Travel Advice and Advisories for Germany


Germany is home to several attractive travel destinations and is full of great breweries, lively locals, and culture. Whether you wish to go for a party at Oktoberfest or soak yourself in history, culture, and art, Germany has got it all covered for you. In fact, you can definitely not miss the capital city, Berlin that is equally valued as London and Paris. Other cities that you must visit include Munich, Hamburg, and Nuremburg.

The rise of the pandemic led to a fall in the tourism of Germany. In fact, there are certain guidelines that were issued by the nation’s authorities to ensure safe travelling for visitors. With the changes in the situation of COVID in the country and all over the world, these guidelines are updated. Even if you are a Canadian and wish entering Germany from Canada, there are certain rules to that as well. So, before planning your trip to this beautiful country, you must be aware of the travel advice and advisories provided by the German government. This article will consist of the most important ones that you must be aware of.

Entry Restrictions

The restrictions for the entire European Union continue to exist, including Germany. Visitors from the following places are allowed to enter the nation:

  • States related to Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Norway, and Iceland
  • Member states of the EU
  • Nations that the EU assessment permits

Visiting from any other nation other than the ones mentioned above for any purpose can only be done if the passenger is fully vaccinated. Even for this, the last dose of vaccination must have been taken at least 14 days prior to the date of departure. Further, the vaccine received by the person must be enlisted among the ones mentioned by Paul Ehrlich Institute.

In case of an urgent need, exceptions can be made to the entry of people who are not fully vaccinated and do not belong to the above-mentioned nations.

Travel Bans

If a person belongs to a nation that is concerned with spreading of the coronavirus variant, they are banned from travelling to Germany. However, the exceptions to this situation are as follows.

  • Few special cases
  • People catching a connecting flight, who do not depart from the transit zone
  • Citizens and residents of Germany who possess the right to live in the nation. Their partners, minor children and spouses are allowed as well.

Individuals who get qualified for travelling in exceptional cases are required to acquire a digital entry registration prior to their entrance in the nation. They must also go through the required PCR testing. Otherwise, they need to show a proof of immunity. Further, they must also follow the regulations of quarantine that are applicable for all the travellers.

Digital Entry Registration

Travellers who have been to a high-risk of area or one that has a concerning COVID variant in the past ten days are required to register online prior to entering Germany. They are also required to show proof of registration at the time of entry. The following are the exempted cases from this requirement:

  • People who have spent less than a day in an area of concern
  • People who are travelling to Germany for less than 24 hours
  • People who are only passing through the nation
  • Individuals who have only passed through a high risk area without a stopover.

Mandatory Testing or Immunity Proof

When travellers are entering the nation, they are required to do the following. However, children below the age of 12 years are exempted from these requirements.

  • In case the traveller is entering from an area that has a COVID variant of concern, they are required to show a negative PCR test result. Just a proof of immunity is insufficient for these travellers.
  • In case the traveller is visiting from any other nation, they are required to show one of the following:
    • Proof of recovery from coronavirus disease
    • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination
    • Negative PCR test result

The above proofs must be held before entering Germany and must be shown at the place of departure, wherever applicable.

Exemptions from Requirement

The following individuals are exempted from the requirement of immunity proof and PCR tests:

  • The cases of border traffic where the travellers have spent less than a day
  • Transport personnel
  • People who are only changing flights

If the border traffic goes on for over 24 hours, the only individuals not being exempted from the above requirements are the ones travelling from high-risk areas. In such a case, a negative PCR test result must be shown twice every week.

The Bottom Line

Germany is a beautiful country to be travelled to but it’s crucial to take into consideration all the necessary requirements and travel advice provided by the government. In fact, your travel may be cancelled in case you fail to adhere to the guidelines.

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