Soccer Trips Around the World: Where to Go and What to Do

Soccer Trips Around the World

The pandemic is slowly coming to an end, and the number of restrictions all over the world have reached an all-time low since the beginning of the COVID era. This means that we get to travel again! If you’re a sports fan and a major point on your bucket list is to go and see the stadiums of your favorite soccer teams, now is the time to explore the world.

Soccer is one of the most popular sports to travel for, and it’s easy to understand why. The rousing sport has captured hearts from every corner of the planet, and fans go all over the world to follow their country or favorite team and cheer them on in the crowds of their rivals. If you’re a true soccer fan and your dream is to travel and go see all the historic stadiums and cities the most popular teams come from, we have just the guide for you. Below, we’ll take you through a few options. Whether you’re traveling alone or with other fans, friends or a significant other, you’ll be sure to have a blast. Experiencing your favorite sport and some wonderful culture all in one go is truly worth every penny. So start planning your trip today with the tips below.

Europe – the Capital of Soccer

Soccer originated in England, and it is no wonder that it became such a huge sport all over Europe. Partly because of the continent’s rich history with the sport and experience with training young players, some of the best teams in the world are European – and it only takes a couple of minutes of research to see that their hometowns make for great travel destinations: Teams like Manchester United, Juventus, Chelsea, Liverpool, Barcelona and Bayern Munich are all at the top of world football – and all call beautiful, culturally rich towns all over Europe their homes.

Seeing the top teams’ hometowns would certainly make for a fantastic travel experience. See the sights, visit the stadiums, see a game, maybe even engage in some light sports betting to up the stakes – and gain a deeper understanding of the cultures your favorite teams belong to.

South America – A Continent of Soccer Passion

While soccer originated in Europe and many European teams are some of the greatest and most exciting teams to watch in the world, we can not leave out a continent of pure soccer passion: South America. Many of the world’s most impressive and talented professional soccer players hail from countries such as Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Colombia. Messi, Neymar, Juarez, Maradona and the list goes on. The continent breathes talent and without it, the world of soccer would be much less exciting than it is today.

Latin American fans are also very well known for being very passionate about not only the sport in itself, but also the teams they support. It is part of their identity and they live and breathe football. If you want a very wholesome and passionate experience, try and attend a soccer match in a Latin American country. It will definitely be an event to remember.

While you are in Latin America, make sure not to miss out on all the other cultural activities you can partake in. Every country is very different from each other, and have something truly special and unique to offer in terms of cuisine, music, dancing, hikes and exploration. We recommend trying to visit as many Latin American countries as you can in one go. Maybe a sort of road trip through the lush jungles and bustling cities? It’s up to you.

How to Make Your Trip as Authentic as Possible

When you go to visit these different cities, there are of course many other things besides soccer stadiums to see. To make the most of your trip, make it as authentic as possible: Make sure that you interact with the locals, eat at local restaurants, visit the historical attractions (not just the stadiums) and go to the local shops and markets for dinner and any souvenirs you may desire.

Many cities around Europe are known for their beautiful, culturally rich attractions and local markets. To really get the full European experience, make sure to take advantage of all the opportunities each city presents. Barcelona, for example, is known for its stunning architecture and delicious cuisine – and Liverpool, of course, is known as the World Capital City of Pop, since the Beatles originated there. All in all, if you just do a bit of research besides looking up stadiums, there is plenty to do in these famous soccer cities for both you and any non-football fans you may be traveling with. So, what are you waiting for? Book your trip today!

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