Simon Kronenfeld: COVID-19 in Canada. Restrictions are Lifted. What Does This Mean for International Business?

Simon Kronenfeld

For the first time since March 2020, Canadians and international visitors do not have to adhere to strict travel-related restrictions at the hands of COVID-19. While this is excellent news for the travel and hospitality industries, a fair amount of people, including experts such as Simon Kronenfeld, are still left rightfully wondering what this means for international business. 

First and foremost, with Canada lifting restrictions on travel, the country is now truly open for business. Unvaccinated travellers can travel within Canada once again, with each province imposing their own specific guidelines on what to do when you test positive. 

Secondly, the wide variety of Government of Canada programs that help support Canadian businesses have continued their operations throughout the pandemic. Some of these services include:

  • The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service through Global Affairs Canada, which has trade commissioners in over 160 cities abroad and in Canada
  • Export Development Canada, which provides expert insurance and financial support to Canadian companies looking to sell overseas
  • The Business Development Bank of Canada, which offers financing, growth and transition capital, advisory services, and venture capital for Canadian companies selling into foreign markets

Canada can now also leverage its work on supply chain resiliency in order to create a better and well-connected supply chain, from production to shipping. With supply chain issues left over from the impacts of COVID-19, the Government of Canada has set up a long-term supply chain resiliency task force made up of industry experts, which is aiming to help strengthen Canada’s position in the North American supply chain, as well as on a global scale. This will especially help international businesses by providing access to the Canadian commodities market, Canadian manufacturing, and Canadian tech. 

As someone with the problem-solving skills and expertise required to command a thorough understanding of Canada’s economy, Simion Kronenfeld  is someone who has valuable and relevant experience when it comes to working with Canadian companies looking to go global, and international companies looking to break into the Canadian market. 

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