Spinal Treatment Abroad

Spinal Treatment Abroad

Spinal injuries are best treated by skilled surgeons who have access to advanced technology. Traditional surgical interventions are associated with damage to the spine, and therefore to a long rehabilitation. That is why specialists abroad apply new technologies and treatment methods, which have significant advantages over the standard ones.

Why undergo spinal treatment abroad?

In the past, the main goal of spinal surgery was to eliminate pain and neurological deficits. Foreign spinal surgeons now improve patient’s overall quality of life and prognosis with two basic principles: preservation of the anatomical structures and preservation of spine function.

Modern spinal surgery techniques allow physicians to manage pain syndrome of any origin in patients of different groups. Various forms of decompression allow back pain relief in people with osteochondrosis. Injured or damaged vertebrae are repaired or replaced. The spine can be stabilized with spondylodesis techniques. Doctors at pediatric spinal surgery departments help young patients to treat congenital and acquired diseases of the musculoskeletal system, posture disorders, joint pain, spinal injury and many other conditions.

It’s important to know that specialists abroad do not strive to treat all diseases with the help of surgery, preferring to resort to surgical interventions only when conservative methods fail.

Spinal surgery techniques abroad

The most common techniques in spinal surgery include:

  • Discectomy
  • Intervertebral disk prosthetics
  • Laminectomy

Minimally invasive surgeries performed by orthopedic surgeons abroad are a separate medical field. They do not require extensive tissue dissection, only a few small incisions, which are associated with less blood loss and a shorter rehabilitation. Examples of minimally invasive surgeries are:

  • Laser vaporization, that uses a laser to excise the tissue compressing the nerves
  • Nucleoplasty, that is used to eliminate small herniations
  • Epidural endoscopy, that can be used to perform certain types of decompression

Orthopedic surgeons elaborate an individual program for each patient to ensure the highest efficiency of treatment and reduce the risk of complications.

Best hospitals for spinal surgery

The top-5 hospitals in the field of spinal surgery are:

  • Hospital Neuwerk Mönchengladbach
  • Vivantes Auguste-Viktoria Hospital Berlin
  • Catholic Clinic Koblenz-Montabaur
  • Charite University Hospital Berlin
  • Beta Klinik Bonn

You can find out more information about the best hospitals for spinal surgery in the hospital section of the Booking Health website. There, you can also find the prices for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Undergoing spinal treatment abroad

If you suffer from back pain or have a medical condition, you probably have a lot on your plate, and figuring out how to organize spinal treatment is the last thing you’d want to invest your energy into. For this reason, Booking Health offers you help.

The medical tourism company Booking Health offers a wide range of services to organize treatment abroad, including:

  • Preparing the documents, translation of medical reports
  • Selecting a suitable clinic for spinal treatment
  • Help in getting a medical visa for travel
  • Scheduling and monitoring all the consultations, diagnostics, and procedures
  • Providing the cost of treatment guarantee and medical insurance
  • Booking the airline tickets and accommodation

And this isn’t the full list of services Booking Health provides! Fill in the request form on the Booking Health website to let the company know what it is that you need, and start your spinal treatment abroad.

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