Thailand Travel Guide: Visa, Transit e-Visa, Budget, Places to Go and More

Wat Arun temple in Bangkok, Thailand.

Officially known as the Kingdom of Thailand, Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries situated at the heart of Southeast Asia’s Indochina peninsula. Its borders are shared with Cambodia and Laos in the east, the Gulf of Thailand in the south, the Andaman Sea in the west, and Myanmar in the north. The capital city of Thailand is Bangkok which is also popular as the most active and bustling commercial place in Thailand. Each year, more than fifty million international travellers visit Thailand making the country one of the popular tourist destinations as well.

If you seek to encounter the mesmerizing beauty of the country, all you need is an E-Visa which has been introduced by the Government of the Kingdom in the form of e-Visa Thailand. The e-visa accelerates the border control operations for international travellers. However, if you want to travel through Thailand’s territory to make your way to any third country, you will have to apply for Thailand Transit Visa. Thailand Transit Visa is also issued for the crew members or sports people who travel for occupational needs. Read below to find more about Thailand Visa and Thailand Transit e-Visa requirements, budget, places to go, food and more.

Thailand e-Visa application

The Thailand e-Visa is an electronic travel authorization that permits eligible travellers to register for a short stay in the country for business or tourism purposes. The new procedure has been simplified which makes it easy for tourists to enter Thailand by applying for a visa online. The online e-Visa allows tourists to stay in Thailand for up to 15 days and is valid for 30 days from the date of approval.

Travellers who wish to apply can simply visit the Thailand e-Visa site and fill out the application form. It requires all basic details, travel information and passport besides online visa fees. Once approved, the applicants are notified via email. The Thailand e-Visa is available for all those who travel by air and can be used while entering selected international airports in the country.

When shall you apply for a Thailand Transit e-Visa?

Although travellers travelling to the country for a brief stay must carry a Thailand Visa, you will need Thailand Transit Visa in case:

  • You are a sportsperson and are travelling to take part in a sports event.
  • You will transit through the territory of Thailand while travelling to any third country.
  • You are not from the nation whose nationals are exempted from holding a Thailand visa for short term stay, and
  • You are part of a conveyance that has been stationed or ported in Thailand.

How can you get a Thailand Transit e-Visa?

To get a Thailand Transit e-Visa, you will have to apply at the diplomatic mission of Thailand present in your country or any other country near yours. The application process may differ from one nation to the other just like the processing time and fees. It may take between 2-10 days or more depending on the situation. Therefore, you must always apply for a visa couple of weeks before you plan to travel.

Budget factors and accommodation

If you are a budget traveller, you must opt for a backpacker’s hotel that ranges anywhere between 200-750 baht per night. You can stay in a dorm-style or separate room, share lounge areas use Wi-Fi and have an access to tourist destinations in groups.

Hotel rooms can be selected at prices between 1500 and 3000 baht per night for those on a medium budget. In addition to your private room, you’ll get complimentary breakfast and access to a gym. For those who choose rooms above that range, they may enjoy a luxurious stay, access to the best hospitality services, multiple dining options, and much more to make their stay comfortable and exceptional.

Managing weather conditions in Thailand

Thailand’s weather conditions can be harshly hot and humid. On some days, you may face hot, humid and wet altogether. Therefore, to deal with the extreme climatic conditions of the country, choosing an appropriate time to visit becomes very important. Thailand mornings are the best and coolest while the afternoons are hot and busy. The wet season in Thailand starts from May till October. Southern Thailand has many tropical resorts like Krabi, Phuket and Koh Samui which you can visit. North is comparatively drier.

The most ideal time to visit Thailand is during the dry season which starts from November till March, sometimes till April. November till February are the coolest and most pleasant with average temperature, beautiful sceneries, blue waters and little rain. This is also the time for many Thai festivals and Western Christmas. If you plan to visit Thailand, you must trip from November till February if you want to enjoy it to the fullest.

Top places to visit in Thailand


Although every hook and corner of the country is worth visiting, Phuket is more popular for its beautiful seashores, rich spa and exhilarating diving. Phuket is, in fact, the biggest island in Thailand and is connected with the territory with two strong bridges. The island provides explorers with white sand beaches and extravagant resorts for a comfortable stay. You can also enjoy yoga retreats or dive into the clear blue water to explore the marine world. Some of the water sports activities enjoyed near the retreats at Phuket seashore include ocean kayaking, boating, scuba diving, paragliding and much more.


The capital city of the country and an extraordinary trade hub, Bangkok is a travellers’ paradise. The city is famous for its nightlife, cheap markets, sanctuaries, historic sites and food. You can visit one of the most popular tourist spots in Thailand Wat Arun in Bangkok or Wat Po which homes to the leaning Buddha statue.


If you like to explore ancient cities, stupas and monasteries, Ayutthaya is the perfect place in Thailand for you. This place can be visited by travelling by train for an hour from Bangkok. The city is rich architecturally and hence, loved by photographers. There are many ancient monasteries like Wat Mahathat, Wat Phra Sri Sanphet and others that are ideal for sightseeing. For recreation, this place has many restaurants, guest houses and tourist spots.


Pattaya is a beachfront metropolis in the Gulf of Thailand that has progressively shed its reputation as a sex city. Pattaya’s beaches and islands provide a diverse range of watersports, diving opportunities, restaurants, bars, and novelty stores, making it a perfect destination for groups, friends, and families. Pattaya’s nightlife is known for being loud, flamboyant, and touchy. Cabaret performances like the Alcazar Show and Tiffany’s Cabaret Show are famous nighttime tourist attractions. The majority of visitors to Pattaya arrive by rail, bus, or automobile from Bangkok, which is only a two-hour drive away.

Phi Phi Islands

Six islands make up the Phi Phi group. These islands are a lovely place to spend a few days in Thailand, with their clean seas and raucous festivities. Its magnificent cliffs, white sand beaches surrounded by woods, and crystal blue seas give the appearance to be no short of utopia. Neither of the islands has roads, and the majority of them are inhabited, making the Phi Phi Islands one of the world’s last unspoiled natural wonders. Such accessible islands may be visited by speedboat or by ferry from both Phuket and Krabi.

Chiang Mai

Previously called the seat of the Lanna Kingdom, Chiang Mai is the northern capital of Thailand. Unlike its southern counterparts, this city is more popular for its temples, laid-back vibe and monasteries. The markets remain quite busy while the historical sites are filled with travellers and explorers. In Chiang Mai, you can participate in sports activities such as cycling, rafting, and hiking or, enjoy the nightlife and loud music in local pubs.


Krabi is the capital of the Krabi Province in southern Thailand, on the Andaman coast, and is bordered by mangrove forests and limestone karsts. The district of Krabi is split into eight areas, including Koh Lanta and the Phi Phi Islands. Krabi, home to the famous Koh Phi Phi Island and adjacent Koh Lanta, is Thailand’s most peaceful location, with breathtaking natural beauty, karst limestone islands, temples, beautiful white sand beaches, a rainforest, and over 200 islands just off the shore.

Food culture in Thailand

Thai dishes and their cuisines include both fragrance and freshness. Most of the traditional Thai food taste delicious and you will never resist. Thai cuisine has a reputation throughout the world as being delicious and flavoured that suits every taste bud. In local Thai markets, you will find many food varieties other than traditional Thai food to choose from. Some of the popular cuisines include vegetables, rice, noodles, seafood and spices. Pad Thai is one of the national foods in the country. You must try soups and curries sold by street vendors or banana pancake loved by international tourists the most.

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