Heather Rae Young: 15 Unknown Facts About The Selling Sunset Reality Star!

Heather Rae Young

Although Tarek El Moussa is more famous than his girlfriend thanks to his 2013 Flip or Flop show, Heather Rae Young is quickly building her own star power. 

These days, Heather Rae Young recently gained immense media attention after her show Selling Sunset. Once an American model and actress, she is currently a luxury real estate agent, social media personality, and Instagram star from Anaheim, California.

15 Heather Rae Young Facts: Childhood, Relationship, Cars, Modeling, Diet, and More!   

1. Childhood and youth:

Born September 16, 1987, Heather who was raised in Running Springs in California’s San Bernardino Mountains worked as a waitress at a local pizzeria. 

On the other hand, the young woman also worked as a proofreader in the Snow Valley Resort ticket and as a salesperson in a video store. 

She left Running Springs shortly after her 18th birthday and in June 2008, attended a Playboy casting. Soon, Heather Rae Young was first featured on the “Playboy Cyberclub” website called back to see some test photos in the Pictorial Lounge Facts in August 2009. Subsequently, she was chosen to be Playmate of the Month.

2. Who is Heather Rae Young’s husband?

She is about to get married to Tarek El Moussa in 2021. He is a famous real estate agent, television personality, and presenter. Tarek initially gained fame with his appearance on the reality show ” Flip or Flop .” It is a show of houses in transformation primarily in Orange County, California.

Additionally, Moussa debuted with the hit show on April 16, 2013. He has also been working as a real estate agent since he was 21 years old. The host was born and raised by a Moroccan father and an American mother of European descent.

3. Profile, career, and net worth:



Heather, 31, began her modeling career in June 2008. She auditioned after receiving a casting call from Playboy Magzine. The next year she was booked to do her first professional photoshoot under the Playboy Cyberclub website.

Rae appeared in her “Lounge Acts” pictorial in August 2009. In the February 2010 issue, the model also became the Playmate of the Month. Young also worked with several big international brands as a lingerie model working for 7 Til Midnight Lingerie, Superstar Swimwear, Hustler Lingerie, Calao Swimwear, Carrie Amber lingerie, etc. 

In fact, Heather also appeared in an ad campaign for Affliction Clothing Line.

During her modelling days, she was also posing in an ad campaign for the Affliction clothing line. 

According to online sources, she is worth atleast one million dollars. 

Reality TV:

She began starring in the Netflix show Selling Sunset in 2019. 

While Flip or Flop (her current fiance’s show) focuses on fixing and then selling houses, Selling Sunset is more about a team of real estate agents at The Oppenheim who sell expensive homes in Los Angeles. 

Young is not only making his mark in the real estate sector at Vendo Sunset – but she is also part of El Moussa Voltear 101’s HGTV program, which premiered in March 2020.

El Moussa seemed excited to share the spotlight with his new fiance, announcing Young’s debut on his show in a post in which he stated, ‘She was so cute in front of the camera that I couldn’t stop smiling!’

4. She was an actress:

Heather Rae Young is best known for Selling Sunset and for her relationship with Tarek El Moussa. But did you know there is a television credit under the reality TV star’s belt? 

The blonde-haired actress made her acting debut with a small role of Tina in the television series “Til Death” in 2010 and also participated in the horror film ” Chillerama ” in 2011. She had a small role as a secretary in the movie.

Later that year, Heather appeared in two projects called Mafia (as Kim) and Christmas in Compton (as Paulette). In 2014, Rae starred in the movie Love in the Age of Monsters, under the character named Brandi.

While it appears that Young has had some success in her acting career and could probably turn around to become an actress full time, it was not something that could happen longer because of a lack of talent. 

As Young explained during an interview: she was ‘basically thrown into acting’, but it’s not her ‘passion’. She seriously studied acting for a few years and ‘had a little fun with it’, but it seems her heart goes out to reality TV and ofcourse, real estate. 

5. She gained the highest fame through reality TV:

Her show called “Selling Sunsets” was broadcasted on the Netflix platform in 2019. The pre-Covid Netflix project was based on elite real estate brokers at The Oppenheim Group, who sell the luxury properties to their wealthy clients near the Sunset Strip.

6. Heather Rae Young initially rejected Tarek El Moussa:

On July 28, 2019, Heather was photographed next to her new boyfriend “Tarek El Moussa” on a vacation trip. According to a source, the rumored couple spends their weekend in Redondo Beach, California. They were also photographed while boarding a boat called “Bad Decisions.”

It’s hard to believe now, considering their recent engagement and wedding planning, but Heather Rae Young wasn’t always so in love with Tarek El Moussa. In fact, she turned him down the first time he asked her out. However, it wasn’t because she didn’t like El Moussa: Young already had a boyfriend. 

In an interview with Fox News, El Moussa revealed that the couple met only when that relationship ended and decided to ask her out again. This time, she said yes.

