Project Free TV: What are the Best Alternatives for This Streaming Site

Project Free TV

With the large amount of content available online, we all need a medium to consume it. One of the very best websites for that is Projet Free TV. As the name suggests, all the TV shows and movie series on Project Free TV are available for free streaming. However, a lot of free streaming websites are usually hit with a ban hammer quite often as the content that they stream is pirated. If you are a regular patron of Project Free TV, you might have noticed that the site keeps getting blocked from time to time. The site runners keep shifting domains to keep the site running but that can only last for sometime before Project Free TV is shut down for good. In case that nightmare scenario comes true, you can try out these Project Free TV alternatives to continue streaming your favourite shows and movies through these. Let’s get started.

Here are the best Project Free TV alternatives:


Kicking off our list of the best Project Free TV alternatives, is Watchseries. If you were looking for free streaming services, this is one of the best, especially for watching TV shows. The site has a very modern and intuitive design, and all episodes are mirrored multiple times for guaranteed availability. Users can leave comments without creating a user account thanks to the site’s Facebook comment plugin, but registered users gain access to several useful features, such as subscribing to favorite TV shows and receiving notifications when a new episode airs.

In addition to TV shows, Watch Series offers a respectable collection of movies, Asian dramas, and Japanese anime. You can watch all of them with English audio/subtitles. You can watch on any device with a modern web browser. Even though Watch Series discourages its users from using an adblock, you can still access it with AdBlock enabled.


Next on the list of the best Project Free TV, is CouchTuner. This free streaming has a massive collection of movies and TV shows for you to stream from the comfort of your couch, without costing you a penny. Along with movies and TV shows, CouchTuner also has cartoons, documentaries, biographies, science fiction, animé are all available on this website.

This website has a good interface but it keeps redirecting users to different pages from time to time. Aside from that, this Project Free TV alternative is pretty much perfect.


Next on the best Project Free TV alternatives, is Dailymotion. This website has just about every singe movie and TV series that you could want to watch. From Asian Dramas to American sitcoms, Dailymotion has got it all.

Dailymotion has a great interface and you can use all that goodness for free. Dailymotion only has one problem, some of the content isn’t available on full screen.

Show Box

Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is Show Box. It is an application that you can download on your mobile phone to watch good content. It’s not available on Play Store/App Store and you need to download it from the website.

Show Box is similar to the application popcorn time, the only difference you will find is you cannot install it directly on your pc and you can download it only on your mobile phone. You need to have different software called Blue Stack for desktop. This software creates a virtual cell similar to the interface of your phone and allows you to watch the content on your computer screen.

You can also install other mobile applications and games on your computer with this tool.


Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is Vmovee. This is definitely one of the best streaming websites out there and it’s completely free. Here you are going to find amazing content with really good quality.


Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives is Solarmovies. It is a very popular name among Movies and TV show slovers. It is quite an old website which has been used for sometime.

Here you are going to find almost all the content from breaking bad to Game of thrones. This makes this website worth looking at.

The Dare TV

Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is The Dare TV. It’s not a website that just provides videos of people doing dares and other such stuff. It has a vast collection of movies and TV shows for you to enjoy without any fees.


Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is Netflix. Yes, we will start with some legal alternatives to CouchTuner that you can use. Netflix allows you to stream its vast treasure trove of content on any smart TV, PC, game console, Mac, mobile, and almost anything. While Netflix is a paid streaming service, you can start with a free one month trial. The platform is so popular that the term “Netflix and Chill” has become a popular term across the globe. Netflix subscribers can stream 4K HD quality movies and shows without any ads or pop ups (the bane of all free streaming sites). The original content of Netflix is also extremely good. These are short-duration exhilarating movies and TV shows which are exclusive to Netflix. Also, the Originals are entirely fascinating and entertaining. Netflix also provides varying subscription plans which vary as per people’s budgets. There are basic, standard and premium types of subscriptions. You can access all the content with all the plans, but the video quality and the number of screens you can view simultaneously varies. Netflix supports all digital devices and is a great CouchTuner alternative.

