iGaming – The Top Social Games to Play

iGaming - The Top Social Games to Play

One of the advantages of joining an online casino is that players get to choose between a wide variety of games, be it slots, poker, baccarat, or roulette. Not only are there multiple variations of these games available, but also different ways in which a person can enjoy and win from them. 

Over the years, there has been one aspect of online casinos that many people complain about. There is the visible part of it not having the same atmosphere as a real-life casino, but that is typically negated with how online casinos make it easier for a player to earn money from anywhere they like. The other factor that pops up, when comparing online and land-based casinos, is that the former isn’t social enough. Well, the industry has been hard at work to make online gambling more and more social, and if that is one of the deciding factors for you, here are four games you need to check out.

Live Blackjack

Live games are the latest craze in the industry, and players have taken to them with open arms. A live casino game allows the gambler to log in and come face-to-face with a real dealer. They can then play the game as if they were opposite them in a real casino. The fact that these dealers are always happy to talk and joke around makes playing a game like blackjack virtually, a lot more social. 


Bingo has often been associated with a particular age-group. However, it is a game with many possibilities. Looking at its social factor, there has been an enormous transformation in bingo over the past few years, resulting in new formats of the game emerging in real-life and in the virtual world. Online casinos have picked up on this new trend, and some of the latest bingo options nowadays allow players to mingle with each other as they go about winning from this classic game. There are chat possibilities with fellow participants, automatic play options, and colourful graphics that keep things interesting and livelier for everyone.   

Private Poker

Poker has always been a social game, even in its standard form online when a player enters a room and can end up sitting with someone who is thousands of miles away from them in real life. However, the latest buzz in the online casino world is private rooms organised by players. Many casinos now allow customers to make their own private poker room where they can invite whoever they want and set up limits and rules. This enables friends and family to play a round of poker together, just like they would if at home.

Themed Slots

Admittedly, slots is still a casino game that you play on your own. However, adding to its entertainment value are themed slots that come packed with added features to make you forget about interacting with anyone else. Slot themes can range from movies and music to celebrities or games based around concepts like vampires, sports, and holidays. These slots typically have fantastic animation, music videos, movie scenes, and amazing sounds to keep you fully occupied between spins.

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