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In the gaming industry, ever since its advent lots of media franchises have been into it. Most of the gaming media franchises that are well known today and have become successful started in a less complex way. But, with time, as they keep providing lovers with nice and exciting games, they become so formidable and make lots of dollars in the industry annually. One fantastic thing about these gaming media franchises is that not all are so famous. But, they are making a fortune annually, and they have made huge sales over time.

Some of these media franchises give free slots games, some bonus, and some are free-to-play games. Most of them have sold lots out and make shipments on video games, mobile games, and merchandising. In their gaming, lovers of casino games can also take advantage of it as most of these gaming media franchises are of good reputation.

Let’s look at the most successful gaming media franchises and what they have made as gross revenue annually.

List of the most successful Gaming Media Franchises

1. Pokémon

 Over the years, Pokémon has sustained itself in the industry and has made lots of fortune through the media franchise. It was launched in 1996, its major media focus as of launch was video games. But today, it has expanded its media scope to include card games, movies, TV shows, anime, comic books, a theme park, manga, and music. The franchise has been able to sell over 300 million Pokémon games globally. Within a space of ten years, through the retail sales, it hit $25 billion. This fact tells how popular the media franchise is. In mid-2019, Pokémon Go, which is an app, hit one billion downloads worldwide. So, the total estimated revenue for Pokémon is around $95 billion, with roughly $4 billion per annum. The success of Pokémon is based on its ability to adapt to new and trending technology and augmenting realities for the masses.

2. Hello Kitty

 Among the gaming media franchises doing awesomely well in the industry, hello kitty has maintained their stand. They maintained their stand as a gaming media franchise, but they also made a lot in dollars. Hello Kitty was launched in 1974, having its primary and original media to be a cartoon character. It included in its media, clothing, jewelry, high-end products, purses, comics, video games, animated series, movies, toys, and consumer products for relevancy. It has over 50,000 product lines, and they are made available in more than 130 countries. The major revenue of this cartoon comes from branding. Its popularity can be attributed to the power of cute, which it has, and its partnering with other established names like Puma, Asos, and Herschel. The estimated total revenue which Hello Kitty has is around $86 billion.  

3. Winnie the Pooh

It is another gaming media franchise doing well since its launch and made a lot through its sales and shipment. Winnie the Pooh was launched in the year 1924, and its original media was “book.” With time, it incorporated other media, including movies, TV shows, short films, TV specials, toys, and video games. It was created and modelled after world war one and provides congenital amazement of childhood. Due to this, Winnie the Pooh was admired worldwide by children, excluding China, where it was banned. From the franchise, Winnie the Pooh has made around a total estimated revenue of $76.5 billion.

4. Mickey Mouse

Talking about popularity, mickey mouse is well known by all and sundry worldwide. In gaming media franchises, it’s also one of the most successful with astounding revenue. It was launched in 1928, and its main media as of launch was originally cartoon. But today, its media has expanded to include comic books, feature films, DVDs, themes, parks, books, apparel, toys, video games, and merchandise. The total estimated revenue for mickey mouse and friend is around $74 billion through its franchise. In addition, its merchandising recorded the highest revenue in 2018 of $3.265 billion from all the mickey related products sold.

5. Star Wars

It was launched in 1977, and its offshoot with its media on film and later ventures into other areas of media like comic books, television shows, novels, video games, and others. Disney acquired the media franchise, and since then, it has been doing awesome in the gaming media franchise. The title of the most successful movie franchise is attributed to Star Wars. It merges old characters with new storylines to be relevant to a broad audience. The estimated revenue of Star Wars is around $70 billion.

6. Anpanman

Anpanman is another gaming media franchise that is prospering amidst the number of them. In its gaming, it has over 2,300 characters. It was unveiled in 1973 with its original media focusing on “book.” It started as manga for children. Later the merchandising started, and other media like anime were included. It makes between $923 million to $1.1 billion as revenue annually, and its total estimated revenue is around $60 billion.

7. Disney Princess

The gaming media franchise started originally with animated series in the year 2000. Since its launch, it has been in the line of successful franchises globally. Its franchise has twelve princesses from the properties of Disney. Later, it expanded its media arm to include toys, dolls, cosmetics, home décor, video games, books, apparel, and comics. Its estimated total revenue sits around $47 billion.


Despite the top, bestselling, and most successful gaming media franchises, the mentioned have performed incredibly in popularity, sales, and performance. Casino games also feature in them, which means casinos lovers can take advantage of the remarkable opportunities while still having fun. Furthermore, the estimated total revenue of these gaming media franchises makes it reliable to play the games in casinos and have a good return on the featured games.  With these benefits, one can only hope for more outstanding features that will benefit casino players on the site.

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