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Know Common Weapon Laws to Avoid Criminal Charges

Know Common Weapon Laws to Avoid Criminal Charges

You can keep arms as per constitutional provisions, but there is a limit to what you can possess or carry and where. If the police find you with banned weapons, it is a criminal offense. Hence, it’s essential to understand which weapons are illegal and who cannot possess a specific type of them. Plus, you must follow the law to avoid having firearms in some places and circumstances.

Weapons prohibited by federal and state governments!

Federal rules limit the possession of firearms. Firearms consist of bombs, grenades, gun frames, silencers, guns, etc. As per Fed law, one cannot possess machine guns, unregistered firearms, firearms without serial numbers or with damaged serial numbers, and others. You cannot sell or give destructive devices or rifles and shotguns with short barrels also. Likewise, states bar or restrict weapon possessions. Although rules vary from place to place, commonly restricted or banned items are brass knuckles, gas guns, exploding projectiles, and others, along with anything prohibited by federal law. If you live in Ohio, you must conform to its gun registration and permit-related regulations. Else, you can face severe troubles and may need to seek bail to prepare for your case.

Since the bail amount can be hefty based on the degree of charges levied against you, it will be better to contact a reputable bail bond agency like Castle Bail Bonds for help. Some people also cannot keep weapons with them. These include drug abusers, convicts of felonies or misdemeanors, juveniles, and the mentally ill.

Proof for unlawful possession of firearms

Possession doesn’t just imply carrying or holding a weapon. It can be a crime if you keep it in your home, vehicle, or anywhere else. That means you possess it even if you stored your gun miles away in a locker. Another is the knowledge or awareness, which the government can easily prove through circumstantial evidence. If the police can prove that you possess an illegal weapon and are aware of the same, you can be in trouble. For instance, if they find a gun in your home or car, it’s apparent that you will know about it. Still, some circumstances may defy this as well. For instance, your roommate may have left the gun on the sofa; you didn’t know this.  

In some scenarios, it is illegal to possess a gun or any other weapon; in others, carrying a firearm can also be an issue. If you take a gun in a concealed way, it is unlawful. No matter what situation lands you in jail, you can be subject to a fine of USD $1,000 – USD $5,000 or more based on the location. For a misdemeanor, you can face jail for one year or less. However, felony charges can lead you to one year or more prison time.

As you see, things are already complicated. Sometimes, you can get framed without being at fault. No matter what, you can fight your case only when you are out on bail. You can arrange the sum with a bail bond agent to pursue the legal matter.

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