How Netflix Changed the Landscape of Canadian Media

How Netflix Changed the Landscape of Canadian Media

It has been a remarkable journey for Netflix in the Canadian entertainment industry, as they marked their decade in Canada. Netflix is placed among the best streaming platforms available since it got launched in the year 1997. It has only grown its popularity and gotten marked as one of the best platforms available. For it has filled its library with great original content.

Moving to Canada was a real test for Netflix, for it was for the first time they were trying to see how the response would be outside the USA. Fortunately, it was worth the try because they had already prepared the best movies to watch on Netflix Canada.

Netflix in Canada

Coming to Canada, Netflix was successful in the USA. There, they already had 15million subscribers. The reason they moved to Canada with such great confidence. However, the 15 million subscribers used a program known as DVD by Mail. This program was not available in Canada, which means Netflix was the first to unveil it there. Success was always guaranteed.

How Canadians reacted to Netflix

Netflix knew they had a great platform filled with original content that consisted of licensed films. It was financially friendly when launched for the first time in Canada at $7,99. It was just something the Canadians wanted to hear, and they were eager to try this new way of watching TV.

It was a great experience as they had a great library filled with hit movies and tv shows in their catalog, and that is why it didn’t take them too long to give it a try. The success was evident as Netflix recorded 1.2 million subscriptions in Canada.

Now Netflix, after witnessing the success, knew they had a great platform which they were now looking forward to sharing in the market outside the USA. In 2012, Netflix’s way of changing Canada’s TV landscape was a success as they announced profits. What were these changes?

Original Content

After witnessing how people were accepting their new way, they quickly took the chance for having original content. This strategy was a new way to launch original series/shows available only on Netflix Canada.

The introduction of series such as orange is the new black, house of cards, and Toronto -shot hemlock glove, was just the beginning. The making of original content was increasing. The strategy worked, as local stories entertained subscribers. But, for being available only on Netflix, the subscriber’s numbers only went up.

This was turning out to be a great business, and it attracted new players who wanted to join in the streaming market, domestic-based players.

Domestic Players joined the Streaming Market

After realizing how Netflix dominated the Canadian market, the domestic players knew they had to join in. After seeing the opportunity, they were not willing to let it go without a trial. So, they went on and started their own streaming platforms.

In 2014, Roger’s communication and Shaw’s communication and the joint venture Shomi were the first to give the market a try, but after only two years, they folded. Later, Bell media joined the market with a great desire to succeed and managed to get subscriptions up to 2.8 million.

Netflix was still a step ahead as they were creating better content for Canada.

Netflix locally produced Content

In order to be a move ahead of its competitors, Netflix came up with a better idea to gain even more Canadian subscribers. However, the idea meant that Netflix had to partner with Roger media in a deal that was to see Netflix gain international rights, and Rogers would have to settle for local rights. 

This enabled Netflix to collaborate with other local Canadian companies, which as a result, great content for Canadians, together with other worldwide subscribers, was about to be created.

Working with Bell Media, they created a movie that starred Jason Momoa, a movie that is known as frontier. Also made travelers with Corus entertainment.

Also working with CBC, Netflix brought the series; Ann With an E, together with alias grace.

Because of its worldwide subscribers, Netflix enabled the CBCs comedy series known as Schitt’s Creek to get recognized worldwide and acquired a great following.

Netflix also established animations, which as a result, broke into kid’s space. The true and the rainbow is a Canadian show that has received a great response.


Netflix did set the bar high when it came to content available in their library. However, cable companies found it hard to compete with this streaming platform. They were left helpless as they saw their uses increasingly cutting the cable.

Many cable companies in Canada are expensive, charging up to $80 a  package without premium channels, while Netflix is only $18.99/month for a premium account.

Still, Canadians use cable because they cannot access some of the Netflix channels in Canada, and now one needs a local cable tv to watch local news and sports.

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