What Are The Best Camping Seats And How To Get Them?

Camping Seats

Outdoor chairs are an essential tool for a great camping experience. With all the seating options available on the expert camper, choosing the best one might feel like an overwhelming task for most. That’s why we’ve done the homework and compiled seven of the best camping chairs in the market as well as tips for purchasing these outdoor chairs.

1. Strongback Elite

Although it weighs more than the average camping chair, the Strongback Elite features superior support for your spine, allowing users to relax neck muscles. Needless to say, this is a high comfort camping chair. 

The frames are made of steel with powder coating for maximum strength while the heavy-duty polyester fabric provides durability and high-quality seating for years to come. It is also easily maneuvered. 

2. Coleman Portable Camping Quad

Coleman is a trusted brand of campers and the Coleman Portable Camping Quad lives up to the brand standard. Not only is it sturdy, durable, portable, comfortable, and value for money, but it also features a cooler. Yes! A cooler right there with you as you chill on your Coleman chair sipping on a cold drink. 

This chair is also adjustable to suit your preference and easy to clean. It’s really an overall well-rounded option. 

3. Kijaro Dual Lock Portable

As the name implies, this chair has a patented dual lock system that requires users to unlock/lock before setting up. It maximizes mesh technology at the back of the seat, arms of the chair, and the cup holders to promote airflow which keeps users cool.

That said, this chair is not recommended for seniors as the posture support is not one of the strengths of the Kijaro Dual Lock Portable. However, it is heavy-duty and portable at the same time. There is also a range of colors to choose from.

4. GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Chair

Made with polyester fabric and powder-coated steel frames, the GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Chair is highly durable and comfortable. Users can rock steadily even when on uneven terrains as the rocking technology is one of the main strengths of this chair. 

The chair can be safely and easily folded. Not to mention it is light and easy to carry. That said, this is a pricier option for camping chairs, although it will be worth every cent. 

5. Alps Mountaineering King Kong

One can tell from the name how heavy-duty this chair is. It can carry up to 800lbs of weight and is extremely durable even in harsh weather. Not only is it strong, but it looks elegant as well. 

The armrest is adjustable and the seat follows the user’s body posture to support long-seating. However, it might be too high for some users which can cause discomfort. 

6. Timber Ridge

Like many other chairs in the market, the Timber Ridge camping chair is durable, supports about 300lbs, and is portable. It is a user-friendly chair and has a large seating area for maximum comfort. If you don’t like to squeeze into the normal camping chairs, I imagine this chair is difficult for you to pass up.

7. Kijaro XXL Dual Lock

The dual lock system makes setting and packing up safe for users while preventing the chair from sinking when in use. There are two cup holders and a meshed back for maximum enjoyment without all the sweat. This chair is also portable, although some find it a little heavy.

Factors for buyers to consider

Firstly, the size of camping chairs matters because not only do you need it to fit you, it should also be able to support your weight. Secondly, the durability of the chair. Most camping chairs from the main camping brands are reliable. Avoid getting frames that are made of plastic poles. Thirdly, the comfort level. This includes features like back support and fitted cup holders; anything that enhances your outdoor seating experience. At the end of the day, you know what’s most comfortable for yourself. Next is mobility or the ease of transportation. Chairs that fold can be carried on your back, and can easily be stored are recommended. Finally, compare the prices and pick the best choice for you. A chair in the mid-priced range is usually recommended.

Extra tips for first-time buyers 

Some chairs have additional features that make outdoor seating a luxury such as umbrellas and headrests. It really depends on your preference. The best camping chairs are those that are user-friendly and easy to set-up. Lastly, some chairs are made with eco-friendly materials so do look out for those as well.

Variations of camping chairs

The minimal type of camping chairs refer to stools and also foldable seats with arm and backrest. These are great for a normal camping trip with less movement. 

Then there are the luxurious camping chairs which include additional features like a footrest and recliner. These chairs usually offer great back and butt support for maximum comfort.

Regular camping chairs are identified by common features like cup holders and transport cases. These usually light and mobile, making it suitable for camping trips that require more movement.

Facts about camping chairs you might not know

Folding chairs tend to have a lower weight capacity than others. Hence, it might weigh a little more because extra materials are added for structural enforcements.

If the manufacturer designs the chair well, Aluminium and Steel are equally strong. That said, Aluminium makes for a lighter chair than Steel.

You should clean your camping chair as recommended in the manual. Using the wrong cleaning supplies can damage your chair. 

As most camping chairs are made to last even in harsh outdoor conditions, they work fine indoors as well. It’s great to always have a camping chair on hand due to its great versatility.


Camping chairs can make or break your camping experience. Although we want to invest in the best one, it might be a smarter choice to choose one that is within our budget. Camping chairs have many features and properties. Each brand of chairs differs in each aspect and purpose so ensure that you use all the above factors before making a well-informed investment. Happy camping!

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