Danny Masterson: From Everyone’s Favourite Teenage Smartmouth To A Convicted Rapist

Danny Masterson

The world’s history is filled with stories talking about falls from grace. The latest and most shocking addition to those stories is that of actor Danny Masterson. His portrayal of Steven Hyde on That 70s Show was one of the most well-received sitcom performances of all time. However, things haven’t gone down well for Danny Masterson in recent years. 

Here’s A Quick Look At Danny Masterson’s Troubled Career

Over the past few years, Hollywood has been rocked by stories of harassment. Almost simultaneously with the famous producer Harvey Weinstein, the American actor Danny Masterson came into the public eye, whose career was destroyed by allegations of rape that occurred in the early 2000s. In 2023, the actor was convicted and sentenced, according to which he risks remaining behind bars for the rest of his life.

Danny Masterson is from New York

Danny Masterson was born Daniel Peter was born on March 13, 1976 in New York, becoming the eldest child in the family of Peter and Carol Masterson. Four years later he had a brother, Christopher.

Danny Masterson has multiple step siblings

The parents soon divorced, and the boys remained to live with their mother. Carol remarried Lebanese-born professional rugby player Joe Rish, with whom she gave birth to two children – a son Jordan, and a daughter Alanna Masterson. The father also had another child, who was named Will.

Danny Masterson was raised in a Scientology family

Danny Masterson, along with his brothers and sister, grew up in a family of staunch followers of Scientology (his stepfather is not a member of the church now). From childhood, he attended a religious organization and was brought up in the traditions of the cult.

Danny Masterson is from a family of actors

Danny Masterson (extreme right) with his siblings

All the children in the family were destined to become stars. The mother, who dreamed of raising popular artists, took her older sons to all kinds of castings and tried to do everything to get attention. The younger offspring faced the same fate. Ultimately, all four actually became actors: Alanna found fame thanks to the post-apocalyptic drama The Walking Dead, Christopher appeared in the sitcom Malcolm in the Middle, and Jordan in the comedy series Last Man Standing.

Danny Masterson became popular through commercials

Danny Masterson in a still from a commercial

At the age of four, Danny began working as a model, and at the age of eight, he began participating in musicals. But a youthful mutation of his voice put an end to the singer’s career. However, by age 16, Masterson’s face had become quite recognizable, having appeared in hundreds of television commercials. Then he appeared in several TV series and also played a cameo role in the comedy Beethoven 2 with Charles Grodin and Bonnie Hunt.

Masterson’s cinematic journey was extremely successful. As a young man, he appeared in the auto-parody TV show Cybill, starring Taxi Driver and Heartbreaker Cybill Shepherd as its host.

Danny Masterson almost missed out on getting cast on That 70s Show

Danny Masterson as Steven Hyde on That 70s Show

And the very next television work brought wide popularity to the young performer. He appeared in the science-fiction action film “Face Off” with John Travolta and Nicolas Cage. Moreover, he might not have gotten the role of Steven Hyde in the sitcom “That ’70s Show” because he was older than the other cast members, but he was allowed to prove himself.

Danny Masterson had a successful career outside That 70s Show as well

Between filming showrunner Mark Brazil’s situation comedy, which made Ashton Kutcher, Laura Prepon, and Mila Kunis famous, Danny regularly appeared in other projects. Among them were the popular TV series “The Dead Zone” and “Entourage.”

On the big screen, Masterson contributed to such films as the comedy Always Say Yes with Jim Carrey and the crime drama Bridge to Nowhere with Ving Rhames.

In subsequent years, the actor played guest roles in the TV series White Collar, Haven Mysteries, and Dear Doctor. In 2012, he joined the sitcom Men at Work (alternatively titled Men at Work), where he played the main character Milo.

The Ranch was Danny Masterson’s second major role

Danny Masterson in a still from The Ranch

A big project in Masterson’s filmography was the multi-part comedy “The Ranch,” broadcast by Netflix. Among the actor’s partners was his colleague from “That ’70s Show,” Ashton Kutcher. Other roles were played by Elisha Cuthbert, Sam Elliott, and Debra Winger. The project, directed by David Trainer, received good reviews from viewers and was released for four seasons.

Danny Masterson married his longtime girlfriend

Danny Masterson with his wife Bijou Philips

The Hollywood actor sorted his personal life in his youth. In 2005, he began dating his colleague Bijou Phillips. The couple starred together in the film “Bridge to Nowhere.” Six years after the start of the relationship, the lovers got married. The couple’s only daughter was born in 2014 when Masterson was 38 years old. The girl was named Fianna Frances.

Danny Masteron maintained a very clean image online

On social networks, the actor positioned himself as an exemplary family man. He regularly shared photographs with his wife and daughter, whom he called the main incentive and meaning of life.

Danny Masterson has allegedly raped many women

In 2017, Danny Masterson found himself at the center of a scandal. Five women, including an ex-girlfriend, accused him of rape. The victims were former parishioners of the Church of Scientology, of which the actor was a member. After interviewing the victims, the police began an investigation. Amid the scandal, the agency refused to work with the artist, and he was fired from the series “The Ranch.”

In 2020, Masterson was charged with three rapes that occurred from 2001 to 2003. In other cases, the statute of limitations has expired. The trial of the star of the sitcom “That ’70s Show” started in 2021. The actor did not admit his guilt on all these points. The jury was unable to reach a consensus on the case, finding the evidence insufficient and the evidence against the defendant contradictory and inconsistent.

A new trial began in the spring of 2023. The actor continued to be supported by his wife Bijou, who was convinced of his innocence. During the hearings, only two episodes of sexual violence were proven. On September 7, Masterson was sentenced to 30 years in prison with parole eligibility after 25 years. The artist’s lawyers announced their intention to appeal the verdict.

Danny Masterson’s friends rescinded their public support for him

Following the ruling, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher apologized for supporting their That ’70s Show co-star, whom they previously called a role model in an open letter.

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