Denzel Washington: One Of The World’s Greatest Actors

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington is a popular American actor who is widely considered to be one of the best actors of his generation. Denzel Washington has worked in blockbusters as well as critically acclaimed films and is working on directorial ventures as well.

Here Are Some Things To Know About Denzel Washington:

Denzel Washington grew up in a small town

Denzel Washington was born in the American state of New York, in the small town of Mount Vernon. His father, Denzel Hayes Washington Sr., was a minister. Lennis Love’s mother owned her beauty salon, where she also worked as an administrator. Denzel had two brothers.

Denzel Washington studied at a private school

Denzel Washington (second from left) at school

The boy went to Pennington-Grimes Elementary School, and at the age of 11, he began helping his mother in her salon, performing simple errands. But the father, who dreamed that his son would follow in his footsteps, did not like teaching his child about money, and he often quarreled with his wife about this. When Denzel was 14 years old, his parents divorced. He completed the remaining classes at the private closed school Oakland Military Academy.

After school, the young man entered Fordham University in New York. He majored in medicine and biology but later transferred to the journalism department. In his youth, Denzel Washington also got involved in theater and acted in amateur productions.

Denzel Washington was prophesied to become a star

According to the screen star, at the age of 21, Washington heard a prophecy from the oldest parishioner that glory awaited him in the future. The sheet of paper on which the woman wrote the prediction is still kept by the actor.

Denzel Washington got a grant to study in a conservatory

After university, Denzel Washington decided to continue his education at the American Conservatory in San Francisco, as he received a grant for free education, but he only took one course there. It was at this time that he was offered his first film role. Washington decided that the time for universities had passed and left the conservatory.

Denzel Washinton made his professional acting debut at 23

Denzel Washington (right) in a still from Wilma

Washington made his screen debut at the age of 23, playing the role of 18-year-old Robert Eldridge in the TV movie Wilma. This was followed by a minor role in the drama Flesh and Blood and a larger work in the comedy Exact Copy. At the same time, he accepted an invitation from NBC and starred in the drama series St. Elsewhere for 6 years. This role brought him fame and some popularity.

Denzel Washington did not forget about the big screen in those years, so at the same time he starred in such films as the detective story “A Soldier’s Story”, the drama “Power”, the action film “For Queen and Country” and the biographical film “Cry of Freedom”. For his last work in 1988, he was nominated for an Oscar as Best Supporting Actor. He didn’t receive the statuette then, but in 1990, for the role of Private Trip in the historical military drama “Glory,” he won this award for the first time.

Denzel Washington worked with Spike Lee on many occasions

Denzel Washington (left) and Spike Lee watching a New York Knicks basketball game

After such success, Washington starred in the films of the famous director Spike Lee – “A Better Life Blues” in 1990 and “Malcolm X” in 1993, thanks to which he was again nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe, but as a leading actor. Later, the actor would work with Spike Lee several more times.

Denzel Washington refused to kiss Julia Roberts

During these years, with the participation of the actor, the film “The Case of the Pelicans” was released, in which he starred in a duet with Julia Roberts. It is interesting that while playing a love story with the heroine of the “Pretty Woman” star, the artist completely refused to participate in kissing scenes. According to Washington, he appreciates his dark-skinned fans and is not going to play along with generally accepted beauty standards.

Denzel Washington has starred in some great movies

In 1998, the drama “His Game” was released, where Milla Jovovich became Washington’s partner. In the same year, the actor played the main role in the detective mystical thriller “Fallen” about a policeman who realizes that the maniac turned out to be the fallen angel Azazel.

In 1999, the actor starred in the crime drama The Reign of Fear, based on the series of detective novels by Jeffrey Deaver. Washington played paralyzed detective Lincoln Rhyme, the protagonist of the book series. The performer’s partner in the film was Angelina Jolie.

Also in the 90s, other films with Washington’s participation were released. It is worth noting the legal drama “Philadelphia”, which took 20th place on the list of “100 most inspiring American films of the 20th century.” The war drama “Crimson Tide,” the action film “The Siege” and the biographical film about boxer Rubin Carter “Hurricane” were commercially successful. For the last film, Washington received a Golden Globe as best actor and was also nominated for an Oscar and a Screen Actors Guild Award. To create a truthful image, the tall, athletic performer (his height is 185 cm, weight is 80 kg) began taking boxing lessons. Subsequently, this sport became the actor’s favorite pastime.

A year later, the celebrity received his second Oscar for his role as detective Alonzo Harris in the crime action film Training Day. Interestingly, this was his first negative film role.

In the early 2000s, Washington continued to embody the images of “tough guys” on screen. One of his heroes is Sheriff Matt from the action-packed thriller Timeless. He falls into a trap by transferring money, which is evidence, of the treatment of his beloved. But the woman dies on the same day, and the amount disappears. The hero’s ex-wife, who works in the investigation department, takes on the investigation of the case. She was played by Eva Mendes.

In 2021, Denzel Washington played the lead role in the film The Devil Is in the Details. He played a deputy sheriff named Kern Joe “Dickie” Deacon. In the story, a man goes to Los Angeles to collect evidence. But there he is drawn into the search for a serial killer who is terrorizing the city.

It is worth noting that the film has a star cast, which determines its popularity among viewers. Rami Malek and Jared Leto also played key characters. Directed and written by John Lee Hancock.

Interestingly, the script for The Devil in the Details was written by Hancock back in 1993. But the film was never made. Steven Spielberg originally planned to do this but refused. Then Clint Eastwood, Warren Beatty, and others became interested in the material. Finally, in 2019, Hancock decided to take on the matter himself.

Denzel Washington met his wife on set

Denzel Washington with his wife Pauletta Washington

On the set of his first film, Wilma, in 1977, Denzel Washington met his future wife, Pauletta Pearson. The girl worked as a costume designer on the project. The young people dated for 5 years, and in 1982 they got married. This marriage produced four children. Son John David was born first, then daughter Katya, and later the artist’s wife gave birth to twins Malcolm and Olivia. Son John took up American football professionally, and the eldest daughter works as a producer in Hollywood. One of her works is Django Unchained.

Denzel Washington is a devout Christian

The artist’s personal life was happy, as Washington himself believes, thanks to the moral principles that he has adhered to since his youth. Raised by a priest, he forever remained a devout man. He regularly attends the Protestant Church of God in Christ, reads the Bible daily, and is still considering becoming a preacher. In 1995, the actor donated $2.5 million to build a church in Los Angeles.

Denzel Washington doesn’t use social media

Washington deliberately refuses to communicate with fans through social networks; you can’t find his account with personal photos on Instagram either. His goal is to create an interesting movie that will be in demand by the viewer; he prefers to leave his private life behind the scenes.

Denzel Washington is working on his directorial ventures

Denzel Washington is currently busy working on the Macbeth project. In the new film, the plot of which is based on the play of the same name by William Shakespeare, he will appear in the image of Lord Macbeth. Three witches predict a nobleman’s ascension to the throne. Therefore, he begins to plan the usurpation of royal power. In addition, Washington has another directorial project in his plans. He wants to adapt Dana Canedy’s best-selling novel A Diary for Jordan. In the book, the author talked about her affair with Sergeant Charles King, who died tragically in Iraq. While the man was on duty, she kept a diary where she shared life lessons with her son.

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