Italian Investor Visa- 5 Best Recommendations By Immigration Experts

Italian Investor Visa

Italy is one of the immigrant-friendly countries as it offers several immigration routes. Not surprisingly, countless Americans have it on top of their immigration wishlists. You can claim citizenship by descent if you have an Italian bloodline. People married to Italian citizens can get citizenship by marriage. A long stay as a resident makes you eligible for citizenship by naturalization. Each of these options has stringent eligibility requirements, but you need not give up hope if you do not qualify for either of these routes.

The Italian investor visa is a shortcut to early residency and citizenship in the long run. You can visit Bersani Law Firm for understanding more about this easy route to enter Italy. But you may still experience some apprehension and hassles as you proceed with this option. Here are some valuable recommendations by immigration experts to close the process at the earliest.

Decide your investment option early

The investor visa requires you to bring funds to the country to support its economy. It is typically for wealthy people who want to buy residence rights with money. But the good thing about the Italian investor visa is that it is accessible to people who cannot spend millions. You can start with a contribution of €250,000 to an innovative startup. There are other options if you can afford more. For example, you can invest €500,000 in an Italian business, donate €1 million to a public welfare project, or purchase €2 million worth of government bonds. Know your budget beforehand and decide on the most viable investment option early.

Get your bank proof before starting

Experts recommend getting your bank proof of funds well before starting. It ensures that there aren’t any hassles down the line. You do not need to bring the money in the application stages, but remember not to take things for granted. You will still have to provide the documents proving you have the committed investment amount in your bank account. Without documentary proof, you cannot get the nulla osta or certificate of no impediment. You cannot apply for the investor visa until you have the nulla osta.

Keep your funds ready

Aspiring immigrants have no qualms regarding the Italian investor visa because they have to bring the money only after flying to Italy and getting a residence permit. But you cannot take the requirement casually. You have to deposit the funds within three months of obtaining your residence permit. Not doing so means that the authorities will revoke your visa right away. It is the last thing you want to face after all the hard work to complete the formalities of the process. So keep your funds ready at hand before landing in Italy.

Know the citizenship route

Most immigrants leverage the investor visa as the launchpad for their citizenship goals. Consider it a wise choice if you do not qualify for citizenship through the descent or marriage routes. But expect the road to be a long one. You have to stay in the country for a decade as a resident to qualify for citizenship by naturalization. The process has multiple steps, such as converting from the investor visa to a two-year residence permit, renewing it for another three years, and transitioning to permanent residence after a five-year stay. The last step of the journey comes after ten years of residence when you become eligible for citizenship by naturalization.

Collaborate with an immigration professional

Another valuable piece of advice for all investor visa applicants is to collaborate with an immigration professional right from the start. Getting your second passport with a dual citizenship status entails a decade-long process. You have to follow several legal formalities and convert your residence status during this period. There is always a chance of an error or omission during these stages, but an expert professional ensures zero errors and hassles. You feel more confident about moving ahead with the journey with an expert showing the way. The sooner you get them on board, the easier the road ahead becomes.

The Italian investor visa is perhaps the easiest immigration route to explore in the short term. Moreover, it is an ideal long-term option for people who cannot qualify for citizenship through other routes. But even the most knowledgeable people can make mistakes or miss out on the legal norms at some point. It is better to have an expert by your side to cover all your needs and prevent errors. Look for someone with relevant expertise and a successful track record to help you ease the process.

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