The Benefits of COVID Testing at Home

covid testing

2020 was a year marked with tragedy, loss, and strife. The COVID-19 pandemic hit the entire world by storm. But with the hard work of healthcare, front line, and essential workers, the globe is coming together and powering through the challenging moments. And best of all, vaccines are finally rolling out all across the world. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

However, we’re still not clear of the virus yet. Taking precautions and remaining careful are vital to your health and those around you. Perhaps you’d rather not wait in line at one of Toronto’s testing clinics — you don’t want to be around any sick people. And you also don’t want to spread any potentially harmful germs that you may have. Did you know that you can now access concierge COVID testing in Toronto and Mississauga — and the surrounding GTA (Greater Toronto Area)? Save yourself the agony of waiting in line and have the test come directly to you.

Consider these four benefits of COVID testing at home.

It’s Helpful to People with Mobility Issues

Do you have a wheelchair, arthritis, or another condition that affects your mobility? Getting to a testing clinic and lining up for extended periods probably doesn’t appeal to you. While many public spaces are wheelchair-friendly, you can’t always be sure.

Having a professional healthcare worker (wearing protective gear and a mask) come to your house to initiate the quick test alleviates the stress of the clinic. You’ll receive the test in your own home and receive the results within a day or two.

You’ll Experience Privacy

The test itself isn’t very painful, but most people prefer to be swabbed in private rather in front of many people. A healthcare worker will gently collect a sample from both of your nostrils with a swab.

With a concierge COVID testing service, you wouldn’t have to go through any of the awkwardness in public. You could take your time and benefit from feeling comfortable and safe in the privacy of home. 

It’s Great for Travelling

Once an exciting hobby, travel has been put on hold for most of us because of the pandemic. But some people have to travel regularly for work. Are you one of those people? You may not have the option to work from home and continue to be a frequent flyer. Getting a COVID test privately at home allows you to skip the lines and quickly receive results in time for any upcoming flights.

It’s Great for Work

Some businesses in Toronto require regular periodic COVID tests from employees, such as the busy film and television industry, which remains open even during Ontario shutdowns. If you’re not feeling well or are concerned about being on set too often, consider a safe and private mobile test at home instead of having to be around hundreds of people.

Getting regular COVID tests in Toronto could save lives. Do it the smart way and consider the benefits of mobile testing.

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