Darez Diggs: On The Wrong Side Of The Law For A Long Time

Darez Diggs

Darez Diggs, who is the brother of NFL stars Stefon and Trevon Diggs, has historically been unable to stay on the right side of the law. In May 2023, Darez Diggs was part of a brazen and brutal robbery of a person inside an elevator. The incident shocked sports fans across America as Darez Diggs’ wasn’t known for a life of crime until that time. 

The video, obtained by TMZ Sports, seems to show a man stepping out of an elevator before he is confronted by Darez Diggs. The dreadful incident happened in a residential complex in Los Angeles. The brother of Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs walked into the elevator and stopped the doors from closing. Two more men walked into the elevator and started assaulting the victim. One of the assailants landed a violent kick on the victim’s face as well, hurting him severely in the process. After brutalizing the hapless victim, the three men took his bag and got away with the valuables. Other security camera footage showed them fighting amongst each other for the items. Meanwhile, Darez Diggs was caught leaving the lobby in a different elevator from everyone else. 

By the time the police arrived at the scene, the suspects had fled the scene and were nowhere to be found. The victim had diamonds and other valuable jewellery in his possession and Darez Diggs and his fellow assailants took them all away.

Even though Darez Diggs was clearly visible in the security camera footage, the police didn’t actively seek him out to arrest him. One of the reasons behind that was the fact that Darez Diggs didn’t do much outside of holding the elevator doors while two other men attacked the victim.  A lot of people have speculated that Darez Diggs might be the mastermind behind the whole operation. He probably planned everything out while the other men carried out the dirty work. While Darez Diggs wasn’t arrested, an investigation was conducted by the Los Angeles Police Department. 

Darez Diggs during his college football days

Two of Darez Diggs’ brothers play in the NFL. Stefon Diggs is a star wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills while Trevon Diggs is a defensive back for the Dallas Cowboys. Darez Diggs had a promising start to his football career as well. 

However, he wasn’t as heavily recruited coming out of high school like his brothers Stefon and Trevon. Darez Diggs played for Morgan State but managed to transfer to the University of Alabama, Birmingham, a college football powerhouse. He played under the tutelage of legendary coach Nick Saban but failed to make it to the NFL.  

He eventually played Safety for the XFL’s Los Angeles Wildcats. However, he only played one season and had to quit playing pro football because of a lack of opportunities. Darez Diggs eventually started his career in the fashion industry with his lifestyle brand Blue Boii.

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