4 Reasons Why It’s Worth Investing in a Tablet for Your Freshman Year

4 Reasons Why It’s Worth Investing in a Tablet for Your Freshman Year

Freshman year is fun and exciting, full of new experiences, new people, and new knowledge. You’ve probably already thought about the decorations in your room and the clothes you’re going to take, but how about what you’ll need for the actual lectures? Having something small and portable to take with you to lectures is essential, and a tablet is the perfect option.

1. Digital Notes

While taking handwritten notes was all well and good back in the day, now that pretty much everything is done digitally, note taking should be too. Using a tablet to make notes is an easy way to make sure they’re all stored in the same place and easy to find when you need them. You’re able to listen along to lectures, while effectively jotting down the information that you need. Saving them according to the week and subject means you can search for them easily when it comes to writing essays and revising for exams.

2. The Perfect E-Reader

Going to college requires reading, and lots of it. To avoid the hassle of library return times and availability, you can buy your readings online and download them onto your tablet. This means you can access them from anywhere, find them easily whenever you need them, and will be able to search for specific phrases or words, which will make writing those essays just that little bit more efficient.

3. Small and Compact

Having separate notepads for different majors, minors and topics can be confusing, and you don’t want to be lugging lots of heavy books around campus with you. How about a laptop? Yes, laptops are a useful device, but they’re big and heavy and don’t always fit in your bag. A tablet, on the other hand, is small, light and easy to slip into any bag. They’re able to do all the things a laptop (or notepad) can, but take up less space. Perfect for carrying around campus with ease.

4. Sleek and Professional

Who’s that with the slick black touchscreen tablet sitting in front of me in the library? Being small and compact also means they look the part. Not only are you able to make efficient notes and easily take it anywhere, your tablet looks professional and suave.  

5. Taking that Well Deserved Break

Work hard, play harder. As they do all the same things as a laptop, you’re also able to get all your streaming services and internet fun too. Kick back after a hard day in lectures to watch your favourite film, sneak in a quick play on on your bus home, or download the newest album from your favourite artist to listen to in the library. Whatever and whenever it takes your fancy, you’re able to quickly access any entertainment at the touch of a button.

Make sure you are prepped and ready to start college, from efficient notes in lectures, to light entertainment around campus. The flexibility of a tablet is worth investing in to make sure your freshman year flies by smoothly.

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