The Future of Sex Dolls

The Future of Sex Dolls

When we hear about sex dolls, we don’t exactly take it in a positive way. We think that only someone gross or someone who cannot get a partner will buy a sex doll.

If you have been a part of the internet for a while, you may have heard about the joke about Reddit and Discord mods. We imagine that only people like that will buy a sex doll.

But is that really true? Are sex dolls only for people who cannot find a partner in their life? Or can we expand our ideas regarding them? What is the future of sex dolls? Why don’t we check that out?

What are Sex Dolls?

If you have stumbled upon this article while browsing the internet and do not know what sex dolls are, here is a little definition for you.

They are human-like anatomically accurate dolls, mostly girls, that are made out of silicone, rubber, plush, etc. They allow you to replicate the sexual experience that you can have with your partner.

The Current Situation Regarding Sex Dolls

Just like we said before, people don’t exactly look at sex dolls in a positive way. There have been several discussions and debates regarding this matter, but there is no solid viewpoint about this.

Plus, just like watching pornographic content, many people have positive views regarding that, but everyone keeps it to themselves in fear of getting judged by society. This becomes a problem for those who support the use of sex dolls as it can make their lives harder.

Another problem is pricing. Full-size silicone dolls, especially the most realistic ones, cost a fortune. You may ask yourself whether it is really worth the money.

Luckily, Sex Doll Shop Dollsclub is here to save the day.  They have a wide variety of full-size sex dolls at reasonable prices.  You can sort according to several factors like figure, hair, bottom, etc. to quickly find your dream doll. 

All of their items are extremely realistic, and you can customize them to cater to your fantasies. And everyone can have their share of pleasure as you can buy both male and female dolls.

We Should Look at Sex Dolls in A Positive Way

We think that only people who are unable to get a partner will buy a sex doll. But this is entirely wrong and the situation is far more different, and there are several benefits to buying one. Let us take a look at the benefits one by one.

Helps During Your “Alone Time”

These days, a lot of people cannot stay in their homes or with their partners due to jobs. For example, in countries like the USA or India, many couples need to remain apart from each other due to their profession, and sex dolls can be beneficial for both of them.

Also, you may masturbate when you are alone. This is considered normal these days (although don’t do it too many times, it can be harmful). If you own a sex doll, you will get even more pleasure and have a better “me” time.

Then, let us talk about introverts and people with communication disorders. Many of them have a hard time interacting with people, and they feel more comfortable when alone.

Having a partner might be equally stressful for them, which negatively affects the couple, and the relationship becomes a bitter one. For them, using a sex doll to meet their sexual needs will help them a lot, plus it will be less stressful for them.

Now when we use the words “sexual needs”, you may think about whether it is really necessary to meet that need or can we simply ignore that and move on with our regular lives.

To answer this question, we need to take a little dive into psychology. If we take a look at Freud’s structural model of personality, we will see that sexual needs are a part of the instinctual part of the mind. It means that reproducing or having sex with a partner has equal importance in our life as eating food or drinking water, and our body craves it.

It is Safe, Pleasurable, And Has No Limitations

When having sex with someone, you need to be worried about sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, and many more. For that, you need to take measures like wearing condoms, taking pregnancy pills, etc.

That is not the case for sex dolls. Since they are made of silicone, they are able to replicate the feeling of human skin. Plus, with a little bit of lubrication, you won’t even feel the difference.

If you clean your doll regularly, there is no risk of any disease like AIDS. Plus, since it isn’t a real human being, no worries about pregnancy, and you can do it as many times as you want.

There is No Drama

Having sex with someone carries a lot of weight. There are lots of emotions attached to it. So, if you just want to have casual sex or a one-night stand, you may have a hard time finding partners with similar ideas.

Other than that, building relationships is a long and challenging process, and you need to watch your every step till you get laid. So, you don’t exactly get some relaxation or do things according to your will.

However, you don’t have to worry about that with a sex doll. You can have fun and pleasure without worrying about things like that. You don’t need to run after someone or worry about convincing your partner.


People have different choices and preferences. Some people may have a liking for specific body features, or have some fantasies that turn them on. Getting a partner in real life with similar body features or mindsets might be tough. Or probably you have a crush on an anime character or some celebrity.

With sex dolls, you can fulfill those fantasies as they come in great variety. Plus, if you throw in some extra cash, you may even customize it to your liking to get your dream girl.

What’s in the Future?

People are not too eager to buy sex dolls right now because of embarrassment, and sex dolls are really hard to hide. Plus, the cost is another factor as silicone dolls can be a bit expensive.

But we can normalize that to a considerable extent. Indulging in sexual activities with a doll can be integrated into our culture, just like pornography and masturbation. None of them haven’t done any serious harm to our culture, as it is something we generally do behind four walls. And that is why we can even crack jokes about them these days.

The same treatment needs to be given to people who buy sex dolls. Dolls can let people meet their sexual needs, for which they can live a healthier and happier life. So, we need to spread the message about the benefits of the proper use of sex dolls.

The future of sex dolls seems promising. A lot of people understand the benefits of them, and thus the sales are increasing slowly, but steadily. All we need is a little bit of promotion and acceptance, and we are good to go.

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