Mangastream: Best Alternatives to the Manga Reading Site in 2021


We live in an increasingly digital world where every form of entertainment is slowly turning digital. The world of comics and manga is no different and a lot of those forms of literature are also available digitally. The number of comic book fans has grown manifold over the years. The Japanese comic books, or manga have fans outside of Japan as well. For people who love reading manga online, one of the most popular sites in the world is Mangastream. Unfortunately, this incredibly popular website is about to get the ban hammer and about to be shut down soon. In this article, we will be going over the reasons why Mangastream is shutting down and also give you alternatives for reading Manga online. Let’s get started.

Mangastream: Why is it shutting down and what are its alternatives in 2021?

What is Mangastream?

Mangastream is a popular website that offers an extremely large collection of comic books and manga for fans to read online. Mangastream fans and users also do a great job of translating the Japanese language comics for people who don’t know how to read the language. The best thing about Mangastream is that all of its collections are available free of cost. That has resulted in the website building a massive fan base. The free and high quality content of Mangastream had pushed it to the top of the list of the best sites for comic book fans. Unfortunately, the website has been shut down. However, a clone website for Mangastream is still active. The website’s URL is “” and you can access the massive vault of comics through it.

Why has Mangastream shut down?

All of the content available on Mangastream is free, but it’s also illegal. Anybody who uses Mangastream to read comics is essentially engaging in piracy. Since that is illegal in every country, Mangastream has been forced to shut its operations down.

What happened to Mangastream?

Mangastream were accused of hosting duplicate content which infringed the copyrights of the original creators. In 2012, the website owners decided to put an end on the scanlations of WSJ titles. However, that has eventually led to a complete shutdown of the website now. Mangastream owners have also claimed that they have shut the site down in order to encourage fans to read manga in a traditional and legal way.

Was Mangastream illegal?

Yes, offering duplicate content for public consumption is fully illegal. That’s the reason that the site owners of Mangastream were forced to shut it down.

When Mangastream, probably the world’s most popular Manga reading website was shut down, Manga fans were extremely disappointed, If you are one of those people who was disappointed by Mangastream shutting down, we have got the best Mangastream alternatives for you. These sites also have a great collection of manga and other comic books and you can enjoy most of their vast collection for free.

Here are the best alternatives to Mangastream in 2021


Kicking off the list of the best alternatives to Mangastream as published by, is MangaDex. With MangaDex, you don’t just get a large collection of Manga titles, but you also get multiple versions of the title. Multiple versions include colored versions and alternatives fan-fiction endings and alternatives fan-fiction ending and official crossover manga series.

MangaDex has a collection of Manga in 20 different languages. You can also create groups based on specific characters and interact with fellow fans. The website also has discussion forums where manga fans can discuss with each other.


Another excellent alternative for Mangastream that you can use is MangaFox.

The incredible popularity of MangaFox has resulted in the rise of multiple fake websites with this name. The original MangaFox website’s address is

MangaFox is a great destination for fulfilling all your Manga comics needs. The website updates frequently and new issues of popular manga are available quite quickly. MangaFox offers you a user-friendly and clean interface for Manga reading. Moreover, for better user experience, MangaFox includes adaptive zoom for better reading.

You can also try the MangaFox app that will even provide you with a better manga reading experience. 


Next on the list of the best Mangastream alternatives, is MangaOwl. MangaOwl is immensely popular among fans because it releases WSJ sequence episodes before the official release. The user interface of MangaFox is extremely convenient and the white and orange theme makes the website very easy to read. MangaFox also offers you a dedicated Genre section that contains a total of 52 sections ranging from Motion and Yuri.

The site has an extensive database; still, it is so well-managed and organized that there is no problem finding and reading the manga.


Next on the list of the best Mangastream alternatives, is MangaPark. It is one of the most talked one’s Manga Comic websites. Due to its best quality comics and updated content, the fan following of the MangaPark is relatively high. The website also has the option to upload upto 10 images from a single chapter. 

Additionally, the website’s clean and straightforward look also helps the users avail of all the website content quickly, giving excellent user experience. This does away with the requirement to load every single page individually for each chapter.


The next alternative for Mangastream is Chia-Anime. Chia-Anime has limited content, but the content is well-updated, and they work continuously on the website. Moreover, it provides you a search box for easy finding of manga comics. This website has a great user interface and the lack of ads makes it very easy to use. This site is accessible from multiple platforms as well.


Next on the list of the best Mangastream alternatives, is MangaTown. It has quite an impressive collection of manga and it comes with a unique and fantastic design.

