting the glam Las Vegas experience from an online casino, look no further than Dream Vegas. They’ve been around since 2016, so they have had plenty of time to listen to player feedback and create a really great interface.

Dream Vegas offers a huge range of games. This includes over 1,000 different slot machine games, 16 live casino games and 69 table games. Since they work with 62 game developers, they are able to offer more variety than most of their competitors.

Whatever you might be looking for in an online casino, you’re sure to find it at one of the top online casinos in Canada. Whether you want that Vegas feel or a tropical vibe or you care most about your safety and security, there is a great option for you.

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