The Difference Between a Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat

Difference Between a Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat

People often confuse the Maine Coon cat with the Norwegian Forest Cat because they look similar and are both large breeds of cats. In some countries, residents believe the Maine Coon descend from the Norwegian Forest cat or ‘Wegie’. However, when you look at the two in comparison, the head shape is a tell-tale sign to spot the difference. This link can give you more information.

The Maine Coon has a rounder face shape while the Norwegian has a more triangular shape. Another way of telling the difference is not by its external traits but rather by its intelligence. In general, the Maine Coons appear to be more intelligent, and they can learn things quicker and easier such as tricks and certain behaviours.

Some pet owners choose to keep them on a pet harness when taking them out for a walk, and they are perfectly fine with this. However, if you try this on a Norwegian Forest Cat, they will not give in and want nothing to do with this.

Both cats are known to be kind, caring and gentle but the Maine Coon is more like a dog in its approach. It has blind loyalty and will follow you from one room to the other in the hopes of not being left alone. The Norwegian Forest cat is not that bothered when left alone and goes about his business as usual. They can standoff-ish or aloof in their approach. They prefer you treat them like a cat as opposed to showering them with affection.

The Maine Coon cats are playful from the time they are kittens till they grow older and are known for being active and clumsy at times. The Norwegian Forest, however, is more laid-back and sometimes may also come across as lazy.

The Different Colours of Both cats

When you consider the markings or colour of their coats, the Norwegian Forest Cat comes in a range of different shades from fawn to lilac, chocolate brown colour, black and white and even cream or beige:

The Maine Coons have long silky coats with slightly more of a variety of colours and patterns which can include blue, red, black, tortoiseshell (almost striped), calico and solid white or cream hues. Their coats have patterns too and range from the original tabby version to the Tri-color or bi-colour patterns.

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Weight of The Maine Coon versus The Weight of The Norwegian Forest Cats

The Norwegian Forests are no doubt a heavy breed, which is an amazing trait for those who can’t keep a dog but would love something large to cuddle with on the sofa. The females can get up to just over 5 kilograms while the male versions can get up to 7 kilograms.

In height, they can grow anywhere between 9 to 12 inches and may live for over 14 years when kept well, and one of our favorite cat breeds are the Norwegian forest cat not only for this reason but also because of their sociable mentality and the fact that they are good with children as well so can make a great addition to a family environment.

The Maine Coon cats can weigh anywhere between 4 kilograms and can get as big as 9 kilograms. They can live till they are 13 years old and are easy to get along with seniors and children of all ages. They can get up to 40 inches in height and tolerate being picked up if done carefully and the right way. Never mishandle your pets as it can cause an array of different spinal issues for them.

Do They Both Shed Hair?

The simplest answer is – yes. Both these breeds, shed their hair because they have long double-coated hair and if not maintained and groomed or brushed regularly, they can shed it naturally in different seasons for instance in summer and again in spring.

When this happens, they most often look like other cats and you may not be able to tell the difference. If you brush them once a week, it can help keep their hair nice and silky, as well as get rid of any dead hair lingering on them and causing them to leave hairballs all over the house.

As per Pawww, Both these felines have an affectionate personality and can be the ideal selection when looking for a house pet that can add some love to the family around you and your kids. Their patient and gentle nature can teach kids a thing or two about the same traits as well as how to look after an animal so when they get their own, they know exactly what to do.

Visiting the veterinary clinic once a month to get regular check-ups is advised as they do have a tendency of suffering from a few hereditary issues and health conditions such as kidney and heart diseases such as Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or glycogen storage disease, which can be a terminal illness.

If you are adopting from a regular breeder, they should have screened the cats for these conditions and given you a full report on them. However, it is recommended to get them screened yourself as well in case of any undetected health issues they may be prone to as they get older. It is also good to get them vaccinated and checked for fleas or ticks regularly which could more of an annoyance to them as well as yourself! Both cats are lovely to have and are not significantly different in the bigger picture.

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