Life-Changing Skincare Regimens of Hollywood Celebrities You Need to Know!


After being asked the secrets to their flawless, glowing skin, most celebrities swear by staying hydrated and using loads of SPF. However, even after our daily fluid intake, our skin does not reflect the radiance of Gwyneth Paltrow. Then what was the real deal with A-list skincare routine?

Over the years, British Vogue has talked to a variety of actors, models, musicians as well as other famous faces about their beauty tricks and what they’ve learned in their skincare journey. Time to spill some tea! We are bringing together all the specifics of the popular skincare routines of seven Hollywood celebrities.

1. Camila Cabello

American-Cuban pop singer, Camila Cabello stated in an interview that according to her, exfoliation is crucial for seamless skin. To get rid of all the dirt and gunk that lies on the skin, one should exfoliate almost every day, depending on their skin especially if they use a lot of make-up. 

She uses honey-infused moisturizers which makes her skin supple and glowing. Clay or honey masks are her absolute favourites. Apart from these things, she uses sunblock cream every day without fail. No wonder we are so in awe of her beautiful skin!

Some honey-infused moisturizers you can find on Amazon are “Minimalist Sepicalm 3% Face Moisturizer for Oily, Acne Prone & Sensitive Skin. It is lightweight and non-comedogenic.

2. Blake Lively

Queen S of the Upper East Side, Blake Lively, has forever been appreciated for her natural beauty. The Blonde-Queen has naturally glowing skin which she owes to several skincare products, the most important ones being brightening serums and anti-ageing eye creams. She is a mother of two, and that anti-ageing cream sure seems to work wonders on her skin.

She uses the La Mer The Eye Balm Intense, which is actually by far the most expensive beauty item in her collection. Other celebs like Kelly Ripa and Serena Williams also favour this brand’s anti-ageing products. Alternative anti-ageing creams that you can easily find online is Olay Day Cream Total Effects 7 in 1, Day cream with SPF 15.

3. Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet has often mentioned in her interviews that she makes sure to take off her makeup before she sleeps, no matter how tired she is. She uses Tracie Martyn Amla Purifying Cleanser every day. It is very new, softly scented, and it cleans the face and neck very thoroughly. It is ideal to use a flat facial sponge to ensure that your skin is squeaky clean. 

For dry skin can type, Lancôme Toner Comfort is a good choice. It seems to be her two-for-a-price-for-one product! It blends two serum concentrates with a boost of vitamin E- all in a single bottle. Shake, slather, well done. It is very moisturizing, and it is refreshing and easy to use.

4. Kendall Jenner

Kendall has been very vocal regarding her problems with acne, but she also keeps her desired brands under lock and key. With that said, she has a skincare mystery that she swears by even though she is quite lazy with her beauty routine. Kendall would not say that she is daring. She further adds that she has always been a super OCD to wash her face, and that is even before she started modelling. But it has certainly improved right now as she wears makeup all the time.

So, she makes sure to wash her face at least two to three times a day.

Some good non-comedogenic face washes for acne-prone skin are Plum Green Tea Cleansing face wash for women and Garnier Men Anti-acne face wash for men.

5. Christy Turlington-Burns

Her regime is quite simple. Christy says that she is blessed with good genes, and her skin is surprisingly good. However, she is always cautious to wash her face and keep it clean. To live in New York City, and for someone who flies a lot, so her skin is and always has been drier. So, she does a lot of moisturizing. She loves the Blue Therapy collection from Biotherm in particular-there are great oils and rich creams. She religiously moisturizes her hands and legs in the morning and before going to bed. 

6. Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra’s radiant skin and glossy mane have created as much buzz as her global career and business moves. Though encouraging a conventional skincare routine with the off brands, Chopra loves making her grooming elixirs at home. She indulges in a fantastic homemade facial yoghurt. She whips it up by combining the same portions of yoghurt and oatmeal (1-2 tablespoons each with turmeric). You can apply and leave it for half an hour until you wash it off with lukewarm water. The yoghurt rejuvenates the skin and eliminates all the dullness is what she said to Vogue India. 

She even shared her favourite fast-fixed body and hair with US Vogue back in 2014. She said that bathing with Greek yoghurt is her favourite because it is hydrating. If you are in the tub, simply rub it into your body as if you were soaping, then get out of the shower, let it stay for three minutes and wash it off. If you rub it in your hair, it is going to cure dandruff. She believes in natural therapy and has been using too much Ayurveda in her everyday life.

7. Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington told InStyle that she prefers minimal rouge, and, on most days, she lets her skin breathe, so she does not wear a ton of foundation, just a bit of a cover-up. 

The truth is that the skin cannot perform the role of respiration, so it does not really breathe; thus, avoiding cosmetics or ignoring a night-time moisturizer does not favour the skin in any manner. Although not removing makeup and not washing skin every night can contribute to breakouts, wearing makeup, is not bad for the skin as long as you wear a product that is appropriate with your skin type. She believes that there is a plus to wearing makeup. Most types of cosmetics contain sunscreen, but even if they do not imply an SPF number, most have UV-protective ingredients.

Bobbi Brown products have a rich base and are easily available online. 

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