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Rooney Mara

It is believed that cinema is a source of entertainment and even a powerful tool to spread awareness. And, actors are the lifeblood of cinema. True actors have the ability to keep viewers hooked and to make them laugh or cry along the journey of the character. However, it’s a true art to exhibit such skills, and only gems can do that. One such true gem of the Hollywood industry is Rooney Mara.

Rooney Mara is a highly adored American actress. Her skills have made her deliver several remarkable hits. Furthermore, she has received several prominent nominations and some of them were even converted to awards.

In addition to a fabulous actress, Rooney Mara is a kind-hearted human being and a philanthropist. Her love and care for others influenced her to lay the foundation of a charity trust.

Childhood, personal life, money, assets and career of Rooney Mara

Let find out more information about Rooney Mara:

Height, Weight, and Age of Rooney Mara

As Rooney Mara was born on April 17 in the year 1985, she turned 35 in April 2020. The actress stands 5ft 3in (1.6 m) tall and her weight is 49 kg. 

Early Life of Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara entered the earth on April 17 in New York. She was born to a quite wealthy family as her ancestors were the founders of Pittsburgh Steels and New York Giants. Her mother’s name is Kathleen McNulty and her father’s name is Timothy Christopher Mara. Her parents have four children: two sons, and two daughters. Rooney is the third child of her parents. She spent her childhood with her parents and siblings in New York.

Rooney went to Fox Lane High School and got graduated from there in the year 2003. Then for higher studies, she went to the Gallatin School of Individualized Study, where she studied International Social Policy, Psychology, and Non-Profits.

Career Highlights of Rooney Mara

Acting Career

Rooney gave a wonderful start to her career when she was just 19. That time, she gave an audition for a role in a film. Later, she debuted in the year 2009 with ‘Tanner Hall’. This flick was even screened at Toronto Film Festival. The actress was acknowledged for her work. Next, she was seen in a movie which was a remake of the popular film titled ‘A Nightmare at Elm Street’. Then, she featured in ‘The Social Network’, where she bagged the role of Erica, who was Mark Zuckerberg’s love interest.

In 2011, ‘The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo’ was released. The film received rave reviews and Rooney Mara’s work in the movie was liked by both fans and critics. After this movie, she enhanced her acting skills and delivered many hit films such as ‘Her’, ‘Carol’, ‘A Ghost Story’, ‘Kubo and the Two Strings’, and many more. Rooney’s last flick ‘Don’t Worry’ entered the theatres in the year 2018. Post its release, she started shooting for ‘Mary Magdalene’.

Charity Works

Rooney Mara is well-known for her charity works. She works for a foundation named ‘Uweza Foundation’. This foundation helps the needy families in Kenya as well as Kibera, the biggest slum area in Africa. In 2011, she started her foundation named ‘Rooney Foundation’ after she saw people suffering while sufficient help was being provided by any foundation. This foundation is currently helping the families in Kibera. It intends to empower the local people by creating earning opportunities for them.

Awards and Nominations achieved by Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara has never compromised with her work and she has shown complete dedication to her work. In her short Hollywood journey so far, she has earned nominations for approximately 60 awards. Out of these 60 nominations, she has been successful in taking 22 awards to her home. Her top nominations include ‘Best Actress for Golden Globe Awards’, ‘Best Actress in supporting role in British Academy Awards’, ‘Independent Screen Awards’, Best Actress in the movie ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ and Best Supporting Actress in ‘Carol’. She received ‘Academy Awards’ nominations two times for these movies.

Personal Life of Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara shifted to Los Angeles in 2007 when she was willing to start her acting career. There, she lived for 5 years with her sister and then shifted to Los Feliz in 2012. In 2010, she dated one of her directors but their relationship ended by 2016. Later in that year, she came into a relationship with Joaquin Phoenix, who is currently living in Hollywood Hills. Recently, Rooney and Joaquin turned their relationship into a permanent bond. Yes! They are engaged and are living together in Hollywood Hills. 

What is the Net Worth of Rooney Mara in 2020?

According to sources, $12 million is net worth of Rooney Mara in 2020. Rooney Mara stands among the list of most versatile actresses of Hollywood. The fame can be attributed to her passion and acting skills. She is paid well for her skills.

This net worth has been accumulated by the superstar through her hard work over the years. In the starting years, she worked in a few movies. That time, she did not receive a whopping amount, but she gained immense experience that helped her in the long-run. She earned a salary of $200,000 for ‘The Girl with Dragon tattoo’ that released in the year 2011. However, she charges 10x times today.

Furthermore, Rooney Mara belongs to a rich and well-known American family associated with football. This shows that she already had wealth and amazing net worth. But, she chose to earn more with her skills and grow her net worth.

The actress even spends a part of her income on poor. She has a soft heart towards the weaklings and she loves to help them time and again. As she donates money for the poor, it disturbs her net worth, but she cares about it the least.

Favorite Quotes of Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara has shared some of her all-time favorite quotes. They are:  

There’s a certain way people are used to seeing nude women, and that’s in a submissive, coy pose, not looking at the camera. And in this poster, I’m looking dead into the camera with no expression on my face. I think it freaks a lot of people out.

I’ve been trying to really live in the moment because I will never get this part of it back. As soon as the movie comes out, everyone will turn it into what they believe it is, so I’ve really been trying to appreciate every minute of now. Because I know what’s coming.

 ‘One of the things that make our version that much more heartbreaking is that even though I am playing a 24-year-old I look much younger. I look like a child.


Rooney Mara is a gifted American actress and philanthropist. She is not only admired due to her looks, but also because of her works. Apart from her career, she has maintained her love life with her fiancé quite well. However, we are looking ahead for more great news on behalf of her love life, movies as well as charity works. We wish her good luck with her upcoming plans.

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