Magnetic Burgundy Hair Hues for Your Skin Tone

Burgundy Hair

Hair experimentation is one of those favorite chances that so many ladies around the world tend to opt for every so often. Apart from all sorts of stylish haircuts to consider, there are also so many trendy hair colors and dying techniques to give a try to that it is too easy to get lost at times. However, you should remember one thing no matter how popular the hue or cut is, it may not be a fitting one for you due to the face shape or skin tone. What should you do to avoid the unpleasant outcome?

According to LoveHairstyles, burgundy hair is at the edge of popularity at the moment. There is no wonder why since the shade is pure magic and magnificence. Nevertheless, just like the lot of such fantastic shades, it is a tricky one as well. Depending upon the peculiar tint as well as your complexion, every woman requires a specially-chosen shade to chase after. That is precisely what we are going to discuss today so that the color you acquire suits you perfectly and makes you smile!

Distinguishing Between Burgundy Shades

It is not enough to come to the hairdresser’s and claim that what you are seeking for this time is burgundy hair. It is essential that you are able to distinguish between burgundy, gorgeous wine, and maroon tints.
Burgundy hair – apart from the fact that it is the even mixture of brown and red it has purple integrated into it. However, it is not vividly purple, nor red, nor brown. It is the seamless combo of all in one. Also, it is a cool tone, and you should bear it in mind.

Maroon – this is another great mixture of red and brown but with neutral undertone to it. Some say that it is one of the best shades that suit all complexions without exception.
Wine hair – the hue has the most red to it, while still possessing the tints of brown too. It is another neutral, burgundy hair tone.

Burgundy Hair and Warm Complexion

It is true that not all people know their skin undertone, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. The fact is that if you are heading to a skilled hairstylist, they will be able to choose the best fitting hair color for your undertone. However, if you decide to do it on your own, first and foremost that you should do it to look in the mirror. The color of your veins against your skin will determine the skin tone. Greenish or blue-green veins define warm-toned complexions. If that is your case, then a burgundy for warm complexions is the one you should opt for.

With warm complexion, it is advised to stick to maroon and wine shades. Burgundy hair will suit those with light-warm complexions. However, the red-purple combo may look unappealing when matched with olive skin tone. You should keep that in mind. Even though the colors are opposite on the color wheel and tend to bring out one another when matched in fashion, the correlation does not work in case of hair color and skin tone combination.

Burgundy Hair and Cool Complexion

Cool undertones are figured in the very same way as with the warm complexion. Take a look in the mirror. If your veins are purple-toned, then your complexion is a cool one. As a matter of fact, people with cooler skin tones are the luckiest ones since they can easily pull of any shade f burgundy, including neutral shades.

What About a Neutral Skin Tone?

It would be unfair to state that there are no people with neutral skin tones. Their veins are usually blueish. With burgundy hair, there are no limits here as well. The thing is that neutral skin tone pair well with either cooler burgundy hues as well as neutral ones.

Burgundy hair is a majestic shade that deserves attention when you are going to visit your hairstylist the next time, don’t you think?

Source: LoveHairstyles

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