10 Crazy Casino Secrets We Learned from Reddit

Crazy Casino Secrets We Learned from Reddit

Reddit is a social media platform where people can ask about common problems or elaborate on certain topics. Users of this platform are called Redditors. They can sign in and create an account for free on this platform. After that, they can look up discussion threads on topics that interest them. Alternatively, they can raise a query and see the responses that come by. 

According to online casino groups Canada, there are several secrets experienced gamblers know. And one of the popular platforms, where they discuss such secrets and tips, is the Reddit forum.

Some Tips and Secrets You Can Learn from Reddit

1. People Get Superstitious When They Win

This is one of the quirky facts shared on this platform. That is, when a player makes win, they are superstitious about the circumstances. Hence, many people do not want to go for a bathroom break also when they make wins. Also, they become more engrossed in such game sessions. Some people even wear adult diapers so that their game sessions can continue uninterrupted. Also, many talks about how people tend to leave piles or puddles on their seats as a result. What’s more, casinos do not tend to clean up as thoroughly as you would expect them to.

2. Slots Have Similar Musical Keys That Prompt Longer Sessions

Many people have divulged the secret as to why all the sounds of a casino sound pleasant. That is, even if many slot machines are in operation with different musical notes, they do not seem to clash or seem like noise. That is because they are all composed in C major. Hence the notes do not clash. Also, it keeps players in good mood in the casino environment. As a result of that, gamblers tend to hang around and play at casinos for a longer time. This is one of the design tricks that many are unaware of. Also, it is something that experienced gamblers have discovered over time.

3. Faster Dealers Usually Operate in Night Sessions

Those who are experienced gamblers have discussed on Reddit this point as well. That is, they find their bankroll lasting longer during afternoon sessions. It is probably because of the type of dealers in session. Also, some knowledge that gamblers share on Reddit is that casinos put in faster dealers during night hours. They tend to push bets faster per hour. That helps to close out the tables. For instance, some blackjack table dealers often deal with 50 or more hands per hour. This pushes people to place more bets in a given time. As a result, players feel the pressure to reach decisions faster. Also, they end up spending more in a shorter time.

4. House Wins Are More Than People Know

Though we all know about RTPs however, experienced gamblers say that offline casinos earn more. For instance, when you visit glitzy casinos you find them raking in more cash. That is, it is much more than the stated RTPs of the games. For instance, even a riverboat casino in Illinois profits about $1 million every week. Hence, even a small casino in a suburban region can make that kind of money.

5. Casinos Watch When Profits Go Beyond $15000

This is another fact that gamblers disclose on the Reddit forum. They say that, when you have made $15000 or more, then you come on the radar of the casino management. Hence, if you have been using any con method you need to be discreet. That is because, beyond that kind of gains, the casinos will keep a close watch. 

6. Casinos Often Use Pre-Shuffled Cards

Many people often get attached to a deck of cards that prove lucky for them. This can happen at a casino table which a player frequents. However, most gamblers on this forum say that this is a myth. That is because casinos keep rotating the card decks they use. Also, new decks are put into the machines several times a day. 

7. The Smoking Ban Has Led to Millions in Losses for the Casinos

It has always been a trend that smoking was allowed at casinos. However, after the ban came in, most casinos suffered financial hits. Indeed, it was often as much as millions in a quarter. A Reddit member stated that a casino lost out about 20 million dollars within a quarter alone. However, they were able to lift the ban since it was under tribal laws. Others however lost out on significant revenue. 

8. Blackjack Dealers Do Not Always Know Their Hand

When a dealer checks their card in a blackjack game they are not checking their card. Instead, they put the cards in peekers. Also, they check whether it is a 10-value card or an Ace. Again, if the game is not a blackjack, all that a dealer checks is whether the card is white. Hence, they do not have a sense or tell of the current hand’s value. 

9. Get Guards to Escort You Out

If you have made a big win you can ask one of the security guards at the casino to escort you to your car. This is a privilege that many do not claim, mainly because they are not aware of it. It helps ensure the safety of your transit. That is also because there are many reports of people getting burgled when they have made large wins and are carrying the money home.

10. Dealers Do Want the Customers to Win

Contrary to popular belief, many dealers have disclosed this secret on Reddit. That is, in 90% of instances dealers want players to make win. It’s mainly because they get a tip as well. The other times they want to take a break and hence, a losing gambler makes things easy. In general, there is no profit-sharing concept in casinos. Hence, dealers get paid salaries and tips that players give them.


The above tips are quirky and less-known facts about casinos. As apparent, experienced dealers and gamblers are privy to such secrets about casinos which they often disclose on discussion forums like Reddit.

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