Oscar De La Hoya: One Of The Greatest Modern Boxers

Oscar De La Hoya

Oscar De La Hoya is one of the most successful and popular boxers of the modern era. His numerous triumphs and his particular personality (in and out of the ring) have turned him into a character that attracts thousands of unconditional followers.

Oscar De La Hoya is Mexican-American

Oscar De la Hoya is a Californian of Mexican origin born in Los Angeles in 1973. His father was a boxer and his mother was a singer. In his childhood, Oscar De La Hoya was extremely influenced by his father and chose to make a career in boxing. Despite this, music continues to be his passion today. He is a versatile man, capable of being number one in the ring but also on the music charts.

Oscar De La Hoya started boxing to overcome his fears

Oscar’s boxing story began when his brother put his first pair of gloves on him in a children’s game. Despite everything, as he grew up he acted like a fearful child and that is why his father decided to enroll him in a gym so that he could overcome his fears. It was at the Eastside Boxing Club in Los Angeles when he realized the power of his legendary left hand.

The young de la Hoya gained confidence and began to fight as an amateur in hundreds of fights, of which he won more than 200. His triumphs and fame grew non-stop. These were the first steps of The Golden Boy, the nickname with which he would end up being known internationally.

Oscar De La Hoya has held multiple belts

Oscar de la Hoya made boxing history by being the only boxer capable of holding six belts. His resume includes titles such as WBO Junior Lightweight Champion for two consecutive times, WBO Lightweight Champion, IBF Lightweight Champion, WBC Junior Welterweight Champion, and WBC Absolute Welterweight Champion. Aside from his achievements as a pro boxer, Oscar De La Hoya also punctuated his amateur boxing career with a Gold Medal at the Barcelona ’92 Olympic Games.

Oscar De La Hoya with the Olympic Gold in 1992

Oscar De La Hoya had an incredible pro career start

After his Olympic triumph, De La Hoya began to be a professional boxer. Although his way of fighting stood out for the few blows he received, the results always supported him: of 14 fights he won 12 (8 of them by KO) and only lost 2. In 1996 he achieved worldwide fame by defeating the legendary Mexican boxer Julio Cesar Chávez and Pender Whitaker in another fight the same year.

1998 was another of Oscar de la Hoya’s great moments. He won the WBA championship by beating Patrick Charpentier and the victories increased his price, earning millions of dollars for fights like the one he faced Bernard Hopkins. His career was developing very positively and, in fact, he only had one notable black mark: his defeat on points against the Champion of the International Boxing Federation, Felix Trinidad, in September 1999.

Oscar De La Hoya is a good singer

That year, by chance, Oscar de la Hoya’s musical career began, singing half-jokingly during a dinner with the famous Don Francisco. He was surprised by his art and invited him to perform on his show, which he refused because he had to go to the popular Cristina Show. Surprisingly, when he arrived at this program he found a mariachi ready to perform with him. The boxer sang the ranchera Amor de los Dos without rehearsing. He did so well that very soon after he signed a contract with EMI. The result of this is the release of an album with the same name, Oscar de la Hoya.

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