Gummies, Cookies, Chocolate Bars, and Squares: How Do They Differ as Edibles?

Gummies, Cookies, Chocolate Bars, and Squares

In recent years, we’ve been seeing a lot of creative ways to get marijuana into our diets. Weed edibles come in all shapes and sizes; they can be sweet or savory, subtle or potent, once-in-a-while treats or everyday snacks. It’s fantastic to see the industry growing into itself with so much creativity and passion, and it’s no surprise that more and more people are looking to incorporate edibles into their lifestyles. 

If you do have a sweet tooth, and you are looking for some edibles, you might be wondering what the difference is between all the different sweet items on the menu. Aside from the obvious, is there a difference between how strong the items are, how they are digested, how the ingredients affect you?

We’re breaking it all down here, so that you can make an informed decision on what you’re looking for out of your high – or lack of. Read on for a breakdown of the effects of gummies, cookies, chocolate bars and squares.


Gummies are a great way to enjoy a sweet treat with a little something extra. They’ve become especially popular not only because gummies alone are a very common way to satisfy your sweet tooth, with a built in sharing factor, but because they’re very versatile when it comes to infusing them with marijuana.

You’ll get gummies that come in every shape and size but also gummies that isolate the active factors of marijuana. So, you can buy THC gummies to get high, CBD gummies to relax, or hybrid gummies for a best of both worlds situation.

If you’re looking to get high, then it’s worth knowing that THC gummies typically have doses that range from 5mg to 10mg in one gummy. So, it’s not a case of keeping the Haribo bag next to you during a movie. If you were to scarf the lot, you’d have ingested 300mg to 500mg of THC. For context, a tolerant user looking for a strong dose should aim for around 15mg.

Gummies are digested quickly due to their formula, which is another reason they are popular; however, they will taper off quicker than cookies or chocolate.


Cookies and brownies have a reputation for kicking in hours after the item was originally eaten, making for some whacky sitcom moments of “This did nothing” only to start seeing stars at the worst possible time.

It’s a lesson. If you’re going the baked goods route, clear your schedule. You’re not sure when they are going to get to work so you shouldn’t get to work. You definitely shouldn’t be driving.

But rather, cookies and brownies are for the patient. You wait long enough; you’ll get a better and longer hit than gummies. Cannabis binds to lipids, like cocoa, butter and eggs that are in cookies, because it’s fat soluble. Some of the potency might burn off with baking them, but you can prompt it along with some butter and coconut oil in the cookies. If you’re not much of a baker, look for these ingredients in the listing to get an idea of their quality.


Chocolate, as its luxurious reputation would indicate, is very good at hiding the taste of cannabis, so if you’re looking for a treat that tastes as good as it feels, you should go with chocolate. It also binds well to the fats in the ingredients, making for a more long lasting high. Plus, it doesn’t have to be baked, and therefore burned, so it will keep its potency.

However, Healthline has pointed out that the chocolate could interfere with the chemical makeup of THC, resulting in less THC being detected the more chocolate is in the mixture.

When it comes to deciding what you should be consuming, as a beginner, it’s a good choice in terms of tasting. If you don’t like the taste of cannabis products, this is a good option to avoid it, but it could also trick you into thinking there isn’t much in it and opt for another. Keep your head on and stop at the one dose.

What else is out there?

As one could easily predict, with the legalization of cannabis, a lot of interesting options started coming out of the woodwork. Some have hit the market as a product, and some are like your granny’s recipe but improved.

Items like THC-infused beef jerky, hard candies, truffles, caramel, beers and so much more are hitting the shelves. While things like “cannabutter” are being made at home. You can spread it on toast for an upgrade on the midnight snack or add it to your cooking to add some extra spice to your meal. 

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