Which are the Best Sporting Events to Bet on?

Best Sporting Events

Almost every corner of this athletic earth is full of cultural flavors unique in its way. Starting with muddy horse races to majestic cricket tournaments, there is hardly any domain of sort left that has not been tested. People are curious to know which sporting event is at the top, which tournament involves the maximum flow of cash and attracts viewers from all over the world.

Bear in mind that every event has its athleticism, level of entertainment and taste. Listed below are the biggest events that betters from every corner of the world look forward to for live betting:

Rose Bowl

It happens to be the oldest bowl game. It hosts the famous Pacific Conference and Big Ten champions. The attraction is so high that the participants have always been more than 100 thousand.

Monaco Grand Prix

This event has been happening since the 1920s in the streets of Monaco. It concerns racing and happens to be a fierce competition among the top prestigious in the world. It is considered to be among the most demanding Formula One courses, namely the Circuit de Monaco, that has been complicatedly designed. Consequently, it is not easy even for the most experienced drivers to earn an easy victory. For this reason, race enthusiasts look forward to a driver who might break the record of late Ayrton Senna from Brazil, who won this race unrivalled for six times in a row.

Stanley Cup

This game of hockey is hardly like the others that we usually see. Green clad fanatics and impossible checks are common. The playoff is the most crucial since it is a deadly combination of exceptional talent and deep hatred. However, the overall display is unadulterated athletic prowess. It is believed that the team having the least black eyes are the ones that manage to get defeated.

Indianapolis 500

It is the legendary 500 miles of the Indianapolis Speedway that offers undisturbed racing. Although physical attendance is never disclosed, according to estimates, it has never been less than 400 thousand.

Open Championship

This event is held on the third Friday every July. It is among the oldest of the major championships and happens to be the only major hosted outside of the United States. Since it first began in 1860, the open championship has won hearts world wide with its exotic enigma. The expectations of this event exceed 200 thousand.

Boston Marathon

It is regarded as the oldest marathon in the world, which is held every year. Over the years, people have seen its popularity sky rocket like anything. It has also become a tradition in New England, held on Patriot’s Day or the third Monday in April. Though people think of it as just another marathon or nothing more than a crowded jog in a park, things reach a different level for betters when almost more than 2000 participants require medical care along the marathon course.

Rugby World Cup

Rugby happens to be a sport that is not so popular in the United States, but people go crazy about it in other parts of the world. It is considered the most watched game or match. Statistics reveal that in 2019, the viewers in Japan had exceeded 850 million world wide. It was considered the highest in the history of the tournament. Although specific better stats are not available, given the number of people who watch the event, it can be assumed that there is a lot of money involved throughout the match.

Daytona 500

It is also called the Stock Racing or Super Bowl. Whatever people may refer to it, it happens to be among the most critical races in the world of NASCAR. It is the final event and takes place in the last Sunday in February. Since it began in 1959, it has been happening ever since. More than 500 thousand people watch the event.

National Championship Game

It is the super bowl of college football. The National Championship Game can hold the attention of an entire nation during the three hours play. The two highest ranking clubs fight it out against each other for supremacy. Although there have been a few controversial decisions, this game’s craze is still at its peak. During the play, students roar and elders clap in honour. It happens to be an event that unites generations.

Ryder Cup

It is among the most beloved and established competition that does not involve any prize money. This event takes place once every two years and involves teams from the United States and Europe. The competition is for respect and, above all, the hefty gold trophy. Till date, Europe has won most of the cup.

UEFA Champions League

It was founded in 1955, and since then, the league has been dominated by Spanish clubs. The UEFA league happens to be the most viewed event in the world despite its recent existence. Over the years, it has earned the reputation of being a glorious tournament and continues to attract every pair of eyes in this world. Recent statistics suggest that almost 200 million people view the league.

March Madness

It is for those who love to watch single elimination games. March Madness was first introduced in 1939 by the former coach of Ohio State. As many as 68 teams battle lock horns with each other for victory. Over the years, UCLA has continued to lead the history of this tournament with 11 national titles. It happens to be among the most colourful and enthusiastic event.

Tour De France

Since it first began in 1903, this 2000 miles trek over three weeks happens to be the most famous among the three bicycle grand tours. The finale takes place in Paris. Those who see it have remarked it as heavenly and visually delightful. Overall, it is entirely a physically demanding cycling event. The viewers are more than 15 million.

Cricket World Cup

It was first organized in 1975, and since then, it has become the apex of cricket greatness. Initially, the Cricket World Cup was restricted to Australia, Britain, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, India and the West Indies. In recent years, it has witnessed a cultural transition. Also, other countries have gradually started picking up the sticks. The viewers of this event are more than 150 million.

According to information provided by a legal British betting platform, more than 70 million pounds was bet during the Indiana Premier League. It was estimated that almost 50 million pounds were exchanged on this platform alone. Though it is impossible to predict the exact figure, there is no doubt that the amount was pretty healthy.

NBA Finals

Basketball is among the fastest growing game in the world. It is not a surprise that the championship series is among the most bet events. It is difficult to figure out the exact amount since most of the bets are linked to illegal off-shore books. However, in Nevada alone, it was estimated that betters went for almost USD 10 million for each game. It was also estimated that almost 20 million people viewed every match of the series. It is more than enough to predict that a lot of money is circulated through illegal routes during live betting.

NBA betting doesn’t really require you to bet on the outcomes of the games only. You can bet on point spread, total points scored, and even quarter by quarter winner (among numerous other ways to place bets).

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