How to Update Your Home’s Technology

Home’s Technology

Thanks to great advances in technology, homes are getting smarter and smarter. At this point there are now standards that even five years ago were considered luxury upgrades. Having said that, this means that home technology will only become more significant and desirable. Whether you plan to be in your current home long-term, are looking to sell, or are a hopeful homebuyer, there is no doubt that tech features are on your list of desires.

Large Scale Upgrades

Big changes can make a big impact on not just how your home functions but also on your day to day living. Installing a home elevator is a great example of a large-scale upgrade that can serve you well now as well as in the future. Gone are the days of bulky eyesores taking up an excess of square footage in your home as new residential elevators have such a wide range of styles that adding one to your space can naturally add to the overall aesthetic.

From a tech standpoint home elevator systems offer a futuristic and luxury vibe simultaneously. They are both an undeniable conversation piece as well as an example of a truly technology forward home. Essentially eliminating the need for stairs throughout certain parts of your home is certainly an example of forward thinking. Having a machine replace the traditional way to execute a task is the essence of creating a smart home.

DIY Projects

While you contemplate, and inevitably hire out, the larger-scale projects, there are many ways to bump up your homes technology that can all be installed in a DIY fashion. Items like digital doorbells, virtual assistants, and smart thermostats are all examples of projects that do not require professional installation. To continue your quest to DIY your home into the 21st Century, consider replacing your old outlet covers with ones that also includes a USB outlet. A basic screwdriver is all you will need to remove the existing one and replace with the new, multi device compatible, option. A project like this means that you are eliminating the need for special cords and/or adaptors to use and charge your devices that require a USB creating ease and removing limits from how you can enjoy your gadgets in tandem with your home.

Computer Programming

Once you have introduced a personal assistant to your home, you can branch out and use this product to create ease across every task in your day-to-day life. Imagine being able to hit snooze on your alarm while you use your smart device to tell your coffee pot to start brewing, this is no longer a fantasy. Consider how using technology with small tasks such as this can reduce stress in your life and then apply that to the bigger ones.

These new platforms create the ability to manipulate your home even when you are away from it. Using your smart phone to have access to your door locks, security cameras, garage door, sprinklers, these are just a few examples of how you can manage your house even when you are not nearby. Gone are the days of buckling into an airplane seat wondering “did I lock all the doors?” Regardless of if you did, or did not, having smart home technology means you can check things like this on demand and without logistical limitations.

Financial Benefits

Money is always a part of any home upgrade discussion. Considering your budget to help you decide which tech improvements make sense and which are outside your means is essential. Also consider the contrary though. Thinking about what these improvements can do to save you money long-term and have a positive return on investment should also be part of the discussion.

When used properly and in the most efficient way, these upgrades can help you cut costs related to electric bills, water consumption, and even groceries. Think about how many times you have been at the grocery store wondering if you had eggs at home or not and buying more only to come home and find out you had two cartons in the fridge. Advancements in home appliances have come so far that many new models include a camera that allows you to see the contents of your refrigerator from your smart phone, to help with overbuying and/or unnecessary purchases.

Environmental Factors

Bringing technology into your home can also provide some significant benefits to the environment. If you are not ready to transition into a completely eco-friendly lifestyle or simply are at a loss of where to start. Look to tech upgrades to assist you in this initiative. Energy regulating gadgets are proven tools to help manage consumption levels as well as waste levels. There is also a sustainability factor involved in making these changes. After the initial set up, the maintenance involved with several of these energy conscious tech devices is exceptionally low. Once the computers have learned your habits and become in sync with the demands and quirks of your home, they will adjust effortlessly in a way that keeps both you, and the planet’s health in mind.

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