What Does an Organic Farmer Do?

organic farmer

Organic farming is just another way that agriculture originated; however, in recent years it has become more about producing fruits and vegetables that are completely free from any pesticides, growth hormones, or other man-made interventions.

Since keeping pests and bugs away from large crops is incredibly difficult for normal agriculture, when you want to farm organically, you have to find safe alternatives that won’t harm anyone after eating the food. Here is the lowdown on what is involved in the organic farming profession.

Environmentally Friendly Manure

Otherwise called green manure, plant by-products can be used effectively for very good and healthy compost soil. The process involves using either one specific plant form or combining various plants depending on the crop that is needed to grow and environmental conditions.

The most common ingredients for green manure are buckwheat, legumes, oats, rye, and different types of grass. In producing this organic food, farmers have to take special care that no unnatural products are used to ferment the plants. The vitamins and sources of microbes from these products are highly beneficial for preventing bacteria and algae from forming on the surface.

Regular Crop Rotation

In keeping up with the different seasons, climate changes, and to keep soil healthy, crop rotation is done. This means that different species of crops are planted on the same plots of land in a sequence. One harvest will have corn, for example, followed by the second harvest of beans for the same land.

The science behind this specific combination is that corn uses a lot of nitrogen to grow, and beans naturally add nitrogen back into the soil. There can be any number of crop rotations throughout a single year. In general, having more than a few crop rotations lessens the chances of pests settling into the soil because the environment is constantly changing.

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Organic Pest Control

This is probably one of the most time-consuming aspects of organic farming, and it requires just a little bit of knowledge of the animal world. The only way to protect organic farm crops without the use of dangerous chemicals or pesticides is to use nature against nature. Insects like ladybugs can be used against plant lice as they are its natural prey. To combat caterpillars, certain species of songbird can be very effective.

There are numerous ways that you can protect your crops from all kinds of animals and pests, but be careful that your protector is not also going to turn into a pest. Don’t let the songbird around your fruits and berries, or they may be tempted to dig in.

Organic farming is very hard and labour-intensive work, but it is worth it when you can grow and eat purely natural products from the ground. It makes it especially worthwhile when you no longer have to worry about what harmful substances were used to grow your favourite fruits, seeds, and vegetables. To truly farm healthy organic food, farmers have to be very dedicated to working every day, taking care of the crops, and the animals that help on the farm.

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