The MangaTown interface makes it very easy to search for the comics that you want to read. Furthermore, it offers a directory of manga comics too for more convenience.


Another alternative for Mangastream in MangaHere. This is one of the best manga comic websites, and due to its vast popularity, its URL address keeps changing. Whether you are looking for 10,000 mangas in one place or you are looking to access European, Chinese, and other countries’ manga along with Japanese manga at one click, MangaHere has got you covered. Moreover, the website’s look is so appealing as it has separate sections for Manga Spoilers and the news.

It provides you the latest and updated news and content regarding all the mangas. For further ease, it has different categories and genres for the manga admirers


Continuing with the Mangastream alternatives list, we have MangaReborn. It is one of the best and most popular legal manga websites in the world. MangaReborn has a very popular news section and busy discussion forums with lots of active users. This will keep you updated about all the latest news and can discuss anything related to Manga Comics.

Moreover, the look of the website is also decent with the white theme. Additionally, it supports numerous languages, like German, Italian. 


Another alternative for Mangastream is TenManga. TenManga is a new website, but it still has more than 55 genres database for you. It is one of the newest Mangastream alternatives and comes with a sleek, modern look.

TenManga also provides all the latest updates regarding the manga on its homepage to keep you updated. 


Next on the list of the best Mangastream alternatives, is MangaReader. It is a website that has a high resemblance to the Original Mangastream Website. With its classic user-interface and Manga, Comics in English does not let you miss any manga comic.

MangaReader comes with a fantastic feature called “Surprise Me”. It provides a randomly selected manga title that you might enjoy. The MangaReader supports all the devices-mobile, PCs.

On MangaReader, you will find all the manga comics in high-quality and superb print, and the only requirement is to enter the first letter of the comic. 


Next on the list of the best Mangastream alternatives, is MangaKakalot. It’s a great website for people who are just starting their journey into the world of manga. The website has a massive collection and you can find full manga volumes on it.

MangaKakalot allows for quick and easy access to mangas. The website is very easy to use for reading manga online. This is strongly recommended for someone new to the world of manga.


Next on the list of the best Mangastream alternatives, is MangaPanda. The website welcomes you with thousands of Manga comics in a high-quality and easy-to-access way. MangaPanda is available for access on just about every device and it contains manga in a variety of genres such as adventure, action, mystery, thriller, adventure, etc.

If you like the original Mangastream website, you will also admire this website because it has a similar look as the original Mangastream website. Moreover, if you press the “Surprise Me” option, then the website will pick a random comic for you, and more often than not, the surprise will be pleasant.

Viz Media

Next on the list of the best Mangastream alternatives, is Viz Media. This app can be downloaded for free from both the App Store and the Play Store but it does contain a lot of in-app purchases. If you want to use it on your PC/Mac, you will need to purchase a subscription plan for it. It is not only limited to Manga, but you can also access Japanese anime and stories with Viz Media. You will also get all of the anime series and manga in English, and you can search your manga with its title in the search box.


Next on the list of the best Mangastream alternatives, is MangaEden. It is a simple and easy-to-use website with manga comics that are available to read in English and Italian. You will get regular updates on this website. The Dragon Ball Super and One punch are the most regularly updated comics on the website.

Apart from reading the manga comic on the website, you can also add any manga comic you want. If you have read various comics, you can help other readers by uploading the comics that are not on the website. So it’s a great website for you to share your love of manga with other people.


Next on the list of the best Mangastream alternatives, is AnimePlanet. It is one of the most popular anime websites for all the anime watchers. AnimePlanet has a massive manga and anime database, along with reviews and recommendations as well. It’s a full entertainment package that will relish you with high-quality manga and anime.

If you are feeling lonely or seeking great entertainment, then you must give a try to AnimePlanet. It is a fabulous anime website to watch manga and anime for free. AnimePlanet is bound to have something for you, regardless of your age.


Mangago is one of the best alternatives for Mangastream. It provides you a user-friendly interface and a special section for your feeds to discuss with other readers, and you can even post your queries in the section. The website offers you the best manga comics and a massive collection of comics. Its comic collection includes Dragon Ball, One-piece, and many more.

Moreover, it also provides you a different update section so that you update yourself regarding these websites. The most appreciable piece of this website is that it doesn’t show any ad.It shows different categories related to manga comics so you can quickly reach your desired comic. You can access all the comics with high convenience through this website.


