Silver heart necklace-Why Wear a Silver Heart Pendant

Silver heart necklace

Silver is a beautiful metal and the jewelry made from it is also very beautiful and loved and preferred by many.

Silver, is also very malleable. As a result, it can be easily molded into any shape that the designer comes up with. Compared to other types of jewelry, silver is quite affordable.

Among the many shapes of jewelry that can be fashioned out of silver, is a heart pendant. There are many reasons why this heart shaped jewelry is loved, here are some of them.

Deeper meaning

Like silver bracelets for women, many women who wear the silver heart pendant do it for the sentimental value it holds to them. The heart shape is a universal representation of love. When people give gifts to people that they love, they give gifts that will show love.

A heart shaped pendant on a necklace, is worn close to the heart. When it is a sentimental gift, wearing it close to the heart evokes memories and feelings of the giver of the gift.

The heart shape is also a representation of the bond that is between two people.

Conversation starters

Unique jewelry shapes are the bane of many connections. The silver heart necklace shape on jewelry is not new. However, jewelry with shapes always arouses interest from other jewelry lovers and a conversation ensues.

Take for example the offspring heart pendant from Georg Jensen. It is sleek and curvaceous; it will definitely be the star of the party wherever you are. It is bound to attract admiring looks and start numerous conversations on its beauty and other jewelry.

Bring out your personality

When we wear jewelry, we choose pieces that will reflect who we are. If we have vibrant personalities, we will wear flashy and unique jewelry. The silver heart pendant necklace, is one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry. The heart pendant necklace will bring out your personality.

The choice of necklace and pendant you choose reveals a lot about your likes and dislikes and generally tells people who you are.

Easy to take care of

Silver bracelets for women and pendants necklaces like all other silver jewelry are quite easy to take care of. This is another reason why; silver jewelry is the choice of jewelry for many.

To take proper care of silver jewelry, all one requires is some warm water and soap. Wipe down your jewelry after you take it off with water and soap. Then, ensure that you store it in a dark and dry place. You can store it in a box, and ensure that you keep each piece separately to ensure that they do not rust on each other.

Can be worn with a range of outfits

Silver is highly versatile. It does not limit you to wearing it only with certain colors. So, with the heart pendant necklace, you can wear any of your favorite outfits with it. It blends well with grey and black outfits and can therefore be worn to the office.

It will also blend easily with bright colored clothes. You can wear it casually for a night out or even when relaxing for the weekend.


Heart pendants are memorable. It is quite hard to forget a beautiful necklace with a heart pendant once you have seen it. When it formed out of shiny and bright sterling silver, it will a memorable imprint in your brain. So, to stand out and to remain memorable, many ladies will wear this piece of jewelry to places where they need to leave a lasting impression and to set themselves apart from others who will be in attendance.


There are different types of silver jewelry. You can choose to wear the silver heart pendant necklace for its beauty and memorability. Silver jewelry for women are easily available. You can pop into a designer’s shop or just go online, pick your favorite, pay and wait for delivery.

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Silver heart necklace-Why Wear a Silver Heart Pendant

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