Amazon Prime Video

Next on the list of the best Project Free TV alternatives, is Amazon Prime Video. Yes we are still continuing with the legal alternatives to CouchTuner. The Prime Video streaming service is bundled together with your Amazon Prime Membership. It has a vast collection of original movies and TV shows, alongwith shows and movies made by other studios. You can watch the movies and shows in 4K Ultra HD and High Dynamic Range (HDR). Prime Video also allows for you to download videos for offline viewing at a later point of time. One of the drawbacks of Prime Video is that some of the content on the streaming service is geographically locked and you might need a VPN to access it. For example, the Swamp Thing TV show isn’t available for Prime subscribers of India, it’s only available in North America.


Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is Hulu. It’s another great legal alternative to CouchTuner. This streaming platform consists of a lot of exclusive content for the users. If you want to get access to all of that content then you will have to pay $11.99 for a month. The platform also offers unlimited movies and TV shows like Netflix. What’s more, it offers exclusive, original titles. Some of the popular content it features include The Handmaid’s Tale, The Great, and Mrs. America.

Hulu has subcategories that support the two types of binge-watching, making it possible to catch up on new episodes of the latest seasons. Also, users can watch and re-watch previous episodes.

Another appealing yet competing feature of Hulu is the live TV segment, where you can watch the latest sports matches, news, and entertainment shows. The kids’ sections are not left out.

Hulu’s premium content is paid, so the platform is not a free alternative to CouchTuner. However, the platform is an excellent choice if you can spend a little bit of money on streaming movies.


Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is Cucirca. This is a type of website which will help you to enjoy TV shows. This is definitely one of the best streaming sites for TV shows. The TV show collection over here is insane. What’s more, you don’t even need to register to watch the shows. However, if you register, you can get notifications for new episodes and shows. You can even request for shows that are not available and the site runners are very proactive in fulfilling those requests.

Select TV

Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is Select TV, an all in one package of entertainment.

Users can get music, TV shows and movies with Select TV. These basic services of  select TV are free.

There are some special paid services as well. The price is as low as $2 and quite affordable.

Café Movie

Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is Cafe Movie. This is a website with a great collection of TV series and movies.

The website has a fantastic collection of content and a great interface. The content on this website is very well organized. If you are browsing this website you will easily be able to find what you want to watch without any confusion. You can also find classic movies if you are a classic movie aficionado. At Cafe Movie, you can also find TV shows and movies from different languages and you can easily browse them here.


Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is StreamLikers. It might be a relatively new site, but it has a vast library of TV shows and movies.

This site is blocked in countries like India. You might have to use a VPN in order to access it from there. 

This site has a simplistic design. You only see a search bar. You can select your TV shows or movies by categories and sections. It’s very user friendly and if you hover your cursor on the thumbnail of the movie you get a quick information box. This helps you choose what you want to watch. StreamLikers does not store any files on its server, all content is provided by third parties. The site gets over 1 million visitors a month, mainly from the USA and the UK.


Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is Lookmovies. It wouldn’t be fair to dismiss LookMovies just because it’s not as popular as some of the other Project Free TV alternatives featured in this article. Perhaps because the site has to work extra hard to convince its visitors to come back, we found it to be a real joy to use. Right on its home page, you can see all recently released movies, popular flicks, top TV shows, as well as an alphabetical catalog that you can use to find something interesting to watch.

uBlock Origin blocks just two requests on LookMovies, which is a remarkably low number for an online streaming site. Hopefully, that won’t change as LookMovies becomes more popular.


Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is MovieNinja. It is the next similar site to CouchTuner, it also has a vast library of the TV series and movies, there are thousands of free movies streaming sites, but a few are like this.

It has a great and attractive interface; You see some sections and categories on the homepage of this website. All contents are divided into the parts which help the user to navigate and explore the site quickly.

