Common Online Casino Bonuses

Common Online Casino Bonuses

Everyone who loves to gamble is well aware of the many online casinos available on the web. With so many options, it is far from easy to decide where to take your business. If you struggle to make that final decision, you could let the bonus offers make it for you. This article will look at some of the more common bonuses that online casinos tend to offer.

Expect a Welcome Bonus

One of the more common ways online casinos try to get the attention of new consumers is to offer them lucrative bonuses. Whether you get offered a no deposit bonus, a cashback bonus, online casino free spins, or some other form of a welcome bonus, you should expect some incentive when you sign up to a new site.

The Common Bonuses

You’ve most likely already noticed that different casinos offer different types of bonuses. The most common ones, at least when it comes to welcome bonuses, are the above-mentioned cashback bonus, free spins, and no deposit bonus, along with the even more common deposit bonus.

A deposit bonus is a bonus that is triggered when you have deposited money into your account, usually for the first time. Exactly how the bonus will look depends, but sometimes the casino matches the amount you’ve deposited and other times, you get a predetermined amount of money after your deposit.

Free spins bonuses are one of the most popular forms of bonuses. As the name entails, this kind of bonus allows you to play a casino game (most commonly video slots) for free. Free spins are well-suited for beginners who don’t want difficult decisions on how to spend bonus money.

Cashback bonuses are perfect for those who want to make the most out of their deposited money. What a cashback bonus does is to give you a percentage back when you lose money gambling at the casino. How much you get back depends on the casino, but it is not uncommon with up to 20%.

The no deposit is probably the most appreciated form of bonus, since you practically get free money which you can use to gamble. Usually, the no deposit bonuses required a larger rollover, meaning that you have to bet a certain amount of money before you can withdraw any.

Loyalty Programs

Another form of incentive that is popular in several markets is loyalty and VIP programs. These types of bonuses are not allowed in every country, but seasoned gamblers tend to appreciate them where they exist.

What separates the loyalty/VIP bonuses from welcome bonuses are that they aren’t activated from signing up but instead unlocked when you cross certain thresholds. In a nutshell, these bonuses are rewards you get for putting in your time and money at a casino. Often the perks you get from these programs are better than the welcome bonuses.

However, if you are active in a market where VIP bonuses exist, you’d be wise to be extra careful with how much money you spend. If you are chasing bonuses through a loyalty system, it is easy to burn a lot more money than you realize. With that said, as long as you are mindful and play responsibly, you should be fine.

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