5 Canadian Retailers to Shop at this Year

Canadian Retailers to Shop at this Year

In the last year, many Canadian retailers have experienced a net loss that has put them in jeopardy of closing their doors for good.

As life begins to return to normal worldwide, it is important to remember to support local Canadian retailers whenever possible, big or small. Although curbside pickup has grown exponentially, it does not substitute for the loss of income that comes with a reduced in-store shopping experience.

Now that malls are opening up, you can find and support Canadian retailers with the help of a mall directory. Using a shopping directory in Canada can not only help you find your favourite Canadian retailer but will also help you identify promotions and store hours and locations.

As you are beginning to locate your favourite places to shop, at a safe distance, consider stopping by one of these Canadian retailers:

Purdy’s Chocolates

Purdy’s Chocolates is a beloved Canadian chocolatier based out of Vancouver, British Columbia and opened over a century ago, in 1907. Home to a variety of chocolates, including its wildly popular hazelnut Hedgehogs, truffles, salted chocolate and more, make this sweet shop your next stop.

Saje Natural Wellness

If you are shopping for a new diffuser or essential oils, Saje Natural Wellness is your next destination. Saje was founded in 1992 in Vancouver, British Columbia and opened its doors to the American market in 2016. The company offers of variety of essential oils, skin care products and home essentials.

Their Aroma Om® White diffuser won multiple awards in 2020, including Best Diffuser from Men’s Health Sleep Awards and the Best Scent Category from Allure’s Best of Beauty.

Indigo – Chapters

For any reader, Indigo Books and Music Inc. is a business you want to support. Its first location opened up in Burlington, Ontario, in 1997 as “Indigo Books, Music & More,” and years later, in 2001, the company purchased their largest competitor, Chapters. The company sells books, toys, games, lifestyle and tech products under Indigo, Chapters or Coles.

The company reported early in 2021 a loss in sales due to the government-mandated retail closure, so if you prefer to shop in-store for your books, we hope you check out where your nearest book store is. 


HomeSense opened its door back in 2001 as a chain for discounted home furniture operating alongside Winners. Its sister store, Winners, caters more to discounted clothing. HomeSense is one of the only significant Canadian retailers that does not have an e-commerce site, so consider shopping here before ordering online if possible. 

Laura Secord

Similar to Purdy’s, Laura Secord first opened in 1913, joining the century club, as its first store opened in Toronto, Ontario. Laura Secord is loved by many for its variety of sweets, chocolates and ice cream. Next time you’re looking at a directory, find the closest Laura Secord to you and try their Super Kid ice cream!

These are only a few Canadian retailers that would appreciate you choosing them as your next stop. So next time you check out the mall directory, shop Canadian.

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