MovieNinja doesn’t store files on its server; all contents are provided by the third parties. You can stream its TV shows and movies without sign up; you will also see some display ads on the site but not popups.

MovieNinja has around 6 million traffic in a month, its traffic comes from all over the globe, but the most popular countries are the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany. It is a good alternative to CouchTuner so don’t skip it.


Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is Vumoo. It provides excellent user experiences and interface. It had a good database of TV series and movies. Vumoo is popular for its quality content, lots of HD videos and rarely broken streams.

This site features the latest released TV shows in the TV section and the home page ifeatures  the most popular movies. Users can stream videos without sign up, but there are extra benefits of signing up.

Vumoo looks like a premium streaming site because all stuff is designed in the section, and you see all things are well developed. Even though Vumoo’s collection is smaller than many other streaming sites, it still has over 2 million monthly visitors.

Series Online

Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is Series Online. This website had grabbed a lot of attention in the past. Despite the name, it has a big collection of movies along with TV series. 

You would be surprised to know that this is a website that was browsed most for movies. Here you will find properly organized content that allows you to surf smoothly. One of the best things about this website is that it offers a great user interface. Apart from looking good, this user interface is also highly functional. You will find various useful browsing and navigation features on this website. These can help you in easily finding your favorite TV shows on this website. And the best thing about this user interface is that you will get the same user interface across all of your devices.


Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is Rainierland. Here you can stream the videos without registrations. The website has a great collection of TV shows and movies. You can find what you want to watch by typing the name in the search bar.

RainierLand has a simple interface and design; you see the collection of movies on the homepage. It shows the latest released movies and TV shows in the sidebar.

Here you have to face popups and display ads, nowadays its traffic is decreasing, it gets around 1 million visitors in a month, and most of the traffic comes from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany.


Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is CMoviesHD. This website is not a common name that you will hear in this type of business but we found that this is also a very good platform to watch good content.

You should try to visit this website one time and we assure you that you will get addicted to this website because of the good content that is available on this website.

Here the content you will find is updated regularly and you can easily find good content for the TV shows as well as the movies.

Series Craving

Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is Series Craving. This is one such platform where you will find only TV shows which will surely stop you craving for them as the content here is amazing.

You can find all the latest shows as early as possible on this website but there is no music or movies present over there. They are completely dedicated to TV shows.

The long-anticipated episodes are here whenever you wish. Hence, it will be thought of as a website that may ne’er allow you to feel like getting off with TV shows.

All these qualities and the large information build it as one among the simplest sites like Couchtuner that you are going to find.


Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is SonyCrackle. It is an ad-free free movie, and TV shows streaming site which has a good database of movies and TV shows. However, this site only works with a United States IP address.

You are from the United States then it is a good option for you, and if you are not from the USA, then you can use a free VPN or proxy.

SonyCrackle doesn’t allow you to stream a video without signing up, so you have to create an account first to stream the video. This site has around 3 million visitors in a month that come from the United States IP address.


Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is 123movies. It is definitely one of the biggest movie streaming sites in the world. The ease of access makes it very easy to find the movie you are looking for.  An interesting part over here is that this website contains articles that tell you about the things that are related to a movie. It also has useful and attractive thumbnails for the users. In case you want to watch some movie in the theatres, you can also check out box office listings.


Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is Vidsturm. This is the perfect streaming website for people who love dramas. IIt’s loaded to the gills with drama content. The platform has a wide range of TV shows and movies which are streamed in HD quality. The site keeps changing domain names to escape bans so it will be a little tough to track in the beginning. Don’t worry if you now create an account and choose a plan for uninterrupted streaming. It is the best option for streaming videos and tv shows for its lovers. Vidsturm has a library of high quality videos which are updated frequently. Another problem with Vidsturm is that it keeps changing its domain names constantly so it becomes tough to track the website at times.


Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is LosMovies. If you love watching English movies, you will have a great time exploring this site. It offers a massive collection of movies available in high-quality content. On top of that, it is a completely legal site hence, it is a very safe platform without promoting any malicious content. Besides, it won’t redirect you to other pages which come among its premium features. LosMovies provides high quality content and most of the movies on the website come with subtitles in multiple languages as well. The site is organized very well so it will be easier for you to search for whatever you want. However, the site frequently changes its domain name so it’s a little tough to track.

Project Free TV

Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is Project Free TV. It is often thought of as a web site that provides exciting TV shows for interested individuals to look at. However, it’s necessary to keep it in mind that Project Free TV does not have any stream links on its own platform. Project Free TV website does not have any regional restriction while watching a movie. This works because of the multiple stream links offered for each movie available on this website. If one of the links is not available for you, you can just choose a different one. Project Free TV allows its user to watch live TV as well as stream movies and TV shows in high definition.

Tubi TV

Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is Tubi TV. Its website is nicely designed and provides you a great user interface; its design is lovely and looks like a premium movies streaming site.

Here you can’t access its content without registration, so registration yourself with email id. It has a vast library of movies and TV series.

TubiTV can also be accessed on your smartphones with the help of its apps which are available for download on the App store and Play store.

The United States provides the most traffic for TubiTV; it gets around 70% traffic from that. According to SimilarWeb, this site gets about 8 million visitors in a month.


Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is PutLocker. This website is extremely user friendly and all the content is very well organized. It’s very similar to CouchTuner in its interface. PutLocker also telecasts media from third-party sources. Putlocker categorizes content for easy navigation on the platform. You can browse through the website according to genre, movie, TV series, release year, and requests.

However, PutLocker has a unique feature: each TV show and movie come with a rating. This grading system helps users decide which titles are worth watching. However, just like Fmovies, Putlocker suffers from a similar setback, unending pop up ads.


Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is Movie4u. It is a free platform where you can watch content in HD and you don’t even need to sign up. Here you can watch your favorite movies and the TV shows of your choice in no time. The platform has a wonderful collection of films from different genres and languages. Movie4U comes with a wide array of movie categories, including new releases, genre, last added, featured movies, latest HD movies, and upcoming titles.

This streaming website comes with new and old movies. If you’re a movie freak who likes to watch cult classics, Movie4U is the best choice for you. But, if you want TV shows, you will have to look elsewhere as this website doesn’t have any. The website is also plagued with a lot of ads and popups.

Ads and pop-ups are a problem on this website too.


Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is HDO. It has an enormous library of TV shows and movies, the website lets you download and see its content without ay subscribe

HDO gives you an advanced level search bar that provides one of the features to search by genre, country, most useful IMDb, etc.. With this particular stage, you can read news associated with the film industry that’s a unique feature.

HDO has good recognition from the USA with 5 million monthly traffic, such as other similar web sites to CouchTuner you find the display advertisements here.


This is also a great alternative to Couchtuner as it consists of great content for movies as TV shows. The stream quality is very good and the collection of movies and shows is very high.

New Episodes

Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is New Episodes. As the name of this online streaming site suggests, New Episodes is the place you want to be to watch the new episodes of popular TV shows minutes after they air. The site conveniently displays all TV shows that have aired the current week, but you can also browse TV shows in alphabetical order or search for them directly using the search bar. Similar to Daily TV Fix, New Episodes has an active forum section. New users are advised to introduce themselves in the forum in order to receive a warm welcome.


Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is Fmovies, It is the most amazing website if you hate pop ups. You can have a great experience on this website for streaming TV shows and movies. Sure the interface runs some ads but they won’t bother you if you don’t click on them.

Movies can be sorted very easily on the basis of the year of release, the country, and the genre. The best part over here is that you don’t need to register. Fmovies is a free alternative to CouchTuner. The platform provides URL sources where users can stream or download their favorite movies. The interface is user-friendly and properly organized.

Also, the platform has a movie request section where users can request their favorite TV shows and movies. However, you must provide an email-ID and the name of the film to access it.

