The Best New Products for Keeping Your PC Clean

The Best New Products for Keeping Your PC Clean

If you want your PC to work effectively and last a long time then looking after it is essential. Whether we use our PCs for work, pleasure or gaming they generally get a good amount of use, so it makes sense that we look after these and get the best possible lifespan out of them. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure that your PC (inside and out) is kept clean and tidy.

Keeping The Outside Clean

Making sure that the outside of your PC is clean is essential, according to recent research. Did you know that computer keyboards and games consoles can be dirtier than a toilet seat? It might not seem like it, but actually, when you think about how much you do around your PC; grabbing lunch or eating a snack it is easy to see how it can be dirty. It is worth investing in something to clean your keyboard and even a desk vacuum which might seem like an unnecessary gadget can be helpful in getting dust and grime out from between your keyboard keys.

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The Pink Stuff does a great new range of cleaning products and their spray cleaner is great for wiping everything over. It is recommended that you only use a slightly damp cloth and that your PC is switched off being you attempt any cleaning, but otherwise there is no harm in wiping everything over now and then.

You can get wipes for cleaning parts of your OC which can be worth investing in – for example, a pack of screen cleaner wipes is relatively inexpensive and are handy for keeping on hand to give your screen a wipe over when needed.

Paying Attention To The Actual Machine

When you consider PC cleaning, you should also think about the programmes and software that is on your machine. If you want your PC to work as fast and efficiently as possible then a machine with as little clutter as possible is recommended. Invest in some up to date virus protection software as this will often have a disk cleaner facility built-in. This helps to move files around and remove ones that you don’t want, to keep the whole machine working as well as possible. You might not realise it but your PC is likely full of small files that you no longer need and this can be causing your PC to run slow, getting rid of these will most definitely help the whole machine to run more efficiently.

Don’t Let Other People Cause You Problems

If you work in an environment where you share a PC with others then all of this is essential. Did you know that over 30% of people admit to not watching their hands after using the toilet! If they then come and use your keyword, the bacteria from this can live up to 5 days. Rather than risk the spread of germs or worry about the hygiene of your computer, keep up good hygiene practices and encourage others that use your machine to do the same.

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