4 Ways You Can Boost Your Brand Equity

brand equity

How recognizable is your company name? You don’t have to be as big as Apple or McDonald’s to benefit from brand awareness. You just need to carve out a niche in your industry so that consumers think of your name first when they need your services or products.

So how do you build a brand that beats your competitors? Well, next to delivering quality products and services, you’ll want to invest in ways to expose your brand and establish it as an authority in your industry.

If you aren’t sure how to do that, keep reading. Here are four ways to boost your brand awareness.

1. Get on Socials

Nowadays, you need to create shareable blog posts, videos, and pics to stay relevant. Your presence on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok helps you establish your brand’s voice and personality for free. More importantly, visitors can share this content with a simple click of the button, sending friends and family links to your brand.

2. Get into Guest Posting

Creating content on your social media is a good first step to increasing brand awareness. But practically, these videos or pictures will only reach your followers. To achieve a wider reach with your brand, consider guest posting on other channels and accounts. When done well, guest posting connects you with another established brand so that you can tap into their followers.

3. Make it Wearable

Although social media has transformed the marketing industry from top to bottom, there’s still value in having a tangible object with your name on it. A branded t-shirt, backpack, or jacket will always be a good revenue stream, even if you only give away these items at tradeshows and special events.

That’s because branded clothing is a fantastic marketing tool. A branded shirt or jacket displaying your company name is something people can hold in their hands — and wear around town!

Don’t want jackets? You can find a screen printing company in Canada that can transfer your organization’s logo onto any fabric, creating eye-catching designs on a variety of shirts, pants, and outerwear.

Once you invest in bulk screen printing, you can send your logo out into the world. Your logo will follow your customers wherever their day takes them — whether it’s to a sunny beach or a crowded elevator.

As a result, custom printing your brand onto clothes helps you gain exposure in places you wouldn’t ordinarily reach, even with an expensive ad campaign.

4. Consider Sponsoring an Event or Team

Sponsoring an event is a big investment, but it promises to display your brand front and centre to all its attendees. Your company name and logo will be on all the marketing materials used to advertise the event, including posters, banners, and brochures.

Attendees won’t be able to ignore your business, especially if you give away branded memorabilia to every visitor.

Here’s where it pays to partner with a silk screen company that can be creative. The best screen printing Canada has to offer transfers your image onto toques, cinch backpacks, baseball caps, and other small accessories.

It May Take Time, But These Strategies Work

Although you may get lucky by creating a post that goes viral, don’t be surprised if your brand awareness doesn’t skyrocket overnight. Building equity can take some time, even when you’re doing it right.

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