3 Things Canadian Companies Should Look for in a Sales Recruitment Agency

Recruitment Agency

It’s no secret that many of the top firms in the world work with sales recruitment agencies to meet their staffing needs.

Not only do recruitment agencies help businesses replace team members and expand their sales departments quickly and efficiently, without having to wade through thousands of submissions, they also offer targeted service so companies can find candidates with the right experience for their industry.

But once you’ve decided that sales headhunters are the way to go, how do you choose with agency to work with? There is no shortage of recruitment agencies operating in Canada and the U.S., and if you’re knew to working with recruiters, it can be hard to know where to begin.

To make it easier for businesses to evaluate potential partners, here are three key things you should look for in a recruitment agency.

1. Size of Candidate Pool

Most recruitment agencies maintain large databases of potential candidates, and use these databases to help connect businesses with salespeople. The size of the database will determine, to a great extent, the range and quality of candidates they can present you with.

The first question you should ask any sales recruitment agency is how large their candidate pool is — specifically, how many candidates have they interviewed in the past year? To give you a sense for what the general scale is, the leading recruitment agency in Canada interviewed over 18,000 candidates last year. If the recruitment agency you’re considering can’t compete with that, they’re probably not worth your time.

2. Evaluation Tools

A vast candidate pool on its own isn’t particularly helpful if the recruitment agency doesn’t also have the right tools for helping you find the candidate who will be a good fit for your business and industry.

In addition to a large number of potential candidates, the best recruitment agencies have specialized tools that help them evaluate candidates based on metrics related to their experience, their aptitude, performance, drive, acumen, and personality.

These tools are what help recruitment agencies draw up a list of potential hires based on the qualities and qualifications you are looking for, so be sure to ask questions about what tools an agency is using to do this.  

3. Recruiter Experience

Recruiting, like sales itself, is a skill, and not one that can be developed overnight. It takes experience for a recruiter to understand how to match a company’s needs with a candidate’s interview results. Many of the best recruiters have spent years in the industry, honing their craft and learning how to understand client requirements.

When considering a sales recruitment agency, ask how much training the recruiters undergo every year, and explore testimonials from previous clients to find out what their track record is like.

As Canada moves out of pandemic lockdowns and starts to return to a more normal economic and social footing, many companies will be looking to expand their sales force and push for aggressive growth. If you want your business to have the best possible sales associates, managers, and executives leading the charge, find a sales recruitment agency that can get you the right talent.  

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