5 New Trends of the iGaming Industry of 2021

iGaming Industry

The online gambling industry has grown exponentially over the past few decades to come a long way from the primitive days of simple betting sites. iGaming platforms today leverage the best of modern technology to take the overall gambling experience to a whole new level. With the help of innovations like mobile gambling, 3D games, cutting-edge graphics, and animation, modern casinos provide a seamless user experience.

But as the industry continues to evolve, countless new trends arise every day, paving the way for future transitions. Let’s explore five such trends that will likely revolutionise the iGaming market in 2021.

Top 5 Trends in the iGaming Industry of 2021

Before delving into the latest trends, it’s important to understand that in a market as dynamic as online gambling, fads continue to emerge and disappear without warning. What seems like the future today can be obsolete within the next couple of years. But we’ll do our best to predict future trends that are most likely to last. Hence, viewer discretion is advised.

New Technologies Continue to Drive Innovation

With the evolution of modern technology, new trends continue cropping up. The latest in a long line of modern inventions is mobile gambling. Although not a novelty, the popularity of mobile gaming has been steadily increasing for some time now. Global smartphone usage is at an all-time high, which spiked the number of new players signing up from mobile devices.

iGaming operators today focus on cross-platform performance, and that’s understandable, considering 50% of all site clicks are made on mobile devices. The top software developers had analysed this trend early on and adapted their future strategies to align with the demands of the market. Hence, we’re confident that new technologies will continue powering the future of the iGaming industry for the foreseeable future.

Affiliate Marketing is the Future of the iGaming Industry

Affiliate marketing has played a key role in shaping the modern iGaming industry and will continue its influence shortly. Affiliate websites amplify outreach by introducing casinos and online bookmaking services to a new audience. They also add value by providing useful tips, discussing strategies, and comparing bonuses for the players to analyse.

Affiliate sites also rank and compare the top online casinos based on region. For instance, if you’re looking for new casino sites in Canada, can help you find the best operators based on several parameters like bonuses, wagering requirements, the payout schedule, and more.

The Rising Influence of Big Data

iGaming operators can only extend the growth curve by meeting the players’ demands. This was nearly impossible in the past, as identifying growth inhibitors was a challenge. However, with big data entering the frame, this is no longer an inconvenience. Operators today can pinpoint even the slightest of changes in customer behavioural patterns.

Using data analytics, online casinos can deliver exactly what the players are looking for without asking questions. For example, operators can gauge what their customers think about the game selection by simply studying their usage patterns. Operators can simply focus on replacing the underperforming assets and repeat the process.

Interactive Gaming Systems

While every online casino and sportsbook tries to deliver an optimal user experience, satisfying customer needs can be a challenge. An interactive gaming system helps quash the initial inhibitions and deliver a seamless user experience. This is a prime example of how modern technology continues to blur the line between virtual gaming and traditional experiences.

For instance, online casinos used to be basic websites hosting rudimentary games even two decades ago. But with major innovations like 3D graphics, HD display, and quirky animation entering the mainstream industry, modern casino games have come a long way from their predecessors.

The Implementation of Cryptocurrencies

Casino enthusiasts can freely gamble online in most countries today without fearing about their data getting stolen. Several factors like the sudden rise of cryptocurrencies and changing legal perspective amplified this trend. Blockchain technology facilitates truly anonymous transactions, which helps players keep their privacy intact.


This concludes our list of the top 5 trends in the iGaming industry in 2021. Although it’s difficult to precisely predict the impact of every new trend, we’ve shortlisted the most likely candidates that are here for the long run. But these are by no means the only upcoming trends. For instance, VR and AR are hot commodities in the online gambling industry, and we should feel their impact within the next decade.

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