Why Thailand Is Still A Great Holiday Destination


Thailand is a hotbed for tourism, with thousands of people making the trip every year to sample one of the world’s more unique cultures.  With an abundance of reasons to travel, such as group holidays and the always eventful stag night, traveling to East Asia to sample an atmosphere that normally wouldn’t be present on western shores.

Facts and figures

For starters, the Thai tourism industry is probably one of the major pillars of its economy, with an astounding 39.92 million people visiting their shores in 2019, an increase of 4.74 percent on the year before when 38.28 million visited Thailand. These numbers alone show how popular it is as a holiday destination. Even on the financial front, business appears to have been booming, with the latest figures showing that Thailand is expected to see an income of $39.5 billion. This was expected to equate to nearly 11 percent of the country’s GDP, showing just how vital tourism is as a resource for the Thai government. Even though they were mostly restricted to internal or domestic holiday makers for much of the last year, they were still set to see around 3.3 million people traveling around the country. While the pandemic did restrict things as expected, the figures are still marginally higher than expected. 

What to do

What is the first thing that you do when you go on holiday? Do you make a beeline for the beach, the bars, or even look to see what local attractions there are for you to sink your teeth into? Why not take the time to go through the ‘What’s on’ guides through the tourist board, or even query about excursions, etc., at the hotel. Just by taking the time to ask the question, you might find some local culture that otherwise could have been a well-kept secret. What’s the main reason for a holiday, though? To relax, right? So why not sample some of the National parks or even gain some historical knowledge by visiting some of the Buddhist temples. They can be a real eye-opener and can draw your attention to the intriguing past behind some of them. If you want to chill out, make a bee line for the beach and use the free time to do something you enjoy. You could always have a little flutter on some slot machines while you lay there on the beach whiling away some time. At, they provide an outlet where you can play to your heart’s content, playing a bit of poker or even just a quick spin to break the routine slightly.


It might not be ideal at the moment due to world issues, but if given a chance, you should at least consider Thailand as a break. There is something for everyone to enjoy with the historic temples, sandy beaches, and natural landmarks to explore. So why not bite the bullet and have a look? You might regret it if you don’t.

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