Next on the list of the best alternatives to Mangastream, is Mangairo. This website comes with a massive collection of manga comics. Whether you are looking for the most popular titles or the newest ones, Mangairo has got you covered. Mangairo is updated quite frequently so will always find the latest releases there. The website is easy to access and provides you with a variety of genres of manga. The website also has a great interface which is easy to use. Mangairo is also available in multiple languages and platforms. There are no ads on this platform, so you can read your manga in peace without being bothered by an ad about buying a vacuum cleaner.


Next on the list of the best Mangastream alternatives, is Comixology. It is one of the most popular names in the world of digital comic books today. Because of its popularity, Comixology is available on iOS, web and android as well. Comixology has a great collection of comic books and manga and with a fantastic interface, it is great to read. However, it is not a free service and you will need to pay in order to read comics/manga on it. It has a massive collection of comic books and manga and you can set your preferences based on the genre that you like.  You can read all your manga comics in English on any of the devices. It provides different sections for quick access.


Next on the list of the best Mangastream alternatives, is ToonGet. This website comes with a large amount of fantastic content. It is frequently updated and you can always find the most recent issues of your favourite comic books and manga over here. Aside from reading manga, you also have the option of watching anime shows on ToonGet. It offers you a simple interface, and you can easily browse all your comics. This is a very easy to use site as the content is totally free and doesn’t require you to sign up to access its vast collection of comics and manga.

Next on the list of the best Mangastream alternatives, is This website provides a vast collection of mangas and comics for all kinds of readers. This user friendly website provides you with a wide genre of mangas to choose from.


Next on the list of the best Mangastream alternatives, is Comicwalker. The website has all the popular manga comics. It has more than 200 titles, and you can search the comic by its title or by popular genres or by attention words.

It supports three languages, and the content may vary depending on the selected language. You can access Comicwalker on multiple devices as well.


Next on the list of the best Mangastream alternatives, is BookWalker. This is mainly made for the fans of manga and short novels. The website has an extensive database with different categories. On your first purchase on BookWalker, it offers you a 50% cash back on what you paid. Bookwalker is filled with various sections and segments and it’s a great tool to use.


Another great Mangastream alternative is Comico. You will get immensely relishing content on Comico. It has categories and sections that will help you find your desired comic easily for your further ease. The website is available in Japanese and some other languages as well. 


Next on the list of the best Mangastream alternatives, is MangaFreak. Needless to say, if you are a manga freak who wants to read manga online, MangaFreak is for you.

MangaFreak allows you to read the manga comics online and download them for offline reading later. This website is not one of the most popular manga sites in the world but all of this site’s superfans love it more than other sites. A lot of fake versions of this website exist on the internet and they all have fluctuating quality. There is one major drawback of MangaFreak, it’s loaded with ads, which makes the reading experience a little jarring.


Next on the list of the best Mangastream alternatives, is Manganelo. The website has a vast database, and many other manga websites search engines use it. You will get more than 40 genres, all of which have high quality versions of the manga. 

It has different categories and sections for further ease, and you can simply visit the section as per your requirement. It is simple to use the website, and you can save data on the website by uploading the image on the website once, you can go on and access it later by yourself.


Rounding off the list of mangastream alternatives, we have Myreadingmanga. It allows you to search the manga comics directly or select the category as it provides you with different types.

It has different sections, including Ask and Upload. Through the ask section, you can ask any question and discuss it with other Myreadingmanga readers. In the Upload section, you can upload any comic-related images that you think will benefit other members of Myreadingmanga.

Mangastream FAQs:

How much does it cost to read comic books on Mangastream?

Reading any comic book or manga on Mangastream is totally free of cost. There are no hidden charges either. You can access all the manga and other comic books for free.

Is Mangastream legal?

No, all of Mangastream’s content is 100% pirated. Even though the comics on Mangastream are pirated, they come in many languages. So non Japanese speakers can also read them with ease.

Does Mangastream require subscription?

No, Mangastream is completely free to use and it doesn’t require any kind of subscription.

Does Mangastream require registration?

No, Mangastream doesn’t require a registration or “sign up” in order to read its content.

Mangastream is a fantastic website for all manga fans and fans can read their favourite manga in a variety of languages on Mangastream. For people who can’t afford to buy actual manga comics and people who don’t have access to physical copies of some of the obscure titles, mangastream is a great option. Sadly Mangastream has been shut down but thankfully, there are still a lot of alternatives available to read manga and other comic books online. A lot of them are free while some of them require a small subscription fee. Hopefully, you will be able to use one (or some) of the options that we have discussed to get your manga fix. Happy reading!

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