10 Best Online Horror Games to Scare the Bejesus Out of You!

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If you have come here, you either enjoy eerie things, or your tween is planning a Halloween party and wishes to play scary games. We combed the internet for the greatest spooky, haunting gaming options. This collection includes both traditional slumber party horrors and terrifying folklore-based conjuring. As an adult, you are surely aware, so the more you believe in the game, the more frightening it is to play. To put it another way, if you are the queen of hype, you can expect to pee your pants. 

Whatever is your reason for dabbling with the occult, keep in mind that none of it is real! Or is that the case? So below are the 10 best online horror games to scare the bejesus out of you. 

1. The Forest

For the greatest results, this game should be played with at least eight participants. Following a plane disaster, you and your gang will be thrown into the woods. You must rescue a child who has been abducted by a cannibal gang. While doing so, stay away from the jungle’s monsters. Consider yourself lucky if you think it is simple. The unexpected attacks of the ferocious beasts will be too much for even eight people to handle.

2. Carrion

Carrion may appear to be a bit of fun, and it is, but it is also a fantastic horror game in which you take the role of the monster. As you hoover up screaming scientists, tearing limb from limb and leaving nothing except bits in your wake, it catches the essence of a fantastic creature feature with its pixel replication of tentacles and teeth. Around between the gruesome carnage, there are some interesting puzzles to solve using an ever-expanding assortment of monster skills.

3. The Answer Man

Let it be known that we are huge lovers of any scary game that requires the presence of other individuals. There’s something to be said about the security of a group! As a bonus, this game is quite simple.

You’ll need a group of ten people (plus yourself) to form a circle with their phones in their hands. Everyone takes the contact number of the person to their left and dials it. Then everyone pushes send at the moment. The majority of people will respond with a busy signal. However, there is optimism (fear?) that somebody will find the Answer Man. You can ask him questions, but he is entitled to ask you one for each one you ask. What if he doesn’t like your response? Bad things are happening to you, my friend.

4. Little Nightmare 2

Little Nightmare 2 has something seriously wrong with it, and not in a good way. The sequel doubles down mostly on the original spooky children’s narrative setting but somehow manages to ramp up the obnoxiousness to new heights. As you investigate, the strangeness just gets under your skin. There’s nothing in this game which won’t frighten you out, from eerie jolting mannequins to faceless, lost humans whose faces have been worn away by the TV static they’ll die to gaze at. It could be aggravating at times because the controls never quite match the needs, and there are a few trial and error encounters to navigate.

5. The Walking Dead Tell-tale series

Tell-tale Games made The Walking Dead, a horror game franchise. They’re based on the same-named popular comic book series and television shows. Within every game, you’ll go through five episodes of a storyline while attempting to escape the zombie horde, insane humans, and other hazards. All total, this series consists of four games. There are adventure, puzzles, hidden objects, and other components in each of them. They can be a little creepy at times, but for the most part, they’re just fun to watch. Such games are no longer in the hands of Tell-tale Games. 

6. Sandman

This is one game for kids to play at sleepovers where you tell the other person a story. This one is only disturbing because it reveals how twisted your buddies are. One person must be “the speaker” and narrate in detail how you were slain then stuffed by sand whereas another person lies face down on the ground. While softly rubbing your legs and arms, they should get into as much depth as they can. This could be a cat scratch. This game is usually played to ensure when the person gets up from the ground feels heavier when they are trying to get up.

7. Slay-away Camp and Friday the 13th

Blue Wizard Digital’s horrors, mystery, and gore titles Slay-away Camp and Friday the 13th are two of their best. Graphics and controls are fairly similar. You must solve puzzles, assassinate enemies, and see copious amounts of bloodshed. However, gore mode must be enabled. Slay-away Camp has 140 levels, while Friday the 13th has more than 100. That should suffice to keep you occupied for a while. These are without a doubt some of the best horror games ever created. Slay-away Camp is available for $2.99.

8. Resident Evil Village

When Resident Evil Village, especially Lady Dimitrescu, caught the public’s interest, this was far from the best instalment in the series’ history. However, there are a few memorable scenes. Particularly in the first few hours, when Castle Dimitrescu introduces some fantastic Gothic monsters and personalities. House Benevento, on the other hand, is responsible for the game’s legacy.

It’s a spooky, exciting escape room sequence that culminates in one of the tops reveals in the series’ history. It’s a pinnacle moment for the game, series, and genre as a whole. The rest of the game is enjoyable, but it quickly devolves into action and shooting, diminishing the scars and culminating in a very low-brow shootie bang charge to triumph.

9. Sara Sarita

This is a weird game that may be played with two coins and a friend. Face each other over a coin in your hand. “Sara Sarita, can we join your game?” asks the group. After that, toss your coins. This is a yes if both of you get heads. “No” is represented by two tails. If you get opposing viewpoints, it’s a “probably,” and you’ll have to ask the question again. You could approach Sara Sarita with any question you want once she agrees to let you play. After you’ve finished playing, you’ll have to exit the game and re-flip your coins.

10. Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park is a horror-themed noir thriller. You’re dealing with a dead body at Thimbleweed Park, which has 80 crazed people. Strange things are happening all across town, and it’s up to you to figure out what’s going on.

There seem to be five playable characters, several jokes, two difficulty levels, a hint system, and other features. This one’s not frightening, but it does share many of the same characteristics as horror games. Consider it something out of a Bruce Campbell film. Even though they aren’t scary, you probably still watch them around Halloween. Thimbleweed Park is similar, and it’s also available for free through Google Play Pass.

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