Fmovies has an unlimited collection of high-quality movies and TV shows with subtitles. It is definitely worth checking out.

MMovies HD

Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is MMovies HD. Here the website consists of both old and new movies. It’s completely up to you which movie you want to watch. You can easily differentiate between the content over here. It’s a well designed, easy to use website


Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is IOMovies. It is one of the best websites to stream content. This website also does not support any ad or any pop-up and it consists of all the latest movies and also the TV shows in amazing quality. Streaming is also very fast and the video quality is amazing.

But this website has  aproble,, the movie categorization is not very well done as there is no filter provided.


If you are planning to watch TV shows or movies on PrimeWire, you need to create a free account with the website.

You just have to click on the make an account tab and then you have to fill all the details that are required, and after that you are all done.

Streaming quality of the movies and the shows is also very good like all the other websites we have discussed here.

The good thing here is that this website also comes with an option of watching trailers before watching the entire movie, like Netflix, Prime Video etc. 

Yify TV

Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is Yify TV. It is a great streaming website which doesn’t require any registration for users. Yify TV is a type of website which is completely dedicated only to the movies and no tv shows can be found here. If you want something to watch TV shows, try some of the other websites mentioned here.

Daily TV Fix

Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is Daily TV Fix. If you can’t live without a daily dose of TV, this online streaming site is guaranteed to get you your daily fix. Daily TV Fix offers everything from the latest movies to little-known TV shows. You can search for content by name or use the site’s comprehensive search filter. Newly added TV show episodes are listed right on the homepage, as are recently updated movies. It’s very common for Daily TV Fix to list more than a dozen different mirrors for each show and movie. Daily TV Fix also has a very active forum section, where users discuss their favorite TV shows and movies, make requests, and socialize with one another.


Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is Crackle. This website is updated far more often than other free streaming sites. If you hate pop ups, this site is for you. It provides a seamless, pop up free streaming experience for you. It has a great collection of shows and movies for you to enjoy.


Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is Allmovie. It has a great search tool which helps you easily search all of the collection present here with movies on this website. The website also features interesting articles associated with the movies and the shows on it. It also features big, easy to read thumbnails.


Next on our list of Project Free TV, is Popcornflix. This streaming tool can be downloaded from the Play Store/App Store. Popcornflix comes with thousands of shows and movies to watch at your fingertips. The stream quality at Popcornflix is very high. You can watch documentaries, movies, original web series, and more, all for free.

When it comes to features, it definitely doesn’t compete with paid services like Netflix and Prime Video, but it makes up for that by being completely free. At no cost, users can stream high-quality videos, making it an appealing option for many.

The website is very easy to navigate as well. The movies and shows are organized according to genres, including action, drama, comedy, horror, sci-fi, thriller, romance, and mystery. In case you want to select your movies based on the language they are in, you can do that too. Popcornflix also serves as a platform for new and upcoming directors to showcase their talent. Popcornflix is a great way for people planning to work in the film industry to build a following for themselves.


Next on our list of Project Free TV alternatives, is FLixTor. It is a vast library of TV shows, and movies. The best part of this website is that you wouldn’t see any ad on this and its interface is up to the mark.

FlixTor looks like a premium movie streaming site but it is entirely free, Users can access all of its content without signing up. There are some benefits to sign up like you can create a playlist of your favorite TV shows and movies and share them with friends and family.

The site provides you a VIP menu where you get extra features, but free features are generally enough. Its home page is neat and precise, you see a slider of the latest released movie, and below it, you see a section where you can choose movies and TV series arranged by popularity.

FlixTor is very popular among Internet users across the globe; It has around 10 million visitors in a month from different countries. These are the most popular countries for this website, the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and South Africa.


Rounding off our list of Project Free TV alternatives is Bmovies. This website allows the users to watch all the TV shows movies online in the best quality for free.

This website does not require any type of registration. Here you will be able to categorize the movies and the TV shows on the base of IMDB ratings, country, and genre.

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