Ultimate Guide to the Finest Blackjack Side Bets Strategies

Ultimate Guide to the Finest Blackjack Side Bets Strategies

Online blackjack is one of the most beloved casino games that promises great fun for everyone. Sometimes players need more action than the standard game can provide. That’s where side bets become a real deal. They create more opportunities to beat the odds and attain a higher payout goal.

Before you get too excited about side bets, make sure to learn more about what they actually are and get to know about the greatest place with online casinos and table games for real money.

What Stands behind Side Bets?

Blackjack side bets are exquisite strategies applied with the only purpose of getting better payouts. They are used at the beginning of the gameplay when you are about to place the main bet. And they focus on the cards that are dealt to players. As a blackjack player, you estimate the worth of a side bet through the prism of your own strategies and expectations from the game.

The Most Effective Side Bets

There are a lot of side bets strategies, each of which has particular rules, house edge, probability, and payout. Let’s see the most effective options that are worth your attention.

Perfect Pairs

“Perfect pairs” has become one of the most effective side bets among blackjack players. It needs the player’s first two cards to build up a pair.

A mixed pair (red and black cards) gives the lowest winning due to the low odd like 5:1. A colored pair (only red or only black cards from separate suits) comes with a high odd like 9:1. The best possible payout is guaranteed by a pair of cards of the same shape and rank. For example, two King of Hearts cards turn out to be an excellent pair that gives a super odd of 20:1.

Bust: A Dealer Busting Hand Bet

Bust or A Dealer Busting Hand Bet is a risky strategy, but it can bring some good dividends. Players may miss their bet by busting their cards, but still become winners if the dealer busts. If players’ cards bust, the dealer still handles his cards in accordance with standard house rules. If the dealer does not bust, all Buster bets are missed.

Royal Match

Royal match is a more complex side bet that needs at least one of two rules to be addressed. The first two cards dealt to the player must belong to the same suit, which guarantees a payout of 5:2. Alternatively, the first two cards must be a King and Queen of the same suit, which offers a payout of 15:1. In case of a positive outcome, players receive their fixed winning instantly. Otherwise, their bet value is immediately forfeit.

Over/Under 13

Over/Under 13 is known for its low house edge, which is estimated at 6.5% for Over and 13% for Under. In Over, the player needs to predict the total value of his first two cards to exceed 13. In Under, the player needs to predict the total value not to exceed13. If the total value of the first two cards is exactly 13, the bet is automatically lost. It’s important to remember that Aces count as one in this side bet.

Copy Cats

Copy Cat is a side bet in which the dealer’s up card needs to be matched with at least one of player’s initial two cards. If player and dealer’s cards are fully matched, then the dealer’s gap will also be taken into account. If it matches in rank as well, the player will get the payout for all three matches.

Super Sevens

“Super Sevens” is based on your ability to collect as many sevens as possible. If you get one or more sevens, you may get the odd of 3:1. If you manage to get two sevens from the same suit and your first dealer card is also a suited seven, you may get the odd of 3000:1. As you can see, this side bet is associated with the suited or unsuited status of the received cards.


Trifecta needs players to use their initial two cards and the dealer’s up card to learn the value of the three-card hand. Trifecta offers the best odds when a player has at least a pair of Jacks, Three Fives, or something even better in his hand. Without it, the wager loses automatically.

The Least Effective Side Bet

Despite the abundance of side bets in blackjack, not all of them are equally effective. Just take a look at Insurance Side Bet! If the dealer shows an Ace as his up card, he will stop the game and offer “Insurance” to every player. The problem is that the bet makes sense only if the dealer already has a winning combination.

If an Ace is up for the dealer, the shoe now consists of 96 winning cards. These include the 10s, Jacks, Queens, and Kings. Meanwhile, 215 cards will turn the Insurance bettor into a loser.

To Conclude

Side bets must be taken into consideration by every blackjack player. They help you make the gameplay more exciting and more profitable, although the element of luck remains involved too. Once you learn how to juggle different strategies, you will become a professional.

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