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There are many remastered games on the market but let’s say the truth – remastering is not easy, so making a good and quality remaster is a rare thing to find. Remastering means enhancing the old version of some game without a lot of modifying. Since most people have fancy screens, investing in graphics is a ‘must do.’ However, some companies don’t do that, so some retro games remastered look over pixelated and pretty annoying for the ordinary player. We must not forget that the purpose of remastering is popularising old games for the new audience.

Not to be confused, let’s explain the difference between ‘remaster’ and ‘remake’ of the video game. While remastering includes investing in graphics, the remake is an almost complete redesign of the game. Maybe you have also heard of the term ‘reboot,’ which explains an entirely new story without the already existing narrative for the new generations.

Resident Evil

As with everything that Capcom touches, it turns to gold, starting from their first slot machines way back (you can check some of them here –  Canadian slots), which is an entirely different nostalgic topic for another time, to modern-day games. With Resident Evil, it wasn’t any different. Created in 1996 and then remastered in 2002, so today, we have a remaster. It’s a horror survival video game that received excellent reviews from acclaimed journalists across the globe. A player guides the main character and explores the environment where he meets numerous zombies, spiders and other unfriendly creatures. Don’t forget to watch your health because the more you shoot monsters, the less ammunition you have and your health decreases.

Burnout Paradise

Welcome to the Paradise City! This game was created in 2008 and instantly became ‘the smash hit’ – this game showed how the decisive action smashing fun must look. That’s why the remake was a 100% right thing to do. So all players who like adrenaline and action fueled-games – gather around and try this out! There are many things to explore, many cars to smash, challenges, events and dust on the road to leave your opponents coughing!

Grim Fandango

This video game was first released in 1998 and followed the story split into four chapters. The main character is Manny Calavera, who is wandering around the classic Grim Fandango city setting. There are numerous quests that you have to solve, and your results will affect the plot. The Land of Dead is waiting for you! Don’t forget that this game received rewards for the art design and direction and often gets praised as the best video game of all time.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

This game consistently receives recognition for its unique art style, and after the remake announcement, many fans were worried about how it will look in a new HD style on Earth. But, in the end, they realized there wasn’t a reason to worry because that art style now looks even more impressive! It’s an adventure and action video game developed in 2003 and settled on a group of islands, and the primary purpose of the player is to save the main character’s link’s sister from the wizard Ganon.

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