Why Is Kick Becoming So Popular

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Kick is a fairly young streaming platform that quickly managed to become a serious rival of Twitch. It started out in December 2022 and until July 2023 it generated over 12 million users. This new streaming website is also averaging 235,000 live streams per day, which are incredible numbers.

From these statistics, we can note that more and more people are joining Kick. Here we of course mean both, viewers and content creators. Below we will reveal and explain the reasons behind Kick’s increasing popularity.

Relaxed Rules

Every streaming fan knows that popular streaming websites such as Twitch have very tough rules. Because of them, many content creators receive occasional bans even for minor violations.

At Kick, the streamers will come across a creator-friendly environment. They can create content about almost anything they want. This also includes the very popular online gambling broadcasts, which aren’t available on Twitch.

The Slots & Casino category is among the most popular ones on the platform. Pools, Hot Tubs & Bikinis is another attractive genre that features very relaxed rules.

Amazing Creator Program and Hourly Wage

Next up, we have the super rewarding creator program, which features a revenue split of 95/5. This means that the streamer gets 95% of his total subscription revenue.

For instance, if you generate $100 then Kick will let you keep $95. Just for a comparison, the revenue split at Twitch is 50/50. To be part of Kick’s Creator program you must gain at least 75 followers and generate more than 5 streaming hours.

This new streaming platform is also offering it’s content creators a chance to earn hourly wages. Trainwreckstv noted that every streamer can receive such a payment, regardless if they have 1 or 100,000 viewers.

There were some rumours about Kick paying its streamers $16 hours an hour. But, in reality, this isn’t true. Some content creators may earn less while others may get more, depending on certain factors.

Same-Day Payouts With Crypto

At Kick.com, every content creator can ask for same-day payment. However, they will need to use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. This is something that goes in favour of most streamers, as everyone wants to get their hands on some crypto nowadays. In many cases streamers also have joint deals where they receive a sponsorship from Kick’s affiliated company Stake.com. This is also one of the reasons why stake originals are so popular on among Kick streamers.

Users who are sceptical about such payment methods can choose Stripe as a banking option. You just set a day of the month when you want to receive your payout.

No Ads

Kick’s policy towards ads helps content creators earn more money and viewers not to be bothered all the time. To elaborate more broadly, there are no pre-rolls and in-stream banner ads on this streaming platform. With this action, the platform encourages brands to integrate directly into the live streams.

This means more money for the content creators who will sponsor certain brands or products. According to Kick’s co-owner Ed Craven, they are still exploring their creator program.

They plan to line up sponsors with key Kick influencers. This approach gives streamers a say on how they want to communicate with their audience about a certain sponsor.

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