Does the 6-meals-a-day Plan Really Help You to Shed Weight?

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How are your diet plans progressing? Making your body consume less in order to lose weight? What about getting some exercise? Have you devised a strategy to meet the goal you’re contemplating? Have you started going to the gym, or do you prefer to work out at home? Oh, wait, you should try naked yoga and other exercises as well. We hope you have already agreed on the criteria to achieve the figure you have been seeking for so long, and we are certain that your to-do list is difficult for you to execute. You can make it much smoother for you to stick to your schedule. 

Do you know how? Rather than decreasing the amount of food in every one of the three meals per day plans, you can raise the number of meals by three each day, for a total of six meals a day. Isn’t it a pleasant change? Obviously! You may think we’re being cynical when we suggest that a six-meal-a-day diet is an excellent addition to your weight-loss routine. However, this is not the case. Believe us when we say that this “6 meals a day program” is an outstanding weight-loss method.

To allay your doubts, we’re going to reveal why eating more meals will help you lose weight, so let’s get going.

6 Meals a day plan; why more meals to cut fat?

Increased meal frequency to reduce weight could perhaps sound crazy, but the truth is, eating three meals a day causes your hunger to build up, which raises your appetite, and you end up eating more than you need. Inversely, when you eat more often, your appetite remains stable, so you eat in small amounts. That is, you eat more often but in smaller amounts. This helps to keep the stomach relaxed and in shape. Three meals a day, on the other hand, will be enough to make your belly chubby.

Most importantly, the 6 meals a day plan allows you to regulate your blood sugar levels, ensuring that your body does not deal with hormonal imbalances that contribute to excessive appetite or binge eating. 

Know your mantra to weight loss 

It is not just how many meals you have. It all boils down to how much as well as what you eat. This ‘6-meal-a-day scheme’ would be useless if you eat in abundance every time you eat. As a result, the body size will quickly increase from M to XXXL. You can consume more meals or stick to your three meals a day, but basically, concentrate on ‘Fewer Calorie Intake’. 

Things you should avoid when eating smaller 

Bingeing or snacking is harmful when it is unplanned. We all need to keep on eating something, and while we are trying to shed body fat, we are drawn to foods that we’re not supposed to be eating. Create a list of items that you can incorporate in your meals to prevent certain urges.

For instance, many people have a craving for snacks in between breakfast and lunch. You can start with items that are suitable and advised for the 6 meal a day program. Yoghurt, granola, salads, protein shakes or bars, oatmeal, bananas, fiber cereal, or nuts are the perfect snacks to eat during the day. All of these items are rich in protein and fiber, which keeps your stomach full. 

How to snack the right way?

When you are planning to consume mini-meals, the greatest risk is overeating. Repeated grazing will help with weight loss and keep temptations at bay if you select healthier foods and keep food portions under control. The most basic technique is to combine portion control with protein and fiber to keep you whole. Prepare nutrient-dense items such as these:

  1. Fresh fruits mixed with low-fat cheese1/4 cup hummus or tzatziki sauce as a dip with raw vegetables
  2. 1-ounce low-fat cheese or 1 tablespoon almond butter on whole-grain crackers
  3. 1/4 cup trail mix (crackers, dry fruits, whole-grain cereals)
  4. 1 cup organic and fresh berries on top of fat-free Greek yoghurt

If you graze during the day or eat three meals a day, ensuring the maximum nutrient value for your calorie buck is important. So, stay away from junk foods that you are likely to binge eat (processed foods, refined carbs, and sugary drinks). Alternatively, load up on protein and fiber-rich carbohydrates. Both satisfy your hunger without weighing you down. 

Some things that you should avoid in your 6 meals a day plan

1. Avoid packaged food

Why should you waste money on something which is not beneficial to your health? Furthermore, they serve as a barrier to reaching your goal of having a lean, healthy body shape. Save money by completely staying away from processed foods. They are high in salt and sugar, all of which are unhealthy for your body. You can never get close to what you want your modified measurements to be with packaged food items. 

2. Stay at bay from the cafeteria

Keep cafeterias out of your sight when you are starving. Allow them to remain at bay. When you think about all these cafes and snack stalls, you would certainly opt for a muffin or a doughnut, all of which are high in calories. 

3. Avoid eating outside

If you work from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., you are likely to get your lunch from the workplace canteens or snack bars, or a nearby restaurant. Do you recognize how many calories, fats, fiber, and other nutrients they provide in your food? So, how exactly do you want to shed pounds? Aim to rely on homemade and self-cooked meals for an easier and quicker outcome.

Purchase a tiffin box and keep your food in it to eat at your workplace. This will allow you to know exactly how many proteins, calories, and fiber you are eating. You will be able to maintain a record of your calorie intake and, if possible, reduce it. 


We would not simply say, “Yes, it works,” or request you to trust if the evidence does not convince you. Check it out for yourself. What do you believe is the root cause of your increasing weight? The rise in calorie consumption is the reason that causes you to become obese. Too much of something is harmful; similarly, excess calories in your body produce fat, which causes you to be overweight.

Know that the 6 meals a day strategy is only true as increasing the frequency of eating decreases the need to eat a bulky and calorie-dense meal. They keep the body’s hormones regulated, reducing the urge to eat too much. Rather than saying yes to the 6 meals a day plan right away, we’d like you to give it a try for around 2 months and then see what you think. Try them for a simpler, but successful way to lose excess fat.

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