7. She’s a stepmom to his kids:

Prior to Heather Rae Young, Moussa married his wife “Christina Anstead” also known as “Christina Haack” in 2009. Moussa had two kids with her, namely a daughter Taylor Reese El Moussa (born 2010) and a son Brayden James El Moussa (born 2015).

Getting involved with a father who has children is not easy, especially if you don’t have children of your own yet, but Heather Rae Young accepted the challenge. In an interview with Lifestyle, Tarek El Moussa revealed that he was a bit nervous about introducing his children, Taylor and Brayden, to Young, but everything went perfectly. He revealed that his children and Young quickly bonded together and that they ‘adore’ each other. “It’s really heartwarming,” he said of his kids and girlfriend getting along so well.

8. Does Heather Rae Young get along with Tarek el Moussa’s ex-wife Christina?


As the new girlfriend and now fiance, it is understandable if Heather Rae Young didn’t get along with Tarek El Moussa’s ex-wife Christina Anstead, the two seem to be on good terms. 

Although El Moussa and Anstead still work on Flip or Flop together, a show they began starring in while still married, Young was not threatened to be with Tarek El Moussa. She said that she’s “a really confident person” who “fully supports” her boyfriend, now fiance, including his working relationship with Anstead.

9. She had some practice co-parenting with Anstead: 

The now soon-to-be-married couple once celebrated the holiday together with Anstead and her family, During Young and El Moussa’s first Halloween together in 2019. 

El Moussa and Heather Rae Young went trick-or-treating in what El Moussa told People was the first time they all got together. “It was a lot of fun,” he said.

10. On her 32nd birthday, Tarek El Moussa gifted her a Ferrari:

Tarek El Moussa made his love for his lady clear when he gave her the Selling Sunset to star in a Ferrari on her 32nd birthday in 2019. The newly-engaged star couple of 2021 had only been dating for two months back then, but El Moussa wanted to surprise her with the car of her dreams.

11. Young’s love for cars is well documented: 

Tarek El Moussa’s fiance has also modeled for various car magazines, telling Super Street that she loves cars and driving fast. 

The real-estate stat also once hosted a web series for the GTChannel YouTube channel dedicated to automobiles called The Brake Room.

She added that she views cars as a litmus test into a person’s personality, saying that what a person drives and how they take care of their vehicle is in her eyes, an indicator of the type of person he/she is. 

Young revealed that her cars are always ‘super clean’ due to her dedication to organizing.

12. This is what Heather Rae Young looks for in a relationship:

Heather Rae Young and Tarek El Moussa look like a match made in heaven. In a 2010 interview with Super Calle, Young described her ideal man and it almost sounds like a checklist of her fiance’s attributes.

The real-estate reality star said that personality is the most important thing in a man. ‘I need a man who can make me laugh every day,’ she shared. She also said she likes confident men, “which generally leads to older men.” El Moussa is clearly confident and established in his career, and he’s also six years older than Young , so it seems like he’s definitely his type.

13. Heather Rae Young is a fitness freak:


Heather Rae Young is in great shape and it turns out that the celebrity has a pretty intense workout routine and works pretty hard to keep her body in tip-top shape. 

She spoke about the secret to her toned physique in an interview and said that she exercises every day. In addition to doing a strength training class three or four times a week, Young is a runner who runs three to four miles a few days a week.

It’s a pretty intense workout, but exercising frequently isn’t a challenge for Young. Rather than seeing staying in shape as a chore she hates, Young said she actually looks forward to exercising, saying:  “Fitness makes me very happy,”. 

The Selling Sunset star admitted to Super Street that she also loves to kickbox and dance. No wonder Young is in such great shape!

14. She is vegan:

The image above is an actual recipe posted by Heather Rae Young for stuffed bell peppers!

The Selling Sunset star follows a very strict diet that helps her stay slim – one staying away from animal products. 

Young added that she loads up on protein and says she tries to ‘replace two meals with a protein shake’ every day. 

In addition, she eats a lot of salads, but doesn’t shy away from sandwiches. 

But Young has a weakness: sugar. She admitted that she has a ‘sweet tooth’ so she does her best to avoid sugar as ‘once I start I can’t stop’.

15. This is where Heather Rae Young’s dream wedding would be:

The Selling Sunset star revealed, three months after announcing her engagement, the news that she was moving on to wedding planning! 

The real-estate couple had crossed off a major box on their wedding planning list, and she shared the news via Instagram: “YES!!!!!! Legit just locked in a wedding date and location!!” alongside a photo from the duo’s engagement shoot. “Take some guesses below!!! Future Mr. and Mrs.”

Prior to this, in an interview with Us Weekly, Young and El Moussa hinted at what their dream wedding would be like.

While many women start planning their perfect wedding as children, Young revealed that she didn’t start thinking about her ideal wedding until she met El Moussa because, prior to that, she hadn’t found someone she could see herself married to. All that changed with the star Flip or Flop, though, and if the two do get married, Young ‘would love to do something in Italy.’ Tarek El Moussa’s fiance added: ‘I’m very excited to see what happens in the future.’

So, is Tarek El Moussa currently booking their tickets to Itay in 2021? It’s just a matter of time! 

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