Where to Learn Canadian French Online?

Where to Learn Canadian French Online

Canadian French is a french language, which is spoken by Canadian people. From west and north of France, Canadian french ethnicity was born. The main difference between France’s French and Canadian French is pronunciation and vocabulary. To go to Canada, you need to learn these two languages so Amazing Talker is always available for you. 

If you want a course tailored for your needs check out AmazingTalkers Online tutors for Canadian French. Also since you are interested in going to Canada, if you want to improve your English, they also have English tutors!

List opportunities to learn Canadian French online:

1. Amazing Talker:

Amazing talker is a platform where you can get professional, experienced, and skilled teachers. You can learn 46 different languages from there including French, Spanish, Italian, German, etc. It is to create a profiled company that sets your own rate. Actually, you can get your budget preferred courses from there. USD$10-30 per hour is the average budget which is cost by most of the teachers. French tutors take USD$966 per lesson. This company is famous for its flexible schedule, highly qualified tutors, customized lessons for everyone’s specific needs, and anyone can buy lessons whenever they need them. 

2. Government du Quebec French Courses:

They offer financial assistance. Government du Quebec offers French courses like Canadian French, France French, etc. They make courses to meet the needs of immigrants. Their course structures vary in duration and frequency. 16 years of age and over, permanent residents, naturalized Canadian citizens, temporary workers, and spouses holding a CSQ are eligible for free French courses in Quebec. If you take a course for 3 hours or more then you need to pay $25 for each day. The minimum French requirement for Quebec is called the B2 level according to the CEFR. Learning Canadian French from Quebec is not a bad option so you can try! 

3. uTalk:

uTalk is a software program and mobile app which provides learning material. The founders of uTalk are Richard and Andrew.  They teach over 140 languages. If you are a beginner then you should start with uTalk because of its activities. They help to learn more keywords and phrases in different languages. It will not cover your whole grammar syllabus but it can help you to increase your vocabulary skills in any language. It consequently offers listening and pronunciation practice. uTalk doesn’t promise you fluency that it will teach you a language. You can learn an oft-neglected part of language learning from here. uTalk is an extra tool for everyone who wants progress and creativity as well. 

4. FluentU:

FluentU is a learning language platform that creates an immersive learning experience. They use real worldwide videos and interactive subtitles including commercials, music videos, etc. they make quizzes on the topic of what was in the videos that make anyone practice. It is a new way to learn a language through inspiring talks, movies, trailers, etc. which vibrans of modern culture. They give 15 days of trial classes and if you are not satisfied with them then you can cancel your membership within 15 days. How much they cost is not bad either. Their contents help to interact with new languages as with the native speakers do. So you can learn Canadian French from here also! Because they empower users to learn with fun videos exhibiting diversity. 

5. Language 101:

Here, Language 101 is a learning online software that helps you to learn any language in a fun way. They cost $727 and it is a one-time payment process that gives access to all of its languages. If you want to go for monthly installments then you need to pay $97 per month. Language 101 has a different style of its own. They make everything fun and that is the reason people can easily learn any language from here including Canadian french. Brent Van Arsdell is the founder of language 101. It was founded in 2007. After writing concise, elegant, well-commented code on different 3 continents finally language 101 was programmed.  If you are about to search for a better learning place for Canadian French then you can give it a try. 


We just saw a list of opportunities to learn Canadian French online. All of the options are good in their own different ways. French proficiency is also considered for immigration to Quebec. But overall we are seeing that Amazing talkers giving us some better options or better opportunities. Just like more skilled and experienced tutors are available, preferable course range, customized lessons, etc are highlighted. These can be very helpful and easier for learning Canadian French as soon as possible with a smooth process. So, give a chance to Amazing Talker and see how your skill gets developed! 

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