Stakelogic & StarCasino Deal: Expansion for Italian Igaming Market

Stakelogic & StarCasino Deal

Despite the ups and downs of the Italian iGaming industry, operators appear unfazed and determined to keep delivering new releases and experiences to customers. Although the complete lack of gambling advertising has deterred many, Italy’s potential as a betting destination continues to entice companies, including Stakelogic, to explore new embrace innovations in the jurisdiction. With Betsson Group’s StarCasino brand, one of Italy’s largest casinos, Stakelogic has initiated its full suite of classic and modern video online at the best online casino for real money. Stakelogic has maintained its position as a leading content provider in the rapidly growing Italian market after releasing its full suite of slot games and creative video slots.

The agreement stipulates that gamers at StarCasino. It will also have accessibility to the creator’s hugely popular slot content, including Hero Clash, ExtremeTM MegawaysTM, Black Gold 2TM, Megaways, Book of Adventure, Super Stake Edition, and Mystery Drop. Stakelogic has quickly built itself as a top-tier provider of online casino material, with a reputation for being among the industry’s most innovative. This entails providing new, creative features and methods to the market, such as the Mega Super Stake trademark and Super Stake trademarks.

This allows players to essentially double their bet with each spin, improving their chances of triggering one of the event’s unique features and striking extremely incredible win combinations.

Mega Super Stake Takes This to the Next Level

The operator would extend the range and value of its gaming lobby even more if it merged with StarCasino, one of Italy’s most significant free slots online casinos. With this deal with Betsson, as well as its renowned StarCasino logo, Stakelogic has increased its reach in Italy, which is an important market. Their slots are designed to motivate and delight players like no other slots in the industry, and they expect them to become personal favourites quickly. Stakelogic produces cutting-edge slot games with a plethora of features and bonuses that keep players anticipated with each spin.

They’re ecstatic to see how much the gamers at Star Casino enjoy the delights that each of the slots has to offer. Stakelogic’s classic and video slots are among the finest in the business, with a proven track record of delivering engaging and thrilling gameplay. The addition of its games to Starcasino’s current library delivers quality and diversity to its players. They will use extreme measures to ensure that StarCasino retains its market domination in Italy.

The Agreement that is Beneficial to Both Parties

Players can potentially treble their stakes and get access to even greater winning combinations by using these principles. Star Casino, being one of Italy’s finest brands, will gain from the same physics and capabilities. Stakelogic’s CCO, Olga Bajela, stated that Italy is an important market. They are pleased to have strengthened their position in the area through this arrangement with Betsson and its renowned StarCasino brand. Their games are intended to engage and excite players in a way that no other slots on the market can, and we believe they will rapidly become fan favourites. Classic slots have a strong following in major European markets and are anticipated to do so in Italy.

StarCasinò Strazzulla, Marco

Strazzulla went on to say that by introducing more cutting-edge games, the company was demonstrating its loyalty to its customers and its desire to broaden the gaming options accessible to them. Strazzulla stated that StarCasino is still the market leader in Italy. Stakelogic’s relentless pursuit of ground-breaking iGaming material has led to the formation of notable items like Super Stake and Mega Super Stake, two superb mechanics that the firm pioneered and brought to market. Star Casino BE, according to our research and estimates, is one of the largest online casinos in the world, with a significant income and player base. The size of a casino’s revenue is essential since larger casinos should have no trouble paying out large winners, whereas smaller casinos may suffer if you win big.

Olga Bajela, CCO of Stakelogic, was optimistic about the possibilities of Stakelogic games created with the player in mind. She said that the firm could provide items unlike any other on the market, swiftly establishing them as a player favourite. Bajela underlined the games’ success in other European markets, which he believes would help them gain appeal in Italy as well. Stakelogic is well-known for being an owned subordinate of Greentube’s online casino resolutions provider, as well as a member of the renowned NOVMATIC Interactive. The software company primarily provides casino games for Greentube by creating, developing, and subleasing 3D slot games suitable for desktop and mobile devices.

Aside from that, the corporation is notable for owning and controlling a range of game designs that it has generated. Among other gambling providers, the software supplier collaborates with Unibet. The software source’s slots are available in over twenty-nine different languages. This is a thorough examination of the software.

Top Games at Stakelogic

  • King Bam Bam
  • Spartus
  • Royal Fortune
  • Random Runner
  • Fata Morgana

The firm has recently been in the headlines. Its newly created live content division hopes to reach a milestone of a hundred live game presenters in the near future. There are 21.0 million gamers in Italy, and 5.4 million play games on tablets, accounting for 25.5 per cent of all players. In terms of gaming income, Italy is now ranked ninth in the world, barely ahead of Spain. In Italy, 56.5 per cent of players pay for games, which is higher than in France (56.2 per cent) and Spain (56.2 per cent) (55.3 per cent). When it comes to monthly mobile game income rankings in Italy, the iPad store holds the top spot at number ten. The iPhone shop is rated 12th, and the Google Play store is placed 13th. Console gaming accounts for the vast majority of game income in Italy, with mobile games coming in second.


In terms of player numbers, social/casual games are a very popular sector in Italy, followed by PC/Mac and TV console games. We can observe that 23.7 per cent of Italian gamers play on all displays when it comes to cross-screen gaming. The computer screen is the most popular, with 93.0 per cent of gamers using it — a higher proportion than the European average. The floating screen (tablet or portable console) is used by 42.6 per cent of Italian gamers. This is Europe’s second-highest proportion; only Spain has a more significant percentage (48.6 